Best Breweries and Local Craft Beer Taprooms to Visit in The Bronx

Go on a drinking spree this fall at these popular breweries and craft beer taprooms in the Bronx!

The craft beer movement has taken the US by storm, and the Bronx has been swept along with it. Local breweries in the Bronx are back in a big way running taprooms alongside their brewing operation to ensure that their fans and new customers can sample their latest selections.

So, whether you’re ready to grab a beer and soak in the sunshine, or just want to pick up some crowlers or cans to sip at home with friends, here are the best breweries and taprooms to pick your favorite beer or wine.

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Bronx Ale House

216 W 238th St, Bronx, NY 10463

Enjoy a selection of craft beers to wash down savory burgers, wings, and hearty sandwiches!

If you’re looking for something to fill your belly alongside your craft brew, then Bronx Ale House is the place to go. This trendy, modern brewery offers a wide selection of beers in addition to delicious burgers, wings, and hearty sandwiches.

Go ahead and try one of their beers from the extensive menu with options such as pumpkin spiced latte ale, pina colada, sunnyside blonde, merry monkey, and more. Inventive wines like Flying Solo Rose and Brotherhood Dry Riesling are also available for your enjoyment.

Feeling hungry? Tide yourself over with some house-smoked baby back ribs with Alehouse BBQ, traditional or boneless wings, or some bombers. If you want something heavy, order their king-size burgers served on a brioche bun with a choice of hand-cut fries or tater tots.

The spot is spacious enough for you and your crew to enjoy a drink or two. The food is excellent too and it’s better than your typical bar.

Gun Hill Brewing Company

3227 Laconia Ave, Bronx, NY 10469

A microbrewery with a small taproom serving signature beers and occasionally hosts parties!

Looking for the perfect spot to kick back and relax with friends? We found a new spot called Gun Hill Brewing Company. They offer a pretty wide and diverse selection of brews. With soaring ceilings and a relaxed atmosphere, Gun Hill Brewing is a welcoming spot to introduce newbies to craft beer. Here, creative brewers are working their craft to bring, unfiltered, and handcrafted brews. They use only the freshest, local ingredients to create unique brews which is why they stand out from the rest.

Go ahead and try award-winning beers such as Gun Hill IPA, Void of Light, Rise Up Rye, and Spirit 76. Prefer something on the tap, then you should try options such as Henny Colada, The Fruits Have Eyes, Gin and Juice, Skies of Blue, Das Wassup, and more.

While Gun Hill Brewing doesn’t have an in-house kitchen, it does host different food trucks from time to time. In addition to fun food trucks, this brewery hosts regular parties. You can even order your beer or wine from home and it will be delivered straight to your door.

The Bronx Brewery & Empanology

856 E 136th St, Bronx, NY 10454

Enjoy craft beer and wine selection at this top brewery in the Bronx!

When you want to have a good time in the Bronx, you should visit The Bronx Brewery. On Friday and Saturday night, it feels more like you’re walking into a house party than a brewery. Located in Port Morris, the Bronx Brewery houses the major brewery, taproom, and backyard spaces.

They have an extensive beer menu including a menu for empanadas as well as other twists of classic Puerto Rican flavors from Empanology, their food partner. When it’s hot, fans can enjoy their beer in the backyard, which is spacious with a unique outdoor space to enjoy your drink. They have also added two private spaces that can host events and even parties.

The brewery’s popular eight beers include options such as pale ales, pilsners, and a few IPA variations. They include season favorites such as the Summer Pale Ale with lemon peel and citrusy hops. Currently, they don’t have a kitchen of their own, but you can order from a list of local restaurants. On Friday nights, they get dinner sorted from a variety of nearby spots.

The Bronx Beer Hall

2344 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

Busy beer hall located inside an Italian market serving draft brews and casual eats from on-site vendors!

