The Best Spots To Get An Authentically Philly Cheesesteaks in San Jose

Find out where to get the perfect cheesesteaks sandwiches in San Jose!

You’ve probably heard about the popular Philly cheesesteak. But you don’t have to go all the way to Philly to enjoy a delicious cheesesteak. San Jose's food scene is growing and they have no problem adopting this iconic dish from its neighbor. Since sandwiches have become a popular take in many restaurants since COVID-related restrictions, cheesesteaks seem to be popping up at ghost kitchens and in other eateries around town. Even better, we have vegan cheesesteak now for folks who want to go green.

Here are our top picks for notable spots dishing scrumptious cheesesteaks in San Jose.

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1162 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

Casual eatery serving classic Philly cheesesteaks and a variety of hot and cold sandwiches!

Looking for something delicious and nutritious to push you through the day? Why not try the cheesesteaks at Amato’s? For over six decades, this casual spot has been serving locals exceptional sandwiches with the help of unique recipes that have been passed down four generations. All their sandwiches are made from 100% U.S.D.A. beef and gourmet deli meat using only the highest-quality, homemade Italian bread.

All their cheesesteaks are made to order, so go ahead and engage with the menu and choose your favorite Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies. For a more fun experience, go ahead and order their hot or cold steak sandwiches. You will love the steak hoagie with steak, tomatoes, lettuce, and spices with extra virgin olive oil, or the Mushroom Cheese Steak with mushrooms and white American cheese and steak. You can your choice of cheese either American, Provolone or Whiz.

Locals also rave about the chicken cheesesteak that comes with sliced chicken breast with white American cheese. Whatever you choose make sure you add a side and a drink to enjoy along.

Sonia's Kitchen

360 E William St, San Jose, CA 95112

Classic varieties of cheesesteaks and sandwiches await you at this chic spot in San Jose!

Cheesesteaks lovers from all over San Jose flock to Sonia’s kitchen for its savory, authentic cheesesteak sandwiches. It’s one among the many cuisines that locals cannot get enough of when they visit this restaurant. Looking for something a little lighter? Well, Sonia’s kitchen serves a variety of entrée-sized salads.

On the other hand, if you want to indulge in something a little heavy to keep you full throughout the day, you should try their cheesesteak sandwiches. Get yourself a good treat of their pepper steak sandwich with grilled bell peppers, the onion steak sandwich, and a combination of both onion and pepper steak sandwiches.

If you like your vegan options, try the avocado steak sandwich with avocado mayo mix or the pastrami sandwich with mayo, grilled onions, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles. They also have a plain vegetarian sandwich with no meat, just onions, mayo, pickles, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Apart from sandwiches, they also serve huge hamburgers such as the Monarch with double patty and double cheese topped with grilled onions, tomatoes, and pickles. Plan a visit to Sonia’s kitchen and see what they have on the menu!

The Cheese Steak Shop

5524 Monterey Rd, San Jose, CA 95138

Counter-service chain serving traditional Philly cheesesteaks plus savory sides and salads!

The East coast loves authentic cheesesteaks. And The Cheese Steak Shop team has made it a mission to bring you the real-deal - Philly-style sandwiches to the new home in San Jose. All their shops make your sandwich fresh to order and you have the option to specify if you want it “wit or witout” onions, enhanced with hot and/or sweet peppers, with Provolone or white American cheese, even made using chicken or veggies in place of steak.  

You should try the classic Philly cheesesteak either half or large that contains 100% steak, chicken breast meat served on a soft Amoroso’s Italian roll. The King Of Philly, the house classic Philly cheese that contains steak with more meat and cheese is also the main draw here. Premium options such as the hoagie, Motown, pizza steak, and Pat’s BBQ are also great options to try.

Still on the menu are vegetarian sandwiches that come with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, mayonnaise, grilled onions, and hot or sweet pepper. Don’t forget to add a side and a drink to make the experience awesome.

No matter how you like your cheesesteak sandwich made, the Cheese Steak Shop is happy to prepare it that way – including the “Real Philly” way!

Hoagie Steak Out

San Jose, CA 95112

Cozy cheesesteak restaurant serving steak sandwiches, rice bowls, and savory sides!

