6 Things to Do in Port Angeles if You Want to Experience the Great Outdoors

Grab Your Hiking Boots – We’re Counting Down All the Amazing Things to Do Around Port Angeles Washington, from Hot Springs to City Piers and Everything in Between

Hello and welcome to my article on the best things you can find to do around Port Angeles Washington. While Port Angeles has a lot of amazing restaurants and stores, I thought I would focus on some of the amazing natural things there are to see and do around the area because it turns out that there are absolutely a ton of cool things to see and do outdoors around this area. 

So if you are looking for amazing wildlife or breathtaking views, I am sure something on this list will be right up your alley. And don’t worry if you are looking for restaurants, we also have plenty of articles on great places to eat around Olympic National park. But in this article I am going to focus on some of the amazing things you can do at the national park and nearby wildlife sanctuary. 

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Hurricane Ridge

Serene Settings and Stunning Views

600 E Park Ave | Port Angeles | hurricaneridge.com

Hurricane Ridge is one of the most beautiful places you can find anywhere around Port Angeles. Actually it might be one of the most beautiful places you can find, period. And if you don't believe me just check out some of the photos that the visitors have left behind. If you are looking for something beautiful, serene, and peaceful when you are adventuring around Port Angeles, then Hurricane Ridge is far and away the best spot for you! This spot is beautiful all year long. If you can manage to make it out there at sunset, then you are really going to be in for an amazing treat.

“Absolutely stunning views and great hiking in Olympic park. Imagine mountain vistas and ocean views. Excellent hiking. Went early so there was plenty of parking and it wasn't busy. It started getting busy at 11 am. Lodge has clean bathrooms and also great views. Highly recommend sunrise point.” - Yelp Review 

Feiro Marine Life Center

An Amazing Indoor Activity In Case of Rainy Days

315 N Lincoln St | Port Angeles | feiromarinelifecenter.org/

There is so much to do in nature around Port Angeles that it can be hard to plan a trip if there are rainy days. Well if you are exploring around Port Angeles and it’s too rainy outside to go see the park then you should absolutely give the Feiro Marine Life Center a try. There’s all kinds of ocean education that can be provided when you stop in here. So it can be especially a great spot if you are on an adventure with children and want to do something positive for them. But don’t worry  it’s not all just lectures about marine life. There are also plenty of interesting displays and tanks, and even some touch pools where you can have a hands-on experience with some real marine wildlife. 

“Great place lots of great things to see including touch tanks and rocky the one eyed rockfish! Must see the jellyfish tank. A+++++” - Yelp Review

Olympic National Park

A National Park Full of Beautiful Spots

600 E Park Ave | Port Angeles | .nps.gov/olym/index.

Olympic National Park shows up on this list a couple times because I think there are individual parts of the park that are so great they deserve their own mention. But I also just want to put the park on here itself. The park is a national park so you can be sure that it is expansive and well preserved. There is plenty of excellent hiking and adventuring you can do while you are here. And while Hurricane Ridge and the hot springs are worth making a special trip for, there is so much natural beauty all around the park that if you have the time, you should absolutely take a day and just hike around and breathe some fresh air.

“Ah, such a beautiful national park. I was in awe the whole time. Every drive, any road you take in the park is so damn pretty.If you are short on time, don't miss these spots here: Hurricane ridge. Lake crescent. Hoh rainforest. One of the coastal beaches like Second beach. Sol duc falls. Marymere falls.” - Yelp Review 

Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge

Straight Of Juan De Fuca | Sequim | fws.gov/refuge/dungeness

Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is one of the world’s longest sand spits, and it shelters a whole bay rich with a wide variety of marine life. So if the national park hasn’t had the kind of wildlife you're hoping to see, then you should head on over to the Wildlife Refuge. Woodrow Wilson himself established this refuge on January 20, 1915. So it has been proudly preserving the wildlife and natural beauty of the American country for over one hundred years. 

“Love walking here. All the trails are well maintained. Lots of foot traffic here but still a pleasant walk along the bluff. On a clear day can see Victoria,BC. Watch the Marine traffic. The walk to the lighthouse is strenuous. Check the tide charts before you head out. You may be walking back on the rocks and driftwood. Still a nice trek and worth the effort.” - Yelp Review 

Port Angeles City Pier

Beautiful Ocean Views and Fresh Air

308 E 4th Street | Port Angeles  

CIty Pier offers you a nice relaxing afternoon  right up against the ocean. You can just relax and have a nice day at the beach here. If you are looking for fresh air, and beautiful views of the ocean, then you aren’t going to want to overlook City Pier. And the nice thing, it’s pretty close to a lot of nice shops and restaurants that you can find in Port Angeles. So this can be the perfect mid-afternoon spot for right after, or before, lunch one day while you are exploring the area. 

“Nice place to walk in the morning. Enjoyed the fresh air and great views. Its a great place to get some good vibes.” - Yelp Review 

Olympic Hot Springs

Multiple Hot Springs Along the River in Olympic National Park

Olympic Hot Springs Road  | Olympic National Park | nps.gov/olym/hot-springs

Finally, if you are looking for something really special while you are here. Then it is worth taking a whole day and going to find the hot springs in Olympic National Park. I mean if you have never been to a natural hot spring, then this is something you seriously aren’t going to want to skip, especially if you are on any sort of vacation. A natural hot spring is the closest you can get to a hot tub that is entirely natural. I recently just visited my first natural hot spring on a road trip last month and it was genuinely a fantastic and relaxing experience., So if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary that you will be sure to remember, then definitely take the time to visit the Olympic Hot Spring!

“This remote hot springs, high above the Elwha River Valley in Olympic National Park, Just may be the most beautiful springs in the Northwest.  It has everything: breathtaking mountain and forest scenery, waterfalls, a river canyon and a choice of about a half-a-dozen different springs tucked here and there along the river.” - Yelp Review 

Well there you have it dear internet reader. That is a list of something of the best things you can find to do around Port Angeles Washington. I hope that something on this list stood out to you. I apologize that so much of it was outside, but when you have a massive national park and a wildlife sanctuary right next to each other like that, it’s hard not to focus on all the amazing things you can do at them. So I hope this list helped give you an idea of the best things there are to do around Port Angeles Washington!

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