Fun things to do With Your Kids While You’re Spending Time in Port Angeles

Port Angeles is a city surrounded by nature and venues for active fun.

Port Angeles is a city in Washington state with nearly 20,000 residents. It is a relatively small city with plenty of fun attractions for families to enjoy during the weekends. There are art exhibits, parks, pools, and many other things for families to enjoy. One of the most prominent features of this city happens to be nature. Port Angeles has tons of nature and wildlife that is kept well preserved. Take your kids to this city and they will have many opportunities to enjoy nature and everything else this city has to offer!

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1. Laurel Lanes Bowling Center

Bowling lane with many benefits for kids.

Kids will have great fun knocking down those pins. Image courtesy of Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce

108 W 8th St | Port Angeles |

Laurel Lanes Bowling Center is the place to take your kids for fun and food. It has been voted the number one place for kids’ birthday parties in Clallam County. They do a lot to accommodate kids and give them a fun experience. During certain times of the year, they even let kids bowl for free! Starting from the beginning of spring all the way through Labor Day. Kids get to play two games free each day and only have to pay for shoe rentals. Family passes are also available so that adults can join in with their kids. 

This bowling center hosts parties so your kids can have a fun birthday bowling with their friends. They also serve pizza and soda when you rent a lane or two for a party. So kids get to play and enjoy one of their favorite foods. Any holiday you want to celebrate with kids will go well there! 

“Monday evening place to ourselves in summer for our son's family birthday party. Lanes were smooth and updated screens were nice...staff were friendly and posted a happy bday message on the screen which my son was thrilled about. Very small facility but clean and updated. We'll be going back for sure.”–Yelp Review 

2. Olympic National Park

Large park with several ecosystems within it.

600 E Park Ave | Port Angeles |

The elevation and diverse wilderness is what makes Olympic National Park great. It encompasses about a million acres and keeps all the wilderness within it well protected. This national park is so large, it has several different ecosystems within it. There are over 70 miles of wild coastline, temperate rain forests, and glacier capped mountains. This is an amazing place to take your kids because they can experience nature and learn a lot about it. 

Since there are  different ecosystems in this park, kids might get to see many different cool animals. Off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, they may see whales, dolphins, sea otters, and sea lions. And on land, on the lower level, they may see raccoons, mink, and beavers. Up in the mountains, they might see deer, elk, and bears. There are some animals that you can only see at this national park. There are Olympic snow moles, Olympic torrent salamanders, and the Olympic mole. There are so many things you can do with your kids there, from hiking, to camping, and fishing. 

“Olympic has got to be in my top 5 of National parks. It has mountains (Hurricane ridge) to rainforest (Hoh), to coastal views ( Rialto). Plenty of waterfalls and different terrains to explore. I'm in love with this park and it's not too busy which is what I loved about it. ”–Yelp Review 

3. Deer Park Cinema

Small cinema with plenty of movies for kids. 

This snack bar is ready to serve your kids. Image courtesy of Amusements and Parks

96 Deer Park Rd | Port Angeles |

Deer Park Cinema is a cinema in town that your kids can have a really good time in. They have large comfortable seats that everyone can stretch out in, and surround sound that immerses you into the movie watching experience. It has gotten an update in recent years, and now looks better than ever. 

This is a relatively small theater that is a good setting for a family. And they regularly show kid friendly movies. Some of the movies being shown this month are The One Piece Film and Lyle Lyle Crocodile. They even have a list of upcoming movies over the next few months so you can plan out a trip to see something in advance. 

This theater offers tickets at good prices, and also offers gift cards so you can give someone the gift of movie watching. You can even book a theater for a party or a get together. A theater birthday party can be a really fun idea. 

“Driving through town on vacation and stopping for a movie. Super friendly staff, comfy seats, good food selection, easy parking. I really liked this movie theater.”–Yelp Review 

4. Port Angeles Fine Art Center

Art that connects people to nature. 

