Get Your Dancing Shoes On With the Top 7 Nightclubs to Check Out in Tampa

Looking for a fun nightclub to check out with your friends? Get out of the house and go to these seven nightclubs in Tampa for a fun experience!

Do you enjoy dancing with loud music in a dark room surrounded by many other people? Maybe a nightclub is just the place for you! Jumping around and dancing with a drink in your hand with your friends can make for a memorable night. Meeting new people, and even just throwing yourself into an environment that is out of your comfort zone is something that is sometimes much needed. If you’re thinking of breaking out of your shell and going to a nightclub, make sure to check out these seven amazing ones in Tampa!

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The Castle

A nightclub that plays everything from pop to goth music is just what you need!

Go to The Castle in Tampa for a unique nightclub experience with a range of music and people dressed up! Image courtesy of Castle Ybor. 

2004 N 16th Street | Ybor City |

Do you have an interest in going to a nightclub, but not sure which one may be right for you? Consider going to The Castle in Tampa, Florida today for a fun and unique experience that will make you want to come back for more! The Castle is known for being very inclusive and wants people of all different music tastes and more to come to enjoy a good time.

Since opening in 1992, The Castle’s goal has been to include everybody and make it a safe and fun place where everyone can hang out, enjoy some good drinks, and dance. Playing music from pop, rock, to goth music, The Castle is a nightclub that is worth checking out in Tampa!

“The building is beautiful, the drinks are generous, the vibes are welcoming, the gogo dancers are so pretty in their outfits, and the music is always great.” - Yelp Review 

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Paracas Tampa

Get your dancing shoes ready for this amazing nightclub that you won’t want to leave!

Eat some food and then dance a little bit at Paracas Tampa, a fun nightclub in Tampa! Image courtesy of Yellow Pages. 

3602 N Armenia Avenue | West Tampa |

Stuck looking for a good nightclub to go to in Tampa? Why not consider going to Paracas Tampa, a nightclub and restaurant that even serves food! Paracas Tampa is the perfect nightclub for people to go to enjoy a good drink and dance from 9 pm to 3 am with only a $10 cover fee to get in the door.

We know Paracas Tampa may sound like your kind of nightclub, but what is unique about them is that they have their own themed nights as well. From Latin Night, to even having singers rent out the place to perform their tunes, Paracas Tampa is your place to go to for an eventful and fun night you won’t forget!

“Paracus! Pretty amazing stuff. The owner is so nice and giving. Amazing remodel inside.” - Yelp Review 

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Southern Nights Tampa

Struggling to find the best LGBTQ bar in Tampa? Come here for a memorable time!

Stop by Southern Nights Tampa to enjoy a good night with some cheap drinks and more! Image courtesy of Hotspots Magazine. 

1401 E 7th Avenue |Ybor City |

Are you trying to find a good LGBTQ bar in Tampa to go to with your friends, but are struggling to find one worth going to? Consider going to Southern Nights Tampa for a fun night with drinking, dancing, and even seeing drag queens perform! Southern Nights Tampa makes for a memorable night with friends in a comfortable environment that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Southern Night Tampa is known for the many murals surrounding the nightclub with celebrities on them, such as Britney Spears, Madonna, and even the actors and actresses from The Wizard of OZ. There is a lot to love about Southern Nights Tampa, so make sure to consider checking it out with your friends!

“They always have good drag performances. There is always a crowd. And I think they are an essential part of the gay scene of Tampa.” - Yelp Review 

Club Prana

Check out this multi-level nightclub where there is different music playing on each floor!

Club Prana is your place to be at if you want to enjoy an environment with lots of different music playing and good drinks! Image courtesy of 813Area. 

1619 E 7th Avenue | Ybor City |

Are you looking for a nightclub experience unlike no other? In Tampa, Florida, you should check out Club Prana, which is truly one of the most exciting and thrilling club experiences that this amazing city has to offer. With so many levels to explore, this nightclub is great for a night out with friends, and even some good drinks too. 

Club Prana is a multi-level nightclub with so many unique features. Let’s say that you don’t like the music that is playing on the main floor of the club, you can easily just go upstairs where there is a whole new vibe and music being played! Club Prana is truly unique and caters to its customers hoping to make everyone happy and have a good time, so make sure to stop by!

“This club was a great place to celebrate my 22nd birthday! Although I didn't  do VIP or bottle service, I had a blast on a Friday night.” - Yelp Review 

The Kennedy Soho

Come to this popular nightclub that even celebrities enjoy going to!

Make sure to go to The Kennedy Soho, a popular nightclub in Tampa that even celebrities like going to! Image courtesy of The Kennedy. 

2408 W Kennedy Boulevard | SoHo |

There are lots of fun nightclubs to go to in Tampa, but what about The Kennedy Soho? Going to The Kennedy Soho is not only a lot of fun with tons of bright lights and drinks, but there is also a potential that you can see a celebrity! Celebrities such as Lady Gaga love coming to The Kennedy Soho and even have their own VIP section that you can see while you’re there.

The Kennedy Soho offers drinks and more inside and outside of the bar with a beautiful outdoor area that is perfect for when the weather gets nice. This is the partying place that you need to be at. With good music, drinks, and the potential to see a celebrity, The Kennedy Soho is your place to go to!

“Everyone seemed to be having a very good time and I wish I had brought a date. The next time I come I will. If you go, get there before midnight.” - Yelp Review

Tangra Nightclub

Want to party on a rooftop of a nightclub? Make sure to stop at this popular nightclub!

Tangra Nightclub is a fun nightclub in Tampa to check out for a unique inside and even a rooftop portion to party at! Image courtesy of Tablelist. 

1611 E 7th Avenue | Ybor City |

Are you looking for a nightclub with a unique rooftop feature to gaze at the Tampa city lights and get a breath of fresh air while partying? Stop by the famous Tangra Nightclub known for its unique and funky decorations, sweet cocktails, and a rooftop deck with a dj to be able to jam out, dance, and meet new people!

Tangra Nightclub is truly a unique nightclub to go to for so many reasons. With the popular rooftop deck and bar, themed nights for extra fun, quality drinks, and exceptional customer service, why not consider checking out Tangra Nightclub for an experience to remember right in Tampa!

“All of the staff, and bottle girls were super friendly and VERY on top of making sure we were good and had what we needed.” - Yelp Review 

The Hyde Park Cafe

Ever thought you could get salsa lessons in a nightclub? Come here to learn how to do it!

The Hyde Park Cafe is a beautiful nightclub with good music and salsa lessons too! Image courtesy of The Hyde Park Cafe. 

1806 W Platt Street | Hyde Park |

Still stuck and not sure where to drink a couple cocktails while getting your groove on? Why not come to The Hyde Park Cafe for a nightclub experience unlike any other! The Hyde Park Cafe is known for music choices, which is a little bit of everything if that’s what you’re into, but also for being the place to offer free salsa dance lessons too!

We know that it sounds crazy that you can learn how to salsa dance at The Hyde Park and Cafe, but it’s completely true. You want to go out and have a good time dancing with your friends, so why not learn how to salsa dance with them too for something new to do. Come check out The Hyde Park Cafe today!

“Really hip bar/club. Two separate club rooms, with different music, separated by an open air courtyard. Multiple bars and couches to lounge on.” - Yelp Review

Going to a nightclub can make for a fun Friday or Saturday night. Dancing, boozin’ with lots of tasty drinks, meeting new people, and listening to some good music is all you really need to have a good time at a nightclub. There are lots of nightclubs to choose in Tampa, so make sure to check out our top seven favorite ones today!

Is there a nightclub in Tampa that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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