Give Your Mom a Mother’s Day to Remember at These Brunch Spots in Cincinnati

Give Your Mom a Mother’s Day to Remember at These Brunch Spots in Cincinnati

Figuring out how to show your mom how much you love her on Mother’s Day is always a feat. What’s one thing that every mother loves, though? Brunch! This year, your mom deserves to be treated to all of the things she loves, so why not take her out to a restaurant that will serve up some of the best brunch food in Cincinnati? These are some of our favorites:

B & A Street Kitchen

Whether sweet or savory, B & A Street Kitchen offers up the best blend of Mexican and southern cuisines in Cincy. Image courtesy of B & A Street Kitchen Instagram


Address: 1500 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Neighborhood: Over-the-Rhine

Looking for a new brunch spot that offers up a true blending of different cuisines? At B & A Street Kitchen, they created exactly that when owners Jim and Norma Kerns first opened up the restaurant together in 2012.

Family is incredibly important to them, so it would make sense to make this your Mother’s Day brunch spot. Norma grew up in a family that ran a taco shop out of Ohio, while Jim’s family owned a southern diner in Kentucky - so when they came together and settled down in OTR, it seemed pretty obvious that they should combine both of their culinary influences into one menu. 

And those southern style Mexican dishes have even bled over into their brunch menu! From their southwestern omelet to their churro style pancakes to their breakfast tacos, you can find almost anything on their menu to satisfy both your brunch and your Mexican food cravings.

“Came here on a whim and was blown away! I grew up on a farm and my father cooks a lot of southern comfort food and the food here makes me think of him. I would highly recommend the BELT.” - Yelp Review

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Sleepy Bee Cafe

Fresh ingredients make for some fresh and delicious meals here at Sleepy Bee Cafe. Image courtesy of Sleepy Bee Cafe Instagram


Address: 9514 Kenwood Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45242

Neighborhood: Blue Ash

If you’re looking for a brunch place to take your mom to that truly cares about the community that they operate out of, look no further than Sleepy Bee Cafe. Not only do they work hard to serve you the healthiest, most delicious meals possible using fresh ingredients, but they also work hard to give back to the people around them.

In fact, their name is derived from the very nature of the people in the community surrounding them. “Worker bees,” the bees in a hive that work to make their community better and stronger, are the very source of a happy and healthy place to live.

And that’s exactly how Sleepy Bee Cafe feels about the people who make up their community. On any given day, you will find them working hard to provide a fun and healthy place where they can help raise the next generation of Blue Ash residents, as well as working closely with local farmers to bring the freshest ingredients into their meals.

“Cute little niche, brunch spot in Blush Ash...Love the creativity with the dishes here. Can't wait to come back and try some other goodies!” - Yelp Review

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Eggs are a staple here at HangOverEasy, so if you’re mom’s a fan, be sure to bring her here this Mother’s Day. Image courtesy of HangOverEasy Instagram


Address: 13 W Charlton St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Neighborhood: Corryville

Maybe skip the hangover for Mother’s Day brunch, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on HangOverEasy entirely. With a colorful and beautifully decorated interior, your mom will love the fun and easy atmosphere they’ve established here.

Nearly everything here is served with some kind of egg, but there are options for you if you’re just not a fan. From the Pork Belly Benedict to the Cinnamon Roll French Toast to the Falafel Salad, everyone coming along for your Mother’s Day brunch should be able to find something they enjoy.

While the name might imply that this is the perfect food for the mornings (or afternoons) you wake up after having a little too much alcohol, they don’t shirk on quality here. The food here will be just as delicious sober - and your mom will appreciate your sobriety too.

“One of my favorite places for brunch in Cincinnati! Wow, it is totally worth the wait. I always get the chicken chorizo skillet and a side of French toast. Wow it hits the spot. 100% recommend.” - Yelp Review

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Nation Kitchen & Bar

What’s brunch without the option to enjoy a juicy burger? If your mom errs on the side of lunch when it comes to brunch, you won’t want to pass up on taking her to Nation Kitchen Bar. Image courtesy of Nation Kitchen & Bar Instagram.


