Hello Vegan: Beat Your Meat-Craving by Trying These Popular Vegan Restaurants in San Jose

For every vegan craving for that natural gluten-free cuisine, here are the best vegetarian restaurants in San Jose that serve exactly that.

Surprisingly, it’s one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the U.S, and it's reflected in their cuisines.

A visit to this town makes it easy to try out the authentic flavor and different cooking styles from around the globe. From its mouthwatering Mexican saucers to appetizing Asian cuisines, there’s no place in the North of California that’s hasn’t been covered by a wide range of flavors. San Jose is home to the most delicious vegetarian dishes in the entire state.

We are sure you want to spice things up in your eating habit, so here are 10 of the best vegetarian restaurants to hop in when you visit San Jose.

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Vegetarian House

Get a diverse vegan dish whether takeout or catering from this vegan eatery.

Source: Yelp

520 E Santa Clara St | vegetarianhouse.com

With a mix of Asian, Middle Eastern, American, and European cuisine, this vegetarian destination is really designed to fit every vegan need. Anyone can enjoy the tasty gourmet in the serene and cool environment surrounding this vegetarian joint. Or, grab a crunchy mushroom delight that is absolutely delicious. The set comes with a deep-fried Oyster mushroom, basic french fries, and a little bit of seasoning that contains sweet-sour brown source and basil. If you prefer the fruity tastes, the kelp noodle salad is a must try.

If you decide to tour the area, make sure you also try their Bun Hue noodle soup, quinoa sushi, Rainbow (a house specialty), and spring roll noodles. And if snacks are your thing, don’t forget to try the magnificent coffee crumb cake with a little bit of cream on top.

Veggie Grill

Your Ideal Gluten-Free Restaurant that Serves 100% Plant-Based Cuisine


3055 Olin Ave Ste 1030 | veggiegrill.com

On Olin and Saratoga Avenue sits two phenomenal vegan restaurants that are home to a variety of healthy plant-based dishes. Veggie Grill is so popular that it has over 30 different branches across the state, and two of them are located in San Jose. The unique cooking and setting of their vegetarian cuisine are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Not sure what to order? We recommend starting off with the LUXE burger, Kevin’s “Chicken” Cobb salad, fried sweet potato fries served with the dipping sauce of the day or the popular breakfast burrito. The Buffalo Bomber is also a champion.

You can get a vegetarian spin on your common fast food with a wide selection of vegan burgers, sandwiches, quinoa salads, accompanied by seasonal soup. Give their cheesesteak sandwich a try to get an idea of the unique twist they bring to the texture and taste of their vegan dishes. For dessert, be sure to try the pumpkin spiced cake. Also, don’t forget to try their naturally prepared fountain beverages.

Good Karma Artisan Ales and Café

Enjoy a Vegetarian-Friendly Cuisine and Wash It Down with Quality Brews at this Popular Restaurant

Source: Yelp

37 S 1st St | goodkarmasj.com

If you’re into some scrumptious, vegan, and vegetarian cuisine, there is no better place to be than Good Karma Artisan Ales and Café. Located on 1st Street, this vegan destination combines the aspect of a Belgian tavern with a pleasant atmosphere. This vegan restaurant is popular for its different gluten-free options that can be taken with craft beers and organic juices.

In addition to the stunning variety of craft beers, Good Karma also offers a diverse food menu. Start off with a plate of organic arugula beet salad and organic kale salad before diving into the delicious chana masala or burrito. Their Spicy Basil Tofu perfectly complements their cold and refreshing craft beers. Hope in on a Thursday and enjoy some cool music to keep you company while you enjoy their stunning dishes.

Green Lotus

Popular joint serving the most delicious Vietnamese vegan dishes

Source: Yelp

1143 Story Rd Ste 180 | Green Lotus

If you’re into Vietnamese dishes and Asian cuisines, Green Lotus is the place to spend your time. Situated in a strip mall, Green Lotus is known for its extensive list of traditional Vietnamese dishes with a vegetarian twist.

On the menu, you will find spring rolls, crispy tofu, rice vermicelli soup, and Vietnamese pho noodle soup. A myriad of meat alternatives is also available, but the restaurant’s spicy variety of vegan soups will surely keep you coming back for more. Creatively named drinks and cocktails like a banana smoothie or avocado smoothie are sure to delight you.

The Happy Hooligans

An exceptional palette of tasty vegan meals – it could be what you’re looking for you spice up your vegan dish.

Source: Yelp

1711 Branham Lane Ste A9 | happy-hooligans.com

For a place that keeps switching up the menu to include some of the most delicious vegan dishes for you to try, you cannot afford to skip The Happy Hooligans restaurant. Add their extremely impressive presentation and great service and you understand why the joint is ranked among the top vegan restaurants in SanJose.

Located on Branham Lane, The Happy Hooligans eatery offers an extensive selection of both American and Mexican dishes. All dishes are vegan and gluten-free. No wonder they describe their offering as “vegan comfort food.” Even non-vegans will find something tasty to eat at this restaurant like buffalo cauliflower bites, zucchini, and sun-dried tomato pesto pasta.

Swing by for a bite of their Reuben sandwich that contains thin-sliced seitan corned beef and some vegan provolone, and take a sip of their delicious shakes, smoothies, and juices – all of them sugar-free.

Happiness Café

Try a vegan pig or a hotdog grilled with onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers with Happiness Café hot drinks

Source: Yelp

1688 Hostetter Rd Ste C, San Jose, California | happiness-café.com

At Happiness Café, you’re sure to find great vegan food and cool vibes. Located on Hostetter Road, this eatery offers a hodgepodge of menu delicacies, beverages, and desserts for any vegan. Visitors' love for Happiness Café comes from its organic dishes that are free of artificial ingredients.

Try out their all-vegan pig in a blanket, a variety of vegan sandwiches, rice, snacks, and noodle meals. As for the beverages, enjoy cold or hot drinks that are made from organic soymilk, soy creamer, cane sugar, and freshly roasted coffee beans. To add to that, wash it down with one of the café’s sweet drinks that include a wide range of freshly pressed juices, smoothies, cold drinks, teas, and more.

Their signature dish includes the waffle nugget, Fries, and Phish. If you desire a more natural and sweet drink, order the café’s Hot Grass Jelly.

Mint & Basil

Laidback and welcoming restaurant offering a diverse selection of cuisines

Source: Yelp

969 Story Road | Mint & Basil

Are you a vegan who loves a mix of Thai, Vietnamese or Malaysian food? Well, Mint & Basil has all the selection you’ve been looking for. At this popular restaurant, you are sure to find MSG-free dishes that include rice, hot pots, noodles, mock meats, soups, desserts, and more.

For starters, go for the mixed vegetable pan-fried from their menu. Then you can proceed to some of their favorite dishes such as savory stir-fried eggplant. But before you leave be sure to try their signature dish that includes Autumn Rolls, Curry, and Rock and Roll “Beef.” When it comes to dessert, you can ever go wrong with vegan ice cream. If you’re into drinks, go for their mango smoothie or the organic strawberry. They even got a Mushroom Hotpot with fresh vegetables and noodles in case you want to swing by on a cold day.

For vegan enthusiasts, there is no limit to trying out naturally made vegan cuisines especially when you come to San Jose. These seven vibrant vegans and plant-based joints will help you eat healthily and enjoy a diverse selection of other cuisines that are equally delicious. You get to do this in an appealing setting and casual atmosphere.

What vegan restaurant have you been to in San Jose? Let us know about them in the comments!  

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