Grab A Bite To Eat On Pitt’s Campus While Staying On Budget

Grab A Bite To Eat On Pitt’s Campus While Staying On Budget

It feels good to be on a college campus! Especially when that campus is Pitt’s, thanks to it’s big lawns, the towering and iconic Cathedral of Learning, and of course, the surrounding streets filled with the city’s best food for a hungry college student. If you want to stick to a college budget this semester while also getting a taste for Pittsburgh’s greatest cuisine, there are plenty of surrounding restaurants that you can stop by. Not only are these restaurants serving the best food you’ve ever tasted, but they’re also walking-distance close and affordable! 

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The Porch

It’s right next to the Cathedral, so it’s convenient as well as delicious 

On a good day, take a seat out on the porch. You’ll be able to enjoy a nice meal right beside the Cathedral of Learning and Carnegie Museum. Image courtesy of The Porch’s Facebook


221 Schenley Dr.

As for as convenience goes, you can’t get any better than where The Porch is. Pitt students on campus can’t miss it, it’s right next to the Cathedral of Learning! After class, it’s no problem to stop by for a meal to get your energy back up. What’s not to love about The Porch’s fresh salads and pizzas, as well as dishes such as salmon fried rice and pork shank. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat between classes, try their sandwiches, wraps, and burgers! The Porch also accepts Panther Funds, so Pitt students have another alternative to payments! 

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“So very pleased with venue, service, and food. Plenty of seating outdoors and it was shaded when we were there after 5pm… The menu options are plenty including salads, pizzas, and main courses…” - Yelp Review

Primanti Bros 

Nothing tastes better than a filled out sub

Even if you have a busy day ahead of you, there’s time for a tasty sub at Primanti Bros. Image courtesy of Primanti Bros’ Facebook


3803 Forbes Ave.

Primanti Bros is a cultural icon of Pittsburgh, so what kind of Pitt student would you be without getting a taste? This sandwich shop is right on campus, so you’ll have no problem stopping by before you’re next class. Sandwiches never get old, especially when they taste this good. They have the perfect sandwich for you, with great and delicious variety. If you’re looking for a tasty study break, stop by and order some wings, fries, tots, and tenders. If you want a real treat, get a taste of one of their Tall Boys, such as their When Pigs Fly that has turkey, ham, bacon, fried egg, and provolone cheese. 

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“Absolutely outstanding!  We had 12 in our party and EVERYONE was impressed.  The food was hot and delicious.  Definitely worth the trip if you are in town.  I might even sneak back for another before I leave.” - Yelp Review

Stack’d Burgers

Burgers taste better when you’re procrastinating on studying

Stack’d Burgers is right on campus, so there’s no hassle while you’re working on fixing that burger craving. Image courtesy of Stack’d Burgers’ Facebook.


3716 Forbes Ave.

Stack’d Burgers is only a few blocks away from the action, making getting burgers after a long week of classes incredibly easy. If you’re particular on what should go on a burger, Stack’d Burgers can make you the perfect burger with Build Your Own. Choose your protein. They have grilled chicken, cajun turkey burger, as well as veggie burgers. Then you can choose the bread, cheese, sauce, and toppings, as well as the side and milkshake that would go best with it. You also can’t go wrong with their quesadillas, wings, soups, and salads. If it’s a nice day out, take your meal up to their rooftop to enjoy. 

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“Stack'd is great for almost every type of eater. You can easily customize your burger and add a bunch of toppings, or just stick to the basics if that's your preference… Service is great and you can mobile-order if you're stuck on campus studying or looking to eat in…”  - Yelp Review

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Fuel and Fuddle

There is no better fuel than some wings

A great place to unwind and grab some wings after a test. Image courtesy of Fuel and Fuddle’s Facebook


212 Oakland Ave.

Fuel and Fuddle is great for the student that is looking for a long and refreshing break from work. Come and enjoy some incredible burgers and wings. You have to try their thin crusted pizza that’s live fired in their brick oven. For the 21 and over students, Fuel and Fuddle is especially fun with all the drinks available! Stop by for happy hour and enjoy the 100 beers they have in bottles. All college students can appreciate their late night menu where everything is cheaper from 11 pm to 1 am. Save some room for the biggest brownies you’ve ever seen! 

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“We came to Fuel & Fuddle for lunch on a Saturday afternoon! We sat at the bar and got service right away! Everything looked so good… their wings were AMAZING! Nice crispy with lots of flavor. All of the food came out very very fast! Great service & good food!…” - Yelp Review

Piada Italian Street Food

Italian food with fresh ingredients 

Stop by for some amazing Italian food, served according to your specifications and likings. Image courtesy of Piada Italian Street Food’s Facebook


3600 Forbes Ave.

Once you enter Piada Italian Street Food, you’ll know the people there are working hard to make your meal exactly the way you want it. Watch as they craft your order in front of you and ask for your preferences on ingredients. You can have it made to eat in store or to go, just in case you’re running late to class. Try the hand-rolled piadas, which are wraps filled with fresh ingredients such as arugula, avocado, tomatoes, and peppers. Put together a bowl of tossed pasta or salad. Or make your own meal, by choosing your protein, sauces, and toppings. 

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“Inexpensive fast casual food. They seem to have something for everyone. Meatless, low carb options, and good Italian comfort food. What I loved most was the service. I had two bags in my hand and the manager offered me a big bag with handles to carry everything…” - Yelp Review

Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza

Build your own pizza so it’s just how you like it every time

Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza has large retractable windows so you can get a fresh breeze as you enjoy your pizza! Image courtesy of Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza’s Facebook


3621 Forbes Ave.

Everyone loves pizza because there are so many variations of it, meaning there’s a combination of dough, sauces, and toppings for everyone. Lotsa Stone Fired Pizza wants everyone on Pitt’s campus to get the pizza they love by having them build their own! Choose your own dough; they have  wheat and gluten free options. You can then choose your cheese (with vegan cheese as an option) and sauce. And you can’t forget the toppings, with over 30 to choose from. Your pizza is then put in the brick oven and ready to eat in minutes! It’s perfect for Friday nights when you want to kick off a relaxing weekend. 

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“Somewhat unique personal pizza dining experience at Lotsa. Fresh ingredients and many specialty choices. They make the pizza fresh and by the time you pay, get your soda and find a seat, your pizza is ready. Hot and tasty! The deep dish options are my favorite.” - Yelp Review

Pittsburgh is filled with great places to eat, and the University of Pittsburgh just happens to be close to a lot of those options! All of these and many more venues are on campus and within walking distance. That makes these restaurants convenient as well as affordable and fun to go to with friends from class. So take a break from studying, or celebrate after a test, or simply conclude a long day by heading over to one of these restaurants that won’t break your college budget.

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