How to Do a Classic Date Night Right in Cincinnati

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Date nights used to be thought of as a rare occasion or a special treat, but more and more relationship experts agree-- date night is absolutely necessary for the health of a good relationship. Most say try for once a week, but don’t feel guilty if you only make it once a month-- the point is to try. 

And we’re here to help take the stress out of planning it! Use our guide to a variety of the best date night spots in Cincinnati to choose your next destination-- there is something in here to suit every mood and budget!  

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EarthJoy Tree Adventures

Make date-night into a getaway you’ll remember forever. 

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This treehouse is meant for a romantic glamping getaway-- just bring food and leave behind worries. Image courtesy of WCPO (Cincinnati). | 3400 Bridgeville Rd. | Brookesville, KY | 859-635-0320

Make date-night an overnight treetop experience! Spend a relaxing night away from the city and technology, wrapped in each other’s arms in the embrace of the skyline. Cook on the charcoal grill outside, toast marshmallows in the firepit, and wake up to the birds in the EarthJoy Treehouses. We recommend the Pete Nelson house, with its big barn doors and grand loft with a King-sized bed. Hike, fish, climb the other trees, or just relax amongst the trees while reading to each other out of your favorite books. 

There is electricity-- no WiFi-- including heat and air, and a small 3-gallon water tank for washing dishes and cooking. For “doing your business” facilities, there is an outhouse, or a short walk up the hill there is a full bathroom with a running shower. It takes about an hour to drive here, but man-- what an experience! Heck-- turn date night into a couple’s weekend escape and REALLY get some romantic relaxation in!  

“Super-fun, adventurous company… Staff is phenomenal!” --Yelp Review

Sur la Table 

The couple that cooks together, eats together, stays together.

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 You may not exactly be spending a cooking class date night alone, but you can develop some really good partnering skills in the kitchen-- plus, you get to take the recipes home to recreate in a more romantic setting. Image courtesy of Date Night Cincinnati | 2673 Edmondson Rd. | Rookwood Commons

Sur la Table may feel like a fancy place to grab kitchen gadgets and dinnerware, but they also offer cooking classes. You need to RSVP in advance-- so a little bit of planning is in order-- but what a great way to cook a fabulous meal that you otherwise wouldn’t know how to do! And studies show that families who eat meals together have better relationships.

The two of you will both learn something delicious, and working together to create the meal-- with the guidance of a professional-- will give you a chance to strengthen your bond as partners in life. The old saying may be: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but we like to think it’s more accurate to say: “All good relationships start in the kitchen.” Best of all? The knowledge is yours to keep forever, AND you get to eat it at the end of class-- or whenever you make it at home! (Bonus-- this is also a great idea for a Parent-Son/Daughter date night!) 

“[Took a} cooking class with Chef James, learning macaron techniques. We had a full class on a Saturday morning. We started off with a little Nescafé and French toast while waiting for all students to arrive. Yum! Fabulous teacher who took time to show technique and individually check on us. --Yelp Review 

Class Ax-Throwing 

Go a bit primitive and go back to the ax-throwing days!  

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For a more competitive date night, try axe-throwing! Winner picks the next date night. Image courtesy of Ohio Traveler | 4814 Peter Place B. | West Chester

Tired of the old dinner-and-a-movie date? Try throwing an ax! Class Ax Throwing will train you, take you through all of the safety regulations, and then let you have at it! There will be an instructor with you at all times. Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your arm movements. 

Once you can safely throw your ax, they can teach you games to play while you sip your beer and nibble your food-- you should plan to bring your own-- or you can just set up some friendly competition, which is healthy for relationships! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try the escape room! 

“I went for a date with my husband, this was definitely different and fun. You don't just throw axes, it's a fun competition! Also Steve was absolutely awesome, gave all the safety instructions at first and walked us through the rest! I definitely would go back!”-- Yelp Review

Taft’s Ale House

“Brew” up some romance with this local crafthouse. 

Image result for Taft's Ale House cincinnati
Imagine swanning up to this bar with your date and ordering the best drink you’ve ever had in a church. Image courtesy of Taft’s Ale House | 1429 Race St. | Downtown

Formerly a Protestant church, Taft’s Ale House is a great date night location-- especially for a first date, or for when you want to recapture that first-date feeling. Try to get the Mezzanine level because it’s more intimate and has a fantastic view of the former church. (Insider tip-- they don’t accept reservations for Saturday nights, so use an app like NoWait or call ahead to check the wait times.)  For something really different, check their Facebook page to see if they’re doing a ceremonial beer tapping of one of their 10 in-house brews!

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“We have been coming to Taft's Ale House for about two or three years now. It never disappoints. It has great brews, & great food...The restaurant is one of the coolest places you will vIsit in OTR!! Highly recommended!!”-- Yelp Review


A date night with wine is always a winner.

Close-Up Photography of Wine Glasses
You can whine about not having a date night, or you can “wine up” at Corkopolis for a date night you’ll love! Simple and classic! Image courtesy of Pexels. | 640 Main St. | Downtown

Opened in 2016, Corkopolis is both a store and a wine tasting room. They serve light bites like a cheese plate, local bread and butter, and baked brie-- things that pair well with a glass of wine and conversation. Away from crowds and loud music, Corkopolis is all about enjoying your wine and company-- in our book, that’s the recipe for a great date night. 

Their wines are from all over the world, and the knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect wine for your date. If you’re a true wine lover, don’t forget to sign up for their CORK Select program-- every month, new and sometimes rare wines are rounded up and you get to pick first! Then just trundle on into the store to grab it. Psst… there’s no cork fee ($10 value) on Tuesdays, so maybe date night CAN be on a weeknight after all! Just meet up after work, buy a couple of bottles (save one for the weekend), and pop the cork on one of them for free. Sit, sip, and unwind. 

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“Corkopolis is a neighborhood gem. It's a great place to stop in for a drink -- lots of wines and beers by the glass, plus a very focused selection of liquors. They offer some sophisticated snacks, too. Yelp Review

Lucy Blue Pizza

Because pizza is love, baby.

Image may contain: pizza and food
Lucy’s has a whole lotta heart for lovers! Image courtesy of Lucy Blue’s Facebook. | 1126 Main St.  | Over-the-Rhine

If you’re looking for a classic pizza date night, Lucy Blue’s is it! Located in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, Lucy’s serves up amazing pizza pie and the bar pours over 50 beers. We also hear their margaritas are to die for! Lucy’s began in 2001 as a late-night pizza window, and said window is still in operation-- that way, you can take your pizza on the go if you want the best of pizza out and date night in. Pizza is sold both by the slice-- so if you’re running late for the movies or opera you can still eat-- and as a whole, freshly made pie. You know what else makes this a great date night idea? It’s open until 3am, so your date night dinner doesn’t have to heed curfew!  

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“The pizzas were perfectly made. The Cheese was quality along with the sauce tastes like it was freshly made and the veggies were fresh as well. The basil was sweet and perfect too! It truly reminded me of some of the Pizza we ate in Italy. .”-- Yelp Review 

Man Carrying Woman on his Back
You and your partner carry each other around metaphorically all day long-- book a date night at one of these amazing places in Cinci and take the load off for a while! Image courtesy of Pexels

Cincinnati offers some amazing date-night opportunities-- you could try a new one every week, using our guide to get your started! Keep that spark alive, and use GiftYa to help you plan-- that way you always have the money set aside for that perfect couples-alone time. Or send your favorite couple you know a GiftYa card to help them have a date night on you! Isn’t that just the best gift you could give a couple anyway? 

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