Hungry In Port Angeles But Can’t Think Of What to Order?

Here’s A List of Some of the Best Restaurants You Can Find Around the City

Hello fellow internet traveler. Welcome to my list of all the amazing restaurants you can find in Port Angeles in Washington State. I’ll be honest, I had a pretty nice time writing this article. I always like to get as much variety in menu diversity into these lists as I can. And it just so happens that Port Angeles is home to great restaurants of all sorts and styles. 

And I’ll be sure to link you to each of these great restaurant’s websites so you can check out their full menu options and pricing before you decide on one spot for sure. And I’ll even give you a summary of each restaurant’s style and a Yelp review so you can see what other customers have said. And on top of all that, I’ll also be sure to let you know anytime you can get one of our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards to one of these great restaurants in Port Angeles! 

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1. First Street Haven

Best Place to Grab Breakfast In Port Angeles

107 E 1st St | Port Angeles |

Listen, I tried to keep this list as balanced as I could, but as it turns out, Port Angeles just so happens to be home to tons of amazing breakfast spots. I tried to keep it to just the best of the best though so that way you didn’t just end up with a list of breakfast places in Port Angeles.

But speaking of the best of the best, First Street Haven is not only the best breakfast restaurant in Port Angeles (which is no small accomplishment) they are also just the best restaurant period. Literally the only negative thing I have to say about this place is that they only serve breakfast. If they served an all day menu I wouldn’t have a single point to knock off of them. And if you don’t believe me, just check out one of their countless five star reviews!

“My friend and I were visiting Port Angeles and decided to drop in for breakfast before leaving. I am SO glad we stumbled upon this gem. Great service, AMAZING food, would 100% recommend. I'm an iced tea snob and theirs is literally the best I have ever tasted. Hot chocolate is super yummy ...and I had some hash thing that was to die for.” - Yelp Review 

2. Chestnut Cottage Restaurant

The Other Amazing Breakfast Joint In Port Angeles

929 E Front St | Port Angeles |

Chestnut Cottage Restaurant comes in the number two spot of best restaurants in Port Angeles on my list today for three reasons really. First of all, they have an insanely high user rating from their previous customers. Second, they have that amazing rating despite serving the Port Angeles area for nearly 50 years so you know they are good enough to withstand the test of time. 

And finally, whereas First Street Haven is really just a breakfast and brunch place, Chestnut Cottage happens to have a full lunch menu on top of serving breakfast and brunch. So I find them to be a pretty well rounded restaurant overall as long as you aren’t looking for dinner!

“Staff was very friendly. Decent prices and the waffles are amazing. Definitely worth it for a good breakfast.” - Yelp Review 

3. Next Door Gastropub

Great Spot For Lunch Or Dinner In Port Angeles

113 W 1st St | Port Angeles |

Next Door Gastropub is exactly what it sounds like. A gastropub. But for those of you who don’t write about restaurants professionally and don’t know all the annoying hipster-y lingo restaurants use to make themselves sound fancy, a gastropub is just a fancy way of saying that they are a pub that serves food. Now a gastropub is technically supposed to be a pub that specializes in “high-quality food,” but that doesn’t mean that every place that calls themselves a gastropub really meets that standard. Lot’s of them just use it to sound fancy when they serve regular pub food at their pub.

However, you don’t have to worry about that at Next Door Gastropub. This place really really puts the emphasis on specializing in high quality food. You can get everything you expect at any other pub, but Next Door Gastropub really takes it up to another level of presentation to quality on everything from burgers to appetizers. And they have a rotating set of 10 taps, an extensive wine menu, and even additional outdoor seating if you go in the summer and want to enjoy a breeze while you eat!

“Love Their sushi roll, crab salad, burgers and beer choices.  I have never been disappointed with Their food” - Yelp Review 

4. Applebee’s

Grab Food From This National Family-Friendly Favorite, Right Here in Port Angeles

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130 River Road | Sequim |

Applebee’s is your classic American dinner restaurant chain. Which means that they are good for lunch, happy hour, and dinner. And listen I’m not trying to trick anyone into thinking Applebee’s is an out of this world dining experience by putting them this far up the list. I know that they’re really just an okay dining experience compared to really high end restaurants. No, the reason Applebee’s is so far up the list is because it is very affordable.

And it’s for this reason I include Applebee’s so far up the list of restaurants in Port Angeles. I know it’s not gonna be everybody’s idea of a great restaurant, but when all you and your date can afford for a night out are fast food or Applebee’s, Applebee’s is a much nicer experience all around and I can vouch for that.