1203 E Lauridsen Blvd | Port Angeles |

Port Angeles Fine Art Center is a place meant to connect people to the arts. This is where you can take kids to see cool and colorful art pieces that might even inspire their own creativity. It was created to honor the legacy of Esther Webster who was an artist, journalist, and community leader. She believed that artistic expression and nature provided vital ways to connect communities. 

This arts center boasts of many art pieces. They have over 100 works of art displayed throughout 5 acres of forest trails. There is also a Webster Woods Sculpture Park where you can see many different sculptures. This museum seeks to bridge the connection between nature, science, and art, which it succeeds at doing. Kids are sure to love this experience!

“The Port Angeles Fine Art Center is usually just called "the art park" by locals. It is quite simply one of the most amazing places in the state. Sculptures of various materials are scattered throughout this little forest. This place is great for kids and adults alike, and the meadow in the middle is great for a romantic picnic in the summer.”–Yelp Review 

5. Dream Playground

Community-built playground with colorful details.

There is more to enjoy behind that wall. Image courtesy of Peninsula Daily News

96 Deer Park Ln | Port Angeles |

Dream Playground was built back in 2002 as a play place for the kids in the community. And the best part is that it was built by 2,000 members of the community. There is also an 800 square foot pavilion that was built adjacent to the park. Community members have also upgraded the park over the years to make sure it stays in top shape for the children. Your kids will have a lot of fun at this park!

This park is one of the safest and best designed parks in the state. That makes it easier for you to relax while your kids spend their time on the equipment playing. The play structure is set up like a mini wooden castle, and there are several slides attached along with bridges, climbing walls, and swings. It is colorful and fun, and a great place to spend an afternoon with your kids outdoors. Kids will really look forward to weekend afternoons when this park is on the schedule. 

“This is a pretty, family-friendly park. It's nice, safe, and enclosed for the little ones, featuring a toddler play-place. It's got slides and climbing / play equipment for older kids, and a skate park for junior youth. ”–TripAdvisor Review 

6. William Shore Pool

Public pool with its own party section. 

255 E 5th St | Port Angeles |

The William Shore Pool has been around for the community for over 50 years. They provide aquatic recreational programs for people of all ages. So they can serve you and your kids. You can take them for a casual swim just for fun, but if anyone needs lessons, you can certainly take your kids for that as well. You can learn a lot of useful swimming techniques from the instructors there that can make swimming even more fun and easy for you and your kids. 

On top of the swimming lessons offered, this pool also offers exercise classes and parties! They are willing to host parties for large or small groups, and provide several rental options. You have the option to rent out the whole pool area or just the birthday party area that’s behind the vending machines. You can rent out the party section any time of the week, but if you want to rent out the whole pool, you will have to do it on the weekends. 

“This is a stunningly renovated aquatic center! The renovations they have done have made this a very impressive aquatic center, especially for little old Clallam County and such a small population. What a valuable resource for this small community!”–Yelp Review 

7. Feiro Marine Life Center

Explore marine life forms up close and personal. 

315 N Lincoln St | Port Angeles |

Feiro Marine Life Center is where your kids can get up close and personal with marine life. The sea life there is directly from the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and you don’t just get to see them, but will also get to touch them! Your kids will get to touch sea stars, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs, and more. There’s even a microscope section where kids get to observe smaller sea life forms like plankton. They even have naturalists on staff that help to educate guests about the different creatures they are observing. 

You can always enjoy this place as a family, or have your kids enjoy it with a group of other kids. They offer youth programs your kids can go to like summer camps and after school clubs. They can also join in on field trips where they will have fun and learn a lot of cool information about sea life. There are also special events and programs happening there from time to time. This is a fun place for kids to visit as well as an educational one. 

“Oh this brings back so many memories from my childhood visiting tide pools and realizing just how much rich marine life is just below the surface of the water. This is a must see when you're in the area!”–Yelp Review 

Port Angeles is a small city that offers plenty of fun activities that people can do with their kids. If you choose to visit a park, an outdoor art exhibit, or a pool with them, they are sure to enjoy their stay in this city!

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