When you’re a beer aficionado or just crave a good brew, you’ll love the selection at The Bronx Beer Hall. There are lots of reasons to make your way to this popular brewery. But one thing that stands out is their attention to detail in crafting something everyone can enjoy. Whether you enjoy a crispy lager, a hoppy IPA, or a barrel-aged stout, they have something for everyone. Pop in with the family for a pre-turkey drink or come make a beer run before heading for dinner or shopping extravaganza.

Swing by any day of the week and enjoy selections such as the Graft Cidery with raspberry mead cider and pomegranate punch cider, or Prairie Artisan Ales like bomb imperial stout, nutmeg imperial stout, or Christmas bomb cinnamon option. Wine bottles are also available with options such as Homestyle Red Sangria, Devonian Red, Prosecco, and more.

Whatever option you decide to try, you will surely have a great time!

SingleCut Beersmiths

19-33 37th St, Queens, NY 11105

Buzzing taproom brewing all types of beers on site with live music, outdoor seating and facility tours!

Relatively isolated from other breweries, SingleCut Beersmiths has been offering flavorful lagers of Europe and other house canned beers. The best place to taste these beers is right at the Astoria headquarters, where you get only the fresh brews to enjoy.

The 19-33 Pilsner – named after the brewery’s address is a nice selection to start off, but they have lagers and stouts with a heavier alcohol percentage for the true beer enthusiasts. Grab and enjoy the Kim Hibiscus Sour Lager which is the original beer in their lineup and contains refreshing tart and infused with hibiscus to offer than pleasing round herbal flavor and gorgeous pink hue.

A chocolate milt stout known as Eric More Cowbell is available all year round. It’s the only one and it’s a lusciously creamy, slightly sweet stout infused with roast malt base and cocoa to rock your world all night long.

With such an incredible selection, you should definitely check out their beer menu sometimes!

Port Morris Distillery

780 E 133rd St, Bronx, NY 10454

Modern distillery serving unique tastes of Puerto Rican liquor with a hip bar space, and facility tours!

If you’re the type that loves to sip a cold drink as you enjoy your chit-chat with friends, then you should visit Port Morris Distillery. They are dedicated to ensuring that fans and newbies in the area have the best brews and have fun while at it.

Founded in 2010, co-owners William Valentin and Rafael Barbosa distill a specialty spirit, Pitorro, a Puerto Rican native that pays tribute to the island of Puerto Rico. Using diverse recipes, they have created a bold and tasteful 93 proof spirit that is a favorite to the locals in the Bronx. When you get here, you will also get a carefully curated selection of craft distilled spirits and some craft beers sourced from local breweries.

Hungry? Don’t worry. They also serve awesome pub fare that will keep your stomach full as you sip your favorite drink throughout the afternoon or night. Also, don’t forget to ask for a tour of the facility. And if you come in on Friday or Saturday, there is a good chance you will catch up on some cultural festival going on, so make sure you check out their schedule beforehand.

Bricks & Hops

65 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, NY 10454

Local beer garden with varieties of craft beers on draft and cans, plus a full kitchen!

If you’re down for a draft beer later in the evening or over the weekend, then you should make your way to Bricks and Hops. This favorite beer spot offers 30 different craft beers on draft and 20 craft beers in cans. They also have a full kitchen that is open for lunch and dinner takes.

Come in during happy hour and enjoys draft beers, sangria, wine, and margaritas with flavors such as mango, strawberry, tamarind, passion fruit guava, and coconut. They also serve signature cocktails especially Say Deuces with a combination of items such as peach schnapps, D’usse, orange, pineapple, mango, cranberry, and passion fruit.

If you come hungry, they have awesome lunch and dinner options including jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, fish n ships, chimi sliders, and tostadas with two hard tortillas, pico, shredded lettuce, sour cream chicken, and chipotle mayo.

If you’re like trying new drinks, you should check out Bricks and Hops. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time!

Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just want to try a new brew, you should check out these favorite spots in the Bronx. These breweries have no shortage of beer for you to try – whether on draft or cans. So, which is your favorite brewery in the Bronx? Let us know in the comments!

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