Address: 1200 Broadway St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Neighborhood: Over-the-Rhine

Their brunch-specific menu might be limited, but that doesn’t mean it’s without quality - not to mention flavor. With only four different options on the brunch section to their menu, you’ll be pretty limited as to what kind of breakfast-y options you can order, but seeing as they’re most well-known for their burgers, we have a feeling you’ll be wanting those anyway.

Having won awards for their burgers both locally and nationally, you can be pretty sure that any bite you take of one of the burgers here at Nation Kitchen & Bar will be one of the best you’ve ever had.

Regulars love their tater tots as well, so be sure that at least one person at your Mother’s Day brunch orders them as a side. As for anyone who prefers breakfast-y foods for brunch, you’ll love their french toast or their breakfast burrito.

“I recommend the quesadilla burger (with a side of spicy mayo) and tots. Any kind of tots. Also an awesome brunch spot. Killer mimosas and breakfast food.” - Yelp Review

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Taste of Belgium

Who ever said that you have to be in Belgium to enjoy a Belgian waffle? Taste of Belgium will surely prove you wrong. Image courtesy of Taste of Belgium Instagram


Address: 2845 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Neighborhood: Corryville

If you don’t quite have the money to fly your mom over to Belgium to treat her to an authentic Belgian waffle, there’s still hope for this Mother’s Day. At Taste of Belgium, they are truly striving to bring a taste of Belgium right to your backyard by bringing authentic Belgian waffles to Cincinnati.

They offer the perfect blend of American and Belgian cuisine, taking American flavors and using them in their traditional Belgian recipes and “Belgianizing” traditional American recipes (think chicken and waffles made with thick, fluffy Belgian waffles).

Stick to savory or go sweet when you order any one of these waffles, but regardless of your tastes, everyone who comes along for your Mother’s Day brunch is going to love this little gem of authentic Belgian cuisine.

“Each time I get a chance to visit Ohio this is my go to spot for Chicken and Waffles. What stands out about this particular space is the type of waffle they pair up with their chicken.” - Yelp Review

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Sugar N’ Spice Diner

It’s all in the name at Sugar N’ Spice Diner: you can get a little bit of all the flavors in their dishes. Image courtesy of Sugar n’ Spice Diner Instagram


Address: 4381 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, Oh 45229

Neighborhood: Avondale

Brunch should be fun, and at Sugar N’ Spice Diner, they understand that. From the colorful booths that run up and down their restaurant to the colorful meals that they plate for you during brunch, everything screams “fun” here.

All around the diner, you’ll find tiny rubber duckies blended in with the decor - it’s kind of their thing. (We promise they aren’t going to make you take a bath while you enjoy some brunch with your mom.)

When your food arrives at your table, it’ll come with your very own rubber duckie, which you’re free to take home with you as a souvenir for your time spent with the folks at Sugar N’ Spice Diner.

“Their wispy thin buttermilk pancakes are absolutely amazing...My favorite thing about this place is the ducks!! Different kinds of rubber ducks everywhere you look!! The best part? You get to pick one to take home with you!” - Yelp Review

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Mom ‘n ‘em Coffee & Wine

Who knows what a mom wants out of Sunday Brunch better than a mom herself? Image courtesy of Mom ‘n ‘em Coffee & Wine Instagram


Address: 3128 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225

Neighborhood: Camp Washington

Is there any better place to bring your mom for a Mother’s Day brunch than to a place run by a mother and her two sons? That’s exactly what you’ll get at Mom ‘n ‘em Coffee & Wine, and you’re going to love the food they serve up for you.

Your mom shouldn’t have to do any cooking on Mother’s Day, and that’s why Mom ‘n ‘em is the perfect place for you to bring her. Recipes crafted up by a mother and made by her sons means that this is truly a family affair. 

Treat your mom to some of the best coffee in Cincinnati or even a glass of wine to make the day that’s all about her just a little more special. She can enjoy it with a tomato and goat cheese danish or even a chocolate raspberry scone.

“What a great spot! Not only is the coffee, food, and wine selection amazing, but the space is super cute as well. The owners have done an amazing job with the space (indoor and outdoor).” - Yelp Review

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Whether she prefers breakfast or lunch, your mom deserves to be taken out to a place that will give her the option of both this Mother’s Day. Let us know where you enjoyed your brunch in the comments below!

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