Get A Taste Of The Best Cups Of Coffee In Portland

Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up for all times of the day. Besides it’s excellent taste and variety, coffee is also well loved for its convenience. Coffee shops are also great for the groups and individuals who want to unwind, catch up, or get some work done. If you’re as enthusiastic about coffee as most others, you’ll want to know the best places in the city to grab a cup. Portland is full of coffee shops that boast a range of flavors and styles that you’ll fall in love with. Stop by some of these spots to find your favorite.

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Good Coffee


4747 SE Division

A bright and comfortable sitting area to enjoy unique flavors!

Enjoy the relaxed and modern decor of Good Coffee. It’s the perfect place to meet up with a friend or whip out the laptop. Image courtesy of Good Coffee’s Facebook.

The name of this coffee shop doesn’t lie! Good Coffee has a bright and open space for all its customers to enjoy while they sip their drinks. Find out what their daily offerings of espresso are. They can do coffee the way you want it! They also have an impressive list of lattes and teas to try. Don’t you want to try their rosemary and spiced fig latte, or what about the maple and orange latte? This is the coffee shop to get a taste of unique and incredible flavors. 

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“Not just good coffee, great coffee. Coffee was delicious, interior was welcoming and incredibly well decorated. I had an iced Vanilla Latte and it was probably the best I've had in Portland so far. Very yummy…” - Yelp Review

Coffee Time

Alphabet District 

712 NW 21st Ave.

A cozy spot for delicious coffee and relaxing 

Slide into a seat with a cup of coffee in hand. It’s the coziest place for socializing and getting work done. Image courtesy of Coffee Time’s Facebook.

This coffee shop is the perfect spot in the city to catch a quiet moment to relax and perhaps get some work done. Not to mention how delicious the coffee here is! Coffee Time rotates their selections each month so no customer is bored! Their coffee is locally roasted to make the best tasting coffee you’ve ever had! It’s a great place to socialize and hang out with friends. Don’t forget to check out their breakfast, lunch, and bites menus. Everything goes amazingly with their coffee! 

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“Coffee Time is truly the *perfect* neighborhood cafe. Open late, this is a great place to meet a friend or grab a quiet corner to work on your novel… the coffee is tasty and the breakfast sandwiches RULE!…” - Yelp Review

Peet’s Coffee


1441 NE Broadway 

A coffee shop that has every flavor you’re looking for

Take as long as you need to look at the menu! Everything on it just looks too good. Image courtesy of Peet’s Coffee’s Facebook.

You’ve never tasted coffee quite like this before. Peet’s Coffee will surprise you with it’s impressive flavor. Once you get started, you’ll want to try everything on the menu! Try their handcrafted espressos, or give the brewed coffee a try. If coffee isn’t what you’re in the mood for, then get a taste of their selection of Mighty Leaf teas. Of course, you should also try a pastry to go with your beverage, such as their muffins and croissants. Peet’s Coffee has a friendly staff to make this coffee shop feel welcoming to you! 

“The staff is friendly and seemingly knowledgeable at this location… I am thankful for the alternative milk choice. The tables and floor are always clean and the garbage doesn't seem to overflow…” - Yelp Review

Coava Coffee Roasters

Central Eastside

1300 SE Grand Ave.

Get a taste of delicious green coffee in this modern space

This attractive coffee shop is a nice place to relax with a small group that shares your appreciation of coffee. Image courtesy of Coava Coffee Roasters’ Facebook.

The interior design of Coava Coffee Roasters is modern, large, and welcoming for anyone wanting to sit down to a cup of coffee. It’s the perfect spot to meet up with a friend, or take a seat to work. Every cup made at Coava Coffee Roasters is balanced and complexly flavored. They are well known for their unroasted, or “green” coffee that makes everyone want to come back for more. The menu changes often, which gives you more reason to come by often and see what’s new! 

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“Wow this place was so amazing! Really yummy coffee with house made oat milk! Tasted better than any oatmilk I've ever had. Place is really cute inside and HUGE! Very vintage feel and a nice quiet space for studying. Staff was friendly and restrooms were clean…” - Yelp Review

Elevated Coffee


5261 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. 

Experience local artists to go with a great cup of coffee

Elevated Coffee has a good coffee waiting for you, as well as a good community to welcome you in. Image courtesy of Elevated Coffee’s Facebook

The experience you get at Elevated Coffee is one of a kind. Elevated Coffee is a specialty coffee shop that strives for good coffee and brings a sense of community. Listen to live poetry and local musicians, or take a look at local art. Once you get comfortable in your seat, take a sip of your coffee and be blown away by its diverse flavors! Elevated Coffee exclusively sells Dovetail Coffee, a brand that is organically grown and roasted fresh. 

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“The vibe, the music, the decor, the location, and the coffee make me want to return to this place over, and over again. It feels like a little piece of home.” - Yelp Review

Tiny’s Coffee


2031 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

Locally roasted coffee never tasted better

Whether it’s coffee or wine, Tiny’s Coffee has just what you need to make today a great one. Image courtesy of Tiny Coffee’s Facebook.

Tiny’s Coffee has the atmosphere you’ve been looking for! It’s fun with bright colors on the walls and comfortable seating arrangements. Take advantage of their wifi and get into the productive groove here! Order a mug of your favorite coffee! If you’re not in the coffee mood, you can also order one of their teas, sodas, kombuchas, local organic juices, as well as beer and wine. Taste some of their delicious baked goods, or fulfill a bigger appetite with one of their meals listed on the menu. 

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“This is the most Portland place in Portland… Good coffee, fun atmosphere. They updated for wifi and other modern needs without changing the overall vibe…” - Yelp Review

Flying Cat Coffee Co



3041 SE Division St.

Cat themed coffee shop with amazing flavors

You won’t find any real cats in this coffee shop, but you’ll see plenty of images of cats everywhere! Image courtesy of Flying Cat Coffee’s Facebook

This coffee shop couldn’t be more eccentric and fun, friendly for you and kids! Flying Cat Coffee has a cozy and intimate setting that’s perfect for appreciating coffee. It’s amusing to see just how much cat themed decor they can fit into one place! Whether you’re an espresso or a latte sort of person, they make coffee the way you love it. While you’re here, you have to try the made-from-scratch baked goods that make the coffee taste even better. 

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“Anyone who likes cats should visit this adorable coffee shop at least once. The visit is worth it just to be amused by all the cat themed art and objects that are everywhere you look… the coffee and food sold here are also worthy of attention…” - Yelp Review

Coffee comes in all sizes and flavors, which makes finding the perfect cup nearly impossible. With these places, you now know a good place to start looking for your all time favorite cup of coffee. Portland has a lot of options, and each coffee shop has a unique flavor and atmosphere to offer. All of these places won’t disappoint, with such friendly staff, comfortable seating areas, and immaculate coffee and baked goods! Portland’s coffee shops are the best place to relax and maybe try something new. 

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