Don’t Swell in Boredom! Here’s the Top 7 Most Fun Things to Do in Downtown Portland

If you’re around downtown Portland, make sure to check out these top seven most fun things to do to explore the area and stay entertained!

Downtown Portland is known for its buzzing atmosphere with lots of people constantly touring the area and the many local shops, boutiques, restaurants, and so much more. With so many things to do in downtown Portland, what exactly should you do? Whether you live in the area or are exploring it for the first time, downtown Portland is known for the many different exciting things that you can do to stay entertained. If you want to get to know downtown Portland, check out the top seven things that you can do there today!

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Portland Art Museum

View some beautiful art at the city’s famous art museum with creations from many different artists!

Stop by the Portland Art Museum to gaze at some magnificent art pieces for something fun to do in downtown Portland! Image courtesy of Portland Monthly.

1219 SW Park Avenue | Downtown | 

Do you love art? Why not come on down to the Portland Art Museum and explore some of the beautiful art pieces that they have to offer! This museum features lots of different types of art, such as modern and contemporary art, photography, Asian art, European art, graphic arts, Native American art, and so much more. They even feature a $5 admission if you go after 5 pm, what a deal! Why not check out the Portland Art Museum today!

“This museum occupies two buildings -- the first one has two floors and the building next door has four floors.  There are several collections for all visitors to enjoy.  I find it so interesting how art in any form can be perceived in so many ways.” - Yelp Review 

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Oaks Amusement Park

Although a small amusement park, it is a memorable one for many in the downtown Portland area!

Check out Oaks Amusement Park, one of the oldest and most memorable recreational attractions in downtown Portland! Image courtesy of Portland Mercury.  

7805 SE Oaks Park Way | Downtown |

Interested in going to an amusement park full of fun and giant roller coasters where you can go up and down, in loops, and even sideways? Why not check out Oaks Amusement Park for yourself today! Oaks Amusement Park is actually located three and a half miles south of downtown Portland, but it’s a short ride for a day of fun. This amusement park is small, but it has been cherished by the people of Portland since its opening in 1905. Come check out Oaks Amusement Park today!

“This is a wonderful place year round. From amusement park to roller skating...we love it! And during the pandemic they did a Halloween drive thru that was very original and scary! Thank you for making our Halloween  much better during such a horrible time!” - Yelp Review 

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Screen Door

Enjoy your brunch like a Portlander, and check out one of the most famous ones in the downtown area!

Come to the Screen Door and enjoy a delicious brunch of Southern favorites that you’ll love! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

2337 E Burnside Street | Downtown |

If you love breakfast and brunch, then make sure to come to Screen Door and check them out today! Screen Door is known for its delicious Southern food all made from natural, local, and organic ingredients for quality taste and flavor. Make sure to come on down and try out the fried chicken, praline bacon, crispy fried oysters, eggs benedict, chicken and waffles, and so much more. Come on down to Screen Door and check it out for yourself today!

“The order was made fresh and piping hot when we picked it up and stayed fresh for the car ride home. I would definitely recommend Screen Door to break up the drudgery of home cooking and bring some excitement to your taste buds.” - Yelp Review 

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Voodoo Doughnut

If you’re craving a good, fresh donut, then this chain in Portland is for you! 

Come to Voodoo Doughnut where they serve some delicious and creative looking donuts that are super tasty and sweet! Image courtesy of Eater Denver. 

22 SW 3rd Avenue | Downtown |

If you love donuts, then why not splurge on some creative, sweet, and tasty donuts at Voodoo Doughnut right in downtown Portland! Voodoo Doughnut is known for their evil looking donuts that come in all shapes and sizes. From angry looking characters, symbols, or just standard donuts with fun toppings, such as fruit loops, M&M’s, sprinkles, and more, why not check out Voodoo Doughnut and get a dozen of sweetness today!

“Thank you for living up to the hype.  Was happy to find no line and a very friendly staff. Go Tart was great and super fresh.” - Yelp Review 

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Pittock Mansion

Come to this historic site that a publisher named Henry Pittock used to live in!

Check out the Pittock Mansion for something fun to do in downtown Portland today! Image courtesy of Pittock Mansion. 

3229 NW Pittock Drive | Downtown |

Are you thinking about viewing the history of Portland in one way or another? Why not check out the Pittock Mansion today! The Pittock Mansion was a home owned by a publisher named Henry Pittock that he lived in with his wife. This home that you can tour is known for its unique architecture and ultimately the house that turned Portland from a “stumptown” to the city that it is known for today. Check out the evolution of Portland with this awesome place, known as the Pittock Mansion and visit it today!

“This place is absolutely stunning! I didn't know much about Pittock Mansion prior to coming here, but we asked the locals about some things worth visiting and this was on the list.” - Yelp Review 

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Oregon Zoo

Visit the oldest zoo to the west of the Mississippi river featuring lots of unique animals, and maybe some of your favorites!

Come to the Oregon Zoo to look at some of the world’s most exotic and beautiful animals right in Portland! Image courtesy of Oregon Metro. 

4001 SW Canyon Road | Downtown |

If you love animals as much as we do, then you need to go check out the Oregon Zoo! Located just a few miles south of downtown Portland, you can explore the animal kingdom with so many different exotic animals to see, and hopefully see one of your favorites. The Oregon Zoo is known for doing their part to save animals that are going extinct by taking care of them, studying the environments that they live in, and even to help teach its guests about conservation science. Why not come to the Oregon Zoo to see some beautiful animals from all over the world and for a day full of fun!

“They take really good care of the exhibits, the animals, and are phenomenal with educating families, youth and children about each of the animals! We did come during a popular napping time. For the ultimate experience for Zoos I'd advise coming at opening or mornings.” - Yelp Review 

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Museum of the Oregon Territory

Get to know the history of Oregon with a museum about its local history, waterfalls, and so much more!

Come explore Portland and the history of it when you tour the Museum of the Oregon Territory! Image courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine.

211 Tumwater Drive | Downtown | 

If you want to get to know the history of Portland a little bit better, and even some history of the state of Oregon, then why not check out the Museum of the Oregon Territory today! The Museum of the Oregon Territory is known for letting you explore the history of the area, the Native American habitation, the Oregon trail, and so much more. You can even check out their unique gift shop too. Why not educate yourself on the history of Oregan at the Museum of the Oregon Territory today!

“Oregon City has so much to offer already with the John McLaughlin House that this museum makes a great addition to studying Oregon Territorial history.  Admission is $5 and parking plentiful.” - Yelp Review 

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There are so many things to do in downtown Portland that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Even though we only brushed up on seven of our favorite things to explore in the area, downtown Portland is one of the most fun places to be. Why not come to downtown Portland, whether you live around the area, or are just playing tourist for a day, and check out these top seven fun activities to enjoy as you explore the area today!

Is there something fun that you enjoy doing in downtown Portland that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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