7 Must-Visit Breweries and Taprooms in San Jose to Enjoy a Nice Pint

October 14, 2021
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Yes! I know most of us are foodies, so naturally, we are always on the hunt to eat at the best spots and enjoy some cold brew along with the meal. So if you’re in the US, just know that the craft beer movement has taken over the city, and San Jose has been swept along with it. Here, there is a wide range of beer varieties pouring everything from hoppy to classic steam lagers and hazy West Coast IPAs.

Many of the breweries in San Jose also run taprooms alongside the brewing operation to ensure guests can sample their latest concoctions. If you have been in San Jose, it can get pretty hot, so what better way to cool off than sipping an ice-cold brew.

Here are the top breweries and beer gardens in San Jose to try this time.

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Camino Brewing Co. and Beer Garden

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718 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 caminobrewing.com

Enjoy a craft beer and a bite in this modern, outdoor beer garden!

How about a brewery with a taproom that is open 6 days a week? This is exactly what you find in Camino Brewing and Beer Garden. The amazing story of the inception of this brewery will blow your mind. The idea came to be in Spain after a 1,900-mile cycling trip along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail encouraged by the owners – Allen Korenstein and Nathan Poulos.

Camino takes their beer seriously with beer-to-go options and tap varieties. You can choose your brews from cans to 4 packs, 24 packs, crowlers, and 5gal kegs. They also have a partnership with Chromatic Coffee for their Café Con Leche Stout. Swing by between Thursday and Sunday and enjoy beer slushes that come in orange flavor with whip cream.

They offer curbside pickup 6 days a week so you can order your favorite beer from wherever you are.

Hapa's Brewing Company

D:\David\Best Breweries In San Jose - Images\Hapa's Brewing Company.jpg

460 Lincoln Ave #90, San Jose, CA 95126 hapasbrewing.com

New kids on the block offering cold and warm craft beers with a taproom!

Large, vibrant brewery with friendly staff, customers, and of course delicious beer! That’s what Hapa’s Brewery Company is all about. Hapa is the Hawaiian word that means “mixed.” Just like the world of beer brewing which involves a whole lot of mixing, so does the journey for Hapa’s Brewing Company.

Nestled in a beautiful warehouse space in downtown Willow Glen, this beer powerhouse is a major attraction for locals looking to hang out and sip into the best brews in the city. Their Barbie’s Blonde and Hungry Dog IPA pair nicely with the warm weather here. Come in for the craft beers, but stay a little longer for the fun conversations and live music.

While at it, don’t forget to order your favorite dish from the food truck with options such as Bavarian warm pretzel, chicken melt, fancy grilled cheese with chips, sausage sandwiches, Chinese chicken salad, and more. They also offer a selection of merchandise like caps, sweatshirts, and gift cards for guests.

Hermitage Brewing Company

D:\David\Best Breweries In San Jose - Images\Hermitage Brewing Company.jpg

1627 S 7th St, San Jose, CA 95112 hermitagebrewing.com

Relaxed neighborhood brewery and tasting room where you can get a wide selection of craft beers!

When you take a trip to Hermitage Tap Room you will understand why they describe their beer as “A Retreat From the Ordinary.” They don’t copy, they create. When you sip your pint of fresh brew and enjoy the authentic atmosphere, you’ll be a direct witness of their specialty in brewing beers that are flavorful, aroma-driven, rich in character, and unique.

They brew several types of craft beers that represent their skill, creativity, and experience. The Maltopia, Hoptopia, and Ale of the Imp brands are a popular selection you will find here. You can sample them and other diverse varieties at their tasting room located within the brewery. Barrels are everywhere you look but not just for show. Each beer has a story behind it, and some of the brews are barrel-aged, a method that adds a unique flavor to the beer, depending on the barrel.

If you can’t find award-winning Hermitage beers in your local shop, simply ask for them. Visit their taprooms from Tuesday to Sunday to enjoy tasting a wide array of sours and other finely crafted, fresh, unique beers. Don’t worry, their staff will guide you through the different flavors until you find the right one that excites you.