Looking for a perfect spot to enjoy hearty steak sandwiches and other delicious takes? Hoagie Steak Out is the spot for you. Here, they offer a savory menu featuring the restaurant's sandwiches, big fish, rice bowls, sides, and deli options.

All their steak sandwiches are served on toasted bread with onions and mayo. Indulge in options such as Rocky Philly with steak and American cheese, Superman Deluxe that includes steak, mushrooms, bell pepper, tomato sauce, and Provolone cheese, Godfather Hoagie served with steak, tomato, lettuce, and American cheese, as well as the Chicago Pepperoni.

If you’re a fan of barbeque, you will love the BBQ Guns that include steak, American cheese, and smoky BBQ sauce. If you need something to help wash down the sandwich, consider ordering iced tea or fountain soda from the restaurant’s comprehensive beverage menu.

Enjoy other selections of food including rice bowls, and plenty of options on the deli menu.

New Jersey's Restaurant

923 W Hamilton Ave, Campbell, CA 95008

Sports-themed hangout serving typical American grub including cocktails and draft beer!

New Jersey’s restaurant offers and serves only the best. The customer service is exceptional, the ambiance is magical, and the food is to die for. Their ingredients are hand-picked daily and all their daily cheesesteaks have thinly sliced 100% USDA choice steak, sautéed onions, plus melted white American cheese on a soft roll.

Their delicious cheesesteaks include the Cheesesteak Hoagie with tomato and lettuce, Texas option, pizza cheesesteak, mushroom cheesesteak, hot cherry pepper cheesesteak, combo cheesesteak, teriyaki cheesesteak, and more. If you want to go vegan, the veggie cheesesteak is served with bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese, tomato, and lettuce.

Want to try delicious sandwiches, there are plenty of options including the popular hot dog, chili dog, hot pastrami, rib-eye steak sandwich, breast of chicken, and tuna melt toasted sourdough and cheddar. Grab a side and an appetizer to enjoy along with your treat!

Jersey Mike's Subs

870-B Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123

Counter-serve sandwich chain offering jumbo subs filled with cold cuts and plenty of toppings!

When you come to Jersey Mike's Subs, you will be amazed by the friendly customer services, magical atmosphere, and quality food. Their sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients including high-quality meat and cheese slices as you observe to achieve that authentic taste served Mike’s Way. You will get yours with fresh onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and spices.

Not sure what to order? Try the hot subs that are grilled fresh every time and contain tender meat pieces and melty cheese. Enjoy options such as grilled portabella mushroom and Swiss served with signature Swiss cheese, Mike’s Famous Philly with grilled onions, peppers, and white American cheese, or the California Chicken cheesesteak topped with tomato, lettuce, mayo, and white American cheese.

They also serve Northeast-style cold sub sandwiches sliced fresh in front of you and served with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, oil, vinegar, and spices. Have a party or special event coming up? Jersey Mike’s catering is sure to choose the best treats from their subs by the bag, subs by the box, or even personal boxed lunches. Don’t forget to add a side and of course a dessert to make the experience awesome.

Philly's Cheesesteaks & Wings

2561 N 1st St, San Jose, CA 95131

Family-owned spot serving various cheesesteak sandwiches, chicken wing flavors, and other bites!

Located in the Market Place, Philly's Cheesesteaks & Wings offers a wide array of fresh food from plain cheesesteak sandwiches, south street sandwiches, fish sandwiches, Philly’s house salads, loaded Asada fries, cheesesteak eggrolls, 25 chicken strips, and jumbo chicken wings. All their foods are made with fresh ingredients to provide the best quality and excellent taste.

The menu is filled with delicious cheesesteak sandwiches that include top-quality lean beef or chicken served with grilled onions and white American cheese. Try popular options such as a hoagie, Southwest BBQ sandwich, plain cheesesteak sandwich, and spinach sandwich.

Apart from cheesesteaks, they also serve jumbo chicken wings deep-fried to golden brown and toss your own choice of sauce. You can have as many wings as you want from 5 wings to 50 wings with up to three flavors and two dips. You can also order a salad and Philly sides and specials to enjoy along with your selection!

No doubt that San Jose has an endless array of great spots and delis fit for any cheesesteak enthusiast of all taste buds. No matter which restaurant you choose, you’re sure to find something you like on the menu. So, which is your favorite cheesesteak spot in San Jose? Let us know in the comments!

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