Where to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Delicious Treats in San Jose

These favorite bakeries around San Jose are the sweetest options to grab savory pies, cakes, cookies, and more

San Jose is no stranger to stellar baked goods. From trendsetting toast to award-winning croissants, jiggliest egg tarts to jam-stuffed baby doughnuts, bakeries around town cover every craving across the city. These spots make an array of savory pastries, bread, and sweet cakes. The best part is that some ambitious upstarts have incorporated some much-needed excitement into pastries that may at times feel staid and dull. All this innovation has boosted both quality and creativity.

That said, here are the best bakeshops in San Jose to grab something sweet and varieties of baked goods.

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Peters' Bakery

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3108 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95127 petersbakery.com

Basic counter-serve bakery popular for its burnt almond cake, and plenty of pastries and cookies!

You will find only the best burnt almond cakes you have ever tasted in Peter’s bakery. You will also find a huge selection of baked goods including classic bread and pastries such as muffins and loaves. Whether you love the sweet flavors or the not so sweet treats, there is something to enjoy at Peter’s Bakery.

If you’re in the mood for pastries, you will find plenty of treats here with options such as apple turnovers, chocolate chip muffins, raspberry rolls, croissants, and more. They also serve savory brownies with walnuts and chocolate fudge icing, date bars with buttery crumb topping, as well as delicious cupcakes, either white or chocolate with icing options such as whipped cream, buttercream, colored buttercream, and burnt almond.

Different twists in their doughnuts are also available. The aroma of freshly baked goods fills the bakery and attracts more diners than you would think. Different cake fillings are also available to enjoy.

Flower Flour

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896 Willow St, San Jose, CA 95125 flower-flour.com

Cheerily adorned bakery that offers delicious pastries, custom cakes, lunch fare, and floral arrangements!

Where else can you find delicious pastries and custom cakes served in floral arrangements? For the longest Flower Flour has been baking delectably sweet cakes for graduation, birthdays, parties, and other special occasions. Customer loves their fresh-filled custom cakes and delicious pastries.

While you can order the traditional superhero and other unique themed cakes here, the bakers can be even more creative and offer even more sophisticated designs to fit your special event’s needs. If you need something fancier, you can go for the party cakes or even the wedding options that are customized to your needs. The balance of design and taste creates the perfect cake for any occasion. Baked goods like these ones will surely drive your imagination and taste buds wild.

Greenlee's Bakery

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1081 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126 greenleesbakerysj.com

Long-running bakery popular for serving baked goodies as well as breakfast fare!

At Greenlee’s, breakfast is served hot with plenty of baked goods to enjoy along. It’s popular for its legendary cinnamon bread prepared with signature recipes to produce only artisan-crafted bread that you can enjoy. Their recipe and process marbleizes cinnamon throughout the whole loaf, which means that the diners will only taste the richness with every bite. Interestingly, their bread can be prepared and consumed in a couple of ways which makes it more appealing to serve in its original form. If you want, you can dip it in egg batter to make an excellent French toast.

They also serve fresh pastries and bread which are a great option to kick start your morning and keep full until lunch. You can order a cup of coffee or tea to enjoy along with your baked goods. Apart from baked goods, they also have breakfast burritos, loaf cakes, cookies, and plenty of other sweet treats. With such delicious options, it’s clear to see why this bakery has remained the people’s favorite for over 96 years and served generations and generations.

Clover Bakery & Café

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4342 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95129 cloverbakery.com

Cozy bakery and eatery that specializes in Japanese-style pastries, buns, and custom cakes!

Need freshly-baked pasty prepared Japanese-style to start your day? Maybe you want to add something sweet and more savory to help push through the day until lunch. Either way, you should head down to Clover Bakery and Café along Moorpark Avenue. This café offers plenty of different varieties of bread inspired by Japanese recipes. Bread is prepared every hour to ensure freshness.

Get your taste buds in check and try options such as spaghetti bread, croquette burger, hot dog roll, ham mayonnaise, mentai masago pan, and spicy tuna pan. You can also try their fried pieces of bread such as curry pan, piroshiki (ground beef), vegetable curry pan, as well as a fish burger. Apart from bread, they also serve delicious sweets, danishes, and other great treats.

If you need something special for an event, you can order their cakes made with fresh strawberries and fresh whipped cream. They also offer a strawberry cake made of vanilla sponge, whipped cream, and extra fruits available just in case you prefer you’re a little bit fruity.


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1109 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, CA 95125 susiecakes.com

Neighborhood bakery serving made from scratch desserts including pies, cookies, and custom layer cakes!

Inspired by classic recipes of two lovely grandmas, Madeline and Mildred, Susie is a local favorite that serves all-American style goodies including desserts made entirely from scratch using simple, natural ingredients. They also serve plenty of cookies, pies, and custom layer cakes – all made from scratch too. Come visit any day and enjoy sentimental sweets in a friendly, old-school neighborhood experience. Here, they don’t use mixes, shortening, or artificial preservatives on their products. They use only the freshest and finest ingredients sourced from the country.

Don’t leave without trying their puddings as well as seasonal options such as pumpkin maple cupcake, Susie's signature Halloween deco, frosted sugar cookies, and other delicious treats. If you’re in the mood for desserts, be sure to grab the eclairs or custards options.


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4662 Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA 95118 milohaspastries.com

Laidback counter-serve eatery serving Colombian empanadas with savory and sweet filling!

Dine-in or order perfectly baked treats at Milohas along Meridian Avenue. Here, you will find only the best Colombian empanadas and baked goods that are made from only the freshest ingredients available. Don’t worry, they don’t use additives or preservatives, just the grandma’s recipes. Everything is hand-made daily in small batches to ensure they maintain freshness and minimize as much waste as possible.

Swing by any time of the day and enjoy your Colombian empanadas with coffee for that power breakfast, and add a side soup or salad or even a tropical fruit juice for a complete lunch blast. The menu also features fruit juices, tea lattes, and yerba mate to enjoy when you come here.

Although they offer products that are traditionally not made with flour, they also offer gluten-free options such as chick and potato friend empanada, cheese arepa, pandebono, almojabana, and of course pandebono with guava – corn flour cheese bread filled with guava paste. Don’t forget to add a side, soup of the day, and desserts as well as a cold drink to sip along as you enjoy your baked goods.

Mexico Bakery

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2811 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95127 mexico-bakery.business.site

Easygoing bakery serving savory, sizable tortas and delicious baked goods including cookies and cakes!

Want some personalized cakes for weddings, birthdays, or any special occasion? Then you should head down to Mexico Bakery. All products are made from scratch using only organic flour and grain. The pieces of bread are hand-mixed, hand-crafted, and naturally fermented.

At Mexico Bakery you will find plenty of Mexican options such as sweet bread, breakfast croissants, burritos, combos, pies, donuts, and cakes. Go ahead and order their fancy bread with options such as bulls-eye, mantecada reg or chocolate, piglet, butter horn, jelly roll, red butter, or the slice pound cake. Still, on the menu, you can enjoy delicious treats such as cakes and sandwiches either grilled, breaded, Cuban, chicken, or Hawaiiana. All the sandwiches are served with avocado, cheese, onion, tomato, mayonnaise, and jalapeno.

When you come here, there is no doubt that guests will be fascinated with the delicious tastes of the savory cakes that are made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure you get only the best.

Whether you’re craving something sweet or want to take something delicious home to enjoy with family, you have plenty of options when it comes to the best bakeries in San Jose. So, which is your favorite bakeshop in San Jose? Let us know in the comments!

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