Great Camping Spots You Should Visit Near Aspen, Colorado

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Aspen is a vacation and ski resort town located in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. It is a popular spot for skiing during the wintertime, and a year round destination for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing. This town is also well known for its high end restaurants and boutiques. It can accommodate all kinds of travelers, though the people who visit Aspen most often are there to enjoy the incredible nature. The city also offers fun events that visitors can do when they’re in town. Going to Aspen can give you the type of vacation you won’t soon forget.

If you’re a fan of camping, Aspen is one of the best places you can go to do it. Along the Rocky Mountains, there are several great camping spots that will provide a great overall experience for you and anyone traveling with you. There are several national parks nearby with many different campgrounds available that are meant to accommodate all types of campers. There are many campsites for tents and many where you can park your trailers or RVs. You can enjoy hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching alongside a host of useful amenities when you’re at one of these campgrounds. 

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Stock Up On Some Necessities Before You Get to Your Camp.

To really enjoy a camping trip, there are a few important things you will need to take with you. You will need to have access to food and shelter along with a host of other things that will make your time outdoors more comfortable. There are some great stores that can be useful for getting those kinds of materials. Two that you’ll find near Aspen are REI and Under Armour. 


Outdoor supply shop with great deals. 

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3216 S Glen Ave Ste A | Glenwood Springs |

If you want to enjoy the outdoors, REI is a great store to visit in preparation. REI sells everything that a person would need to enjoy their time outdoors. From clothing to shoes and outdoor supplies, this is one of the best stores that you can visit to find these things. Are you a fan of camping, hiking, or fishing? This place has everything you need to do each of those activities. You will be so well prepared after visiting this store. You might even discover some helpful items there that you didn’t know you needed. 

REI sells used gear, new gear, and even offers their shoppers a membership to join where you can get further deals. They are known for all the great deals they like to offer. Sometimes you will enter their store or visit the website to find that there is a 50% off or more sale happening. It all depends on when you visit. So not only can you get great supplies to help you have a good time outdoors, you will also save lots of money so you can get even more supplies!

“I found awesome deals on shoes, and the nicest clerk and employees. She helped me to locate something with CO tags! Been eyeing the Brooks Ghost line for a while, but couldn't part with the $. For less than 70, why yes? Heck yes! 

Bathrooms are spotless and huge, selection is nice. Super manageable and concise REI south end of town”–Yelp Review

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Under Armour 

Active gear made to enhance comfort and performance. 

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246-O Rainbow Dr Space 246 | Silverthorne |

If you’re on your way to do anything athletic, Under Armour would be a great place for you to visit. They sell great activewear that prepares people for any physical activity. They sell sneakers, t-shirts, sweat pants and much more. All of their workout gear is of high quality and will feel great to be out camping in. They sell shoes that can withstand various sports and movements and clothing designed to stand up to the elements of heat, sweat, and cold. You can find something to wear for each season. 

Under Armour has all the kinds of gear that you need. Their gear is made with technologies and innovations that are designed to take anyone’s game to the next level. They are made to keep a person comfortable from the start to the finish of their workout or sport. Their  gear will never hold you back, but will only make things better. Don’t go on a camping trip with inadequate gear. This store should be a stop on the way there. 

“Great selection of factory gear. Got a killer jacket when I was in a pinch. Staff was helpful.”–Yelp Review

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Best Camping Spots Near Aspen

Some of the best camping spots near Aspen can be found in the White River National Forest. This forest is filled with gorgeous nature and wildlife that makes the forest a lively place for anyone who loves nature. There are high elevations all throughout the park and therefore some interesting weather changes depending on where you camp out. The rivers are renowned for fly fishing, and if you’re a fan of trout, the rivers are full of them. This forest goes through all four seasons and you can enjoy lots of great activities like hiking and skiing depending on when you show up. These are a few of the best campgrounds you can find near Aspen in the White River National Forest:

Difficult Campground

Campground with various useful amenities. 

This forest is full of great campgrounds. Image courtesy of Independence Pass Rock Climbing

806 W Hallman St | White River National Forest |

Difficult Campground is a campground in the White River National Forest located 5 miles southeast of Aspen. It provides an ideal setting for guests looking to enjoy some outdoor recreation. There are available campsites in the midst of pine trees, cottonwood, scrub oak, and one by the river’s edge. The campgrounds all have picnic tables, drinking water, vault toilets, and more. And there are places to park your RV as well as camp out. 

