7 Best Hair Salons in Aspen to Give You the Best Hairstyle You’ve Ever Had!

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Aspen is nestled in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and it is a beautiful city that is a common destination for ski resorts, mountain views, and lovely nights out on the town. Whether you are living in the area or know someone who does, this is a list of some of the greatest hair salons in Aspen. Aspen is an awesome location to live and visit. 

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As you will see, Aspen is filled with wonderful salons whose stylists are capable, kind, and dedicated to giving you the best hairstyle you’ve ever had. It is hard to go wrong when going to a hair salon in Aspen! If you have the chance, try out a few and see what’s unique about each one. Maybe Mi Hair is the one that pulls you back in to get your hair styled there again and again, but it could be one of the other items on this list as well and there’s nothing wrong with that! Without further ado, let’s get into our top seven hair salons in Aspen! 

1. Mi Hair

Stylists who will leave you with a beautiful hairstyle every time

300 Aspen Airport Business Ctr | Aspen | mihairaspen.com

Mi Hair is an Aspen classic. This hair salon is dedicated to providing high-quality hair care and personal service to everyone in the surrounding area. Voted Best Salon in Aspen Times in 2019, this salon is constantly striving to be the very best in the area. They give amazing treatments and every worker there is kind, considerate, and works together to make sure all of their customers leave one hundred percent satisfied with their service. They do haircuts, styling, and hair coloring.

Mi Hair is a full-service salon that wants to make all of their clients feel special. They have high standards and keen attention to detail to bring out the best in every client that walks through their doors. The stylists here are constantly improving, spending time training, and furthering their education with the industry leaders in beauty and care. 

“Neatly arranged space, bright and clean. Convenient parking and location! The best prices and most professional service you'll find in the Aspen area. Everyone at the salon is very polite and welcoming. If you need a skilled hair stylist that will not charge an arm and a leg, this is the place to go!” -Yelp Review

2. Ajax Salon and Spa

This salon is a great place to go and should be high on your list for all your salon needs!

710 E Durant Ave | Aspen | ajaxhairsalonandspa.com

Ajax Salon and Spa gives its clients a luxurious and unique experience with a staff of exceptional technicians. They are a full-service salon and are the only place you need to go for all of your beauty needs. Ajax Salon and Spa is a small business that is dedicated to providing a place for talented stylists to gather clients as well as practice their craft. 

This salon is embedded in Aspen’s community and has done a lot to create and continue giving back to the community that’s helped them grow. Going to Aspen is a great way to support a small business and get your hair done at the same time!

“Ajax Salon & Spa is hands down the best beauty one-stop shop in town! Naoma is definitely the BEST manicurist in Aspen. My skin looks AMAZING! Don't waste your time going anywhere else. Jenn does my hair extensions and is the only stylist in town who can do this type of sewn-in extensions. They are both so sweet, professional, and talented beauticians.” -Yelp Review

3. Salon Tullio

A long-standing Aspen salon that delivers unbeatable service every time

525 E Cooper Have Suite 207 | Aspen | salontullio.com 

Salon Tullio is a full service hair salon located in Aspen, Colorado. Their products and services are all geared towards continuing the health of hair and body for all of their customers in the hair salon. This beauty lounge has been open for 28 years, and has received many distinguished guests in its time. All of them left satisfied with the services and care they received as clients in Salon Tullio. 

The staff at Salon Tullio hopes to form bonds with their clients (that could be you!) in order to better know their individual preferences and interests. Long-standing clients receive personalized and dedicated service that leaves them content and excited about their new look every time they come in!

“Nan was amazing! Cut and color, two processes. I love it! She listened to my desires and designed my hair perfectly! I'm so very happy and will definitely be back!” -Yelp Review

4. Full Circle Salon and Spa

A team of professionals ready to give you an amazing makeover when you step through the doors

117 South Spring St | Aspen | fullcircleaspen.com 

Full Circle in Aspen really has it all. They do hair care, skin care, nails, massage, and even yoga! All the stylists and workers here are trained professionals who will do everything they can to give you a magical experience, leaving you with hair that’s never looked better. You can also stop in for some of their spa features — you won’t regret it! Their spa is luxurious, and their masseuses are fantastic as well. 

“Three of us had our hair and makeup done for a wedding.  Ashley B and Christine M are rockstars. Thank you Full Circle and ladies.” -Yelp Review

5. M Salon

Bringing out the best style in all of their customers

205 S Mill St | Aspen | msalonaspen.com

M Salon is a hair salon whose employees are passionate about working with their customers to give them fantastic haircuts and styling for a good price. They specialize in hair cuts, hair coloring, keratin treatments, hair conditioning, extensions, and upstyles! The stylists here have a keen eye for beauty, fashion, and style. They work with customers who aren’t sure what style they want to find something that is perfect for them. Their advice is a mixture of how the style looks and if it is something they are comfortable with maintaining over the next few months. 

The stylists at M Salon are not interested in giving their customers a great style that will only last them for a few days! 

“I picked this salon randomly without looking at any reviews. I had walked past it on my way to my favorite pizza place and decided to try it. I couldn't have had a more positive experience. They use my fav products (Kerastase, Uribe) and my stylist (I believe his name is John) was perfection!!!  I had come in for a shampoo and blowout and left feeling fabulous!!” -Yelp Review

6. Hair Brainz

Contribute to a local business and get a great cut at this family-owned hair salon!

101 S Monarch St | Aspen | facebook.com/Hair-Brainz

This family-owned and operated hair salon in Aspen is a great place to go for all of your hair needs. The workers are excellent at their job and will always work to give you the best care they can. Hair Brainz is a very affordable option for hair care, but if you have a very complex procedure it might be worth going to one of the other places on this list!

That being said, Hair Brainz is a great salon and will provide you with an excellent cut and style when you go there. 

“The salon has a wide range of products available to purchase and even a $10 sale bin! They have a wide selection of hair extensions available as well. This is a very nice family business, grandmother owned it with her 2 granddaughters working there. Everyone was very friendly and the price was reasonable! I was so satisfied I even bought a gift card for my mom to check it out.” -Yelp Review

7. The Hillz Salon Aspen

An upscale hair salon in Aspen to bring you the perfect experience every time! 

202 Aspen Airport Business Ctr | Aspen | thehillzsalonaspen.com

The Hillz Salon in Aspen is a lovely, relaxing salon that is perfect for any sort of hair care you need to be done! This place is where you go if you want the works. They work in a new, clean, and exceptionally well-decorated place that brings out a relaxing and professional feel that puts you at ease right when you walk in. All of the stylists are tremendously talented and will give you exactly what you ask for every time you come in. 
That’s not all! They bring you complimentary refreshments and have a huge space where there is a common room where a lot of stylists do their work as well as private rooms off to the side if you want some extra peace and quiet during your time there. Next time you need to get your hair done in Aspen, Colorado, consider going to the Hillz salon!

“Kelly is really more than just a "hair stylist". She is a hair designer. I've been going to Kelly for years to cut, design and color my hair and she always delivers. Whether you need a maintenance cut or color or a little upgrade, Kelly is the woman you want.” -Yelp Review

These are our favorite hair salons in Aspen! Which one will you go to next? There are so many great options, any one of them could be the salon that treats you well, gives you a great style, and you go back to again and again over the years.


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