“Applebees came through while we were on a random road trip. We ordered ribs, mac n cheese, boneless wings, steak, loaded potato and salad. It was actually very good.” - Yelp Review 

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5. Little Devil’s Lunchbox

Best Mexican Spot You Can Find In Port Angeles

315 E 1st St | Port Angeles |

I’m very happy that there is a low key, high quality, Mexican food restaurant with an out of this world rating from their customers. They fill a lot of gaps in this list! They provide a great Mexican food option, they are reasonably priced, and they also make a great option for lunch or dinner!

“Amazing! The three tacos (beer can chicken, pulled pork and brisket) were each so good, I couldn't pick a favorite!! It will be hard not to come here every day!” - Yelp Review 

6. New Day Eatery

Best Juice Bar and Lounge In Port Angeles

102 W Front St | Port Angeles |

New Day Eatery makes it on the list today because not only do they have a phenomenal amount of positive customer feedback, they are also the only place on the list that specializes in coffees, teas, juices, and smoothies. Now they also serve a traditional breakfast and lunch menu, but so do a lot of other places on the list. I know some readers are going to want a healthy conscious option that they can rely on. And it’s hard to have a healthier option than a juice, tea, and smoothie bar honestly.

“The best breakfast of our Pacific Northwest trip.

Super tasty, the best potatoes and eggs.

Friendly and efficient service with great scones and drinks.

Our go to place (along Turnip the Beet) for tasty and healthy food.” - Yelp Review 

7. Kokopelli Grill

THE Best Seafood Restaurant In All of Port Angeles

203 E Front St | Port Angeles |

I’m very happy to be able to include Kokopelli Grill on the list today because I know that the seafood lovers out there have been waiting for one. I mean when you think of a fancy restaurant I bet most of the time you imagine a place that serves a steak and seafood menu. So I know plenty of people out there are going to be looking for a great seafood place in Port Angeles. 

And Kokopelli Grill not only has an incredible rating with their customers, but they also serve all the seafood classics. Crab cakes, fish tacos, even surf and turf. So I know that if you are looking for a great seafood place, Kokopelli Grill will have something you are gonna love for sure! Everybody else seems to after all. 

“Loved the Smoked Salmon Chowder and the Alfredo. My spouse loved her meal as well.

We will 100% be back when we come back to Port Angeles.” - Yelp Review 

8. Subway

A Great Place For A Quick Lunch Or Easy Dinner In Port Angeles 

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403 S Lincoln | Port Angeles |

I mean I’m gonna go ahead and guess that most of you out there reading this are probably already pretty familiar with what Subway is, but for those of you who don’t know, here’s a quick recap. Subway is a fast food sandwich place, but instead of serving burgers like most fast food joints, they serve subs, salads, and wraps. And the nice thing about Subway is that it’s quick, easy, and you can really eat as healthy as you want. 

You go with an all veggie salad with light oil and vinegar, or go for the footlong greasy spicy italian sub that you have then drown in mayonnaise. Subway lets you pick every step of the meal, and I feel like that makes them a great option for lunch or dinner in Port Angeles. 

“Excellent service. Walked in, ordered four subs and the two workers (Jet and a woman) worked together and we were out the door in minutes. Friendly and efficient-normally I would review Subway but it was great service.” - Yelp Review 

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9. Jack in the Box

A Great Spot For A Quick Lunch In Port Angeles

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902 E Front St | Port Angeles |

Jack in the Box is kind of your classic American fast food experience. But that’s not to say that you’re gonna eat a bunch of styrofoam that makes you feel bad the next day like at certain other fast food places that I won’t mention here, but I think we all know who I’m talking about.

No, at Jack in the Box you can get a classic American cheeseburger and an ice cold soda for lunch. And that is really what brought Jack in the Box to my list of best restaurants in Port Angeles. Listen, everybody has a different idea of what the best restaurant is, and I’m not gonna leave out the people who need a great (fast) place to grab lunch during their hour-long lunch break. So for those of you punching the 9-5 in need of a seriously filling lunch in the middle of the day, be sure to give Jack in the Box a go!

“Food was made correctly and the person was friendly and could understand what you were ordering.” - Yelp Review


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There it is! You now have a list of nine different fantastic places to grab a bite to eat whenever you are in Port Angeles. I tried to make sure that I got a variety of pricing options and styles on the list because I know not everybody can afford to eat at the same places, and on top of that, not everybody would want to eat at the same places. 

Everybody has their own tastes and preferences so I try to cast as wide of a net as possible when I can. So I hope you found exactly what you were looking for on this list. Or that I at least helped you narrow it down a little. But even if I didn’t, you can’t really go wrong with the excellent restaurant scene in Port Angeles. Be sure to check out one of our other great articles on the different places to eat and the different things to do in Port Angeles!

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