People at this campground get to enjoy the Rocky Mountains and the Roaring Fork River. They will find 8 wilderness areas and 8 peaks that surpass 14,000 feet of elevation. There are bighorn sheep, bull elk, and other animals walking around. And if you’re into fishing, the Roaring Fork River has numerous fish swimming around it, including pikea, rainbow trout, and brook trout. This is where you will find some world class fly fishing!

“Stayed 1 night over July 4th, easy to access site, friendly hosts. Great bike route (East Aspen Trail) follows along the main road to downtown Aspen, which has plenty of places to lock up bikes and walk around. There is also a nice walking trail from camp to the river. A bear came through the campground while we were there but the hosts were very helpful with awareness and shooing it away. Would revisit for longer next time, beautiful location.”– Review

Silver Bar Campground

Elevated campground with unpredictable weather changes. 

806 W Hallman St | White River National Forest |

Silver Bar Campground is located southwest of Aspen on the banks of Maroon Creek. It is a small campground that is small and contains four different tent only sites you can just walk into. There are centralized vault toilets available only a few yards away from each of the four campsites. They each have picnic tables, food storage lockers, and campfire rings. This campground sits at 8,460 feet and lets guests enjoy warm days and cool evenings. 

If you’re on this campground, you must be prepared for intense weather changes. There is a probability of afternoon thunderstorms along with the possibility of snow during every season, including the summertime. This area is surrounded by the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness. It was one of the first five Colorado wilderness areas designated by the 1964 wilderness act. It is covered in alpine landscapes, dark forests, and wildflower meadows. Campers have a chance of happening upon bighorn sheep, pika, and other animals in the area. 

“Absolutely wonderful experience staying at this campground. Right off the road that heads up to Maroon Lake, so it is easily accessible. Our campsite was right next to the Maroon Creek, so it was not only beautiful, but it also drowned out any cars driving up the road. Easy access to a bunch of hikes. I highly recommend the hike up to Cathedral Lake and, of course, Crater Lake.”– Review

Ruedi Marina Campground

Campground surrounded by amazing views and trails. 

Caption. Image courtesy of Basalt Chamber of Commerce

White River National Forest |

Ruedi Marina Campground is located on the Ruedi Reservoir at an elevation of 7,800 feet. It is 14 miles east of Basalt, Colorado and right inside of the White River National Service. This campsite has 8 standard sites that suit trailers and RVs. Each site is equipped with picnic tables, campfire rings, drinking water, and vault toilets. They also have boat ramps available near the Fryingpan River, which is known for its great fly fishing opportunities. 

This campground is a place full of chances to have great adventures. There are 8 wilderness areas and 10 peaks that are over 14,000 feet in elevation. You will have chances to see wildlife since this forest is perfect for life forms that require undeveloped wilderness and clean water streams to survive. Campers might come across pika or ptarmigan or one of several other species that live in this forest. You can spend time on the Ruedi Trail which is 8 miles long and over 3,000 feet in elevation. You can see amazing panoramic views of the area on top of Red Table Mountain where the trail ends up. 

“This place is nice. Plenty of parking for boats, sites are close to each other, but overall a good experience. The fishing was good as well, we caught and released well over 50 fish in 2 days, mainly all stockers from the end of season. Already booked my next trip.”– Review

Little Maud Campground

Campground for tents, trailers, and RVs with starry views at night. 

SoprisSporis Ranger District | White River National Forest |

Little Maud Campground is located in the White River National Forest right on the Ruedi Reservoir and sits at 7,800 feet of elevation. There are amazing views of the reservoir and starry skies at night on this campground where you’ll find 21 sites available for tents, trailers, and RVs. Each site is equipped with campfire rings, picnic tables, drinking water, and vault toilets. 

Right below the Ruedi Dam, campers will find the Fryingpan River which is well known for its fly fishing. You can catch various kinds of trout. There is rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, and other fish that share their habitat. When you fish there, you must release all the fish except for brown trout. 

Where the Frying Pan River and Roaring Fork River has been designated as Gold Medal Waters by the Colorado Wildlife Commission. And nearby, you’ll find the Ruedi Trail. This trail is great for bikers and hikers. It is 8 miles long and gains over 3,000 feet in elevation and you move along it. 

“This is the best campground I have ever visited.  The scenery was excellent.  Plenty of nice hiking trails.  Tons of trout.  The campground was spacious and immaculately maintained.  Fernando was constantly busy maintaining/enhancing the facilities.  Best camp host ever.  Brother and I stayed 8 days.  Next time, we will lengthen stay at campground.”– Review

Aspen, Colorado is one of the best places you can go to enjoy nature. There are gorgeous forests, mountains, and wildlife at every turn. And if you want to go camping, there are so many different places you can do that and so much more. So don’t miss out on this wonderful vacation spot!


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