Strike Brewing Co. & Warehouse Taproom

D:\David\Best Breweries In San Jose - Images\Strike Brewing Co. & Warehouse Taproom.jpg

2099 S 10th St #30, San Jose, CA 95112 strikebrewingco.com

Enjoy some fine craft beer and taproom options at this neighborhood brewery!

A mandatory stop on the San Jose beer tour is what you need any time you are in town. Make sure you visit Strike Brewing and Warehouse Taproom for some classic Dot Blond Ale, the colossus of Clout Irish Red, the American brown ale Lumber Bluster, and of course a session collaboration with Santa Cruz, a popular skateboarding company.

Located close to baseball Stadium in San Jose, Strikes’s beers is best and freshest with its year-round and seasonal options. The year-round beers include Double IPA, Triple Play Triple IPA, and Two Seam APA. In addition, they have to-go beer varieties of Hefe Weizen, blonde ale, and tropical lager, not to mention the popular collaboration with other breweries that see them create even better and unique selections.

Food trucks are common at the taproom especially on Fridays and Saturdays for any guests coming with an appetite.

Clandestine Brewing

D:\David\Best Breweries In San Jose - Images\Clandestine Brewing.jpg

980 S 1st St ste b, San Jose, CA 95110 clandestinebrewing.com

Enjoy unique selections from the taproom on selected days at this modern Brewing!

If you’re looking for a cool spot where you can enjoy the best-flavored brews in town, then you should head down to Clandestine. They have a wide selection of beers brewed with only the best and fresh ingredients in the area.

When you come here, try unique selections such as the acoustic kitty – an IPA with a combination of citrus-forward hops such as Citra, Centennial, Rakau, and Galaxy, or the popular Boycott made with Scottish Golden Promise malt, dark crystal malt, with additions of American Centennial hops, and UK Goldings.

On the tap, you can get options such as half-a-Weizen, milky way stout, triple agent – a smooth option with aromatics akin to candy and fruit, and more. The beers on the tap have different style variations of IPA, milk stout, and Scotch Ale. With such extensive beer selections, there is no doubt that you will have something to enjoy here!

Original Gravity Public House

D:\David\Best Breweries In San Jose - Images\Original Gravity Public House.jpg

66 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 originalgravitypub.com

Mellow beer garden offering unique craft beers, sandwiches, and other pub fares!

Original Gravity or OG is another San Jose craft beer favorite bar and staple for anyone craving a cold beer and some pub fare! Located in the heart of Downtown San Jose, OG offers over 20 rotating taps of incredibly brewed beer and cider in addition to a wide selection of bottle and can selection. It’s a perfect place to hang out and try something new or just enjoy a favorite take on the menu.

Talking of the menu, it’s always updated with unique drinks to enjoy. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or just trying out something new for the first time, you’re sure to find the options here exciting. Along with their unique rotating beer selections, they also have a kitchen where you can grab delicious takes such as classic American cheeseburger smashed and grilled all-beef patty, and the house famous duck fat French fries with a choice of dipping sauce.

It’s definitely a cool place that you should check out!

Uproar Brewing Company

D:\David\Best Breweries In San Jose - Images\Uproar Brewing Company.jpg

439 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113 uproarbrewing.com

Independent brewery and gastropub offering unique craft beer selections!

Located in the SoFa district of Downtown San Jose is a modern brewery that offers a rotating selection of unique craft wines and other drink options. Inspired by the region’s rich farming culture, this brewery is among the best in the city. Enjoy selections such as hoppy sofa king good, the easy-to-drink Sai San Jose Farmhouse Ale –Saison, the dark and special treats like primary red ale and barrel-aged Saison, or the cans and bottle selection from daydream guava to white claw assorted flavors.

They also have plenty of space with a variety of cabinets, pinball, games, and tasty food just in case you come here with an appetite. Take a tour of their spacious taproom and enjoy only the best flight of beers and also enjoy the inviting ambiance of their microbrewery.

When you’re looking for that cold one, look beyond the big beer producers and try something distinctly from San Jose. Whether you’re looking for something to enjoy with friends or a cold one to pass the evening, San Jose has something for everyone. What breweries on this list caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!


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