Get Tipsy With Some Cocktails and Beer at the Top 7 Bars in Portland

Looking for a place to have a memorable night out? Why not check out these top seven bars in Portland today!

Are you screaming, “Thank God it’s Friday” yet? Well, if you’re not, then you need to get dressed up, and get together with your friends, family, or significant other and go to a fun bar and have a couple drinks! There’s nothing wrong with going out on a Friday night and enjoying a one or two cocktails or even a beer. If you’re looking for a great bar to go to in Portland, we got you covered with the top seven best ones to stop by today!

Main image courtesy of 1859 Oregon Magazine. 

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Teardrop Lounge

Try out some creative cocktails by some creative mixologists for a fun night out!

Come to Teardrop Lounge for some inventive drinks that you’ll love to try! Image courtesy of Food & Wine Magazine. 

1015 NW Everett Street | Pearl District |

Are you looking to try out some inventive and creative cocktails? Look no further than Teardrop Lounge right in Portland, Oregon! Teardrop Lounge features some of the top mixologists in the city making some creative drinks in a buzzy, and vibrant atmosphere for an exciting night out. Come try out their cocktails with unique names, such as the Unfinished Business, Escape Clause, Humble Pie, If On a Winter’s Night, Wild-Eyed Rose, and so much more. Come to the Teardrop Lounge today!

“The people are so nice there, attentive and nice. It's super boujee, fancy, and pretty inside. All the glass ware is so appropriate for their teardrop aesthetic. I miss this place so much. Their drinks are super delicious and have an easy to read menu, that's super helpful and easy to navigate.” - Yelp Review

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Portland Sports Bar & Grill

Love sports? Why not go to a sports bar for a couple beers and watch the local games too!

Watch the local Portland sports games while enjoying a beer and a burger at the Portland Sports Bar & Grill! Image courtesy of Eater Portland. 

1811 SW River Drive | Downtown |

If you want to share your love of sports with your friends over a burger and a beer, then you need to come to Portland Sports Bar & Grill today! The Portland Sports Bar & Grill is known for their classic burgers, french fries, and beer, along with other tasty appetizers and drinks. You can get gyros, cajun tater tots, crab cakes, and their gourmet burgers that you can pair with craft beers from around Oregon and even Washington, such as Starburst, Rainbows & Unicorns, the Czech Pilsner, and so much more. Come to the Portland Sports Bar & Grill today for a fun night out!

“Don't listen to the haters. This is the best spot we have been to in Portland. 4 full meals plus 5 alcoholic drinks and it cost less than $80. Do the math. That's a good time at an affordable rate.” - Yelp Review 

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Rum Club

A neat horseshoe bar serving some tropical cocktails is perfect for anyone!

Come to Rum Club where the cocktails are tropical to remind you of the beach! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

720 SE Sandy Boulevard | Industrial District |

Do you love fruity, tropical-flavored drinks? If so, then you need to stop what you’re doing and check out Rum Club today! Rum Club is the perfect place to go to when you want to experience something new, and with a neat horseshoe bar at Rum Club, it definitely makes the experience unique. If you want, you should come and try the signature Rum Club daiquiri,  and other drinks like Ship of Fools, Slow Ride, Nasty Habits, Love For Sale. You can even get some tasty bar food there too! If you want to go somewhere unique, then make sure to check out Rum Club today!

“If you love excellent craft cocktails and are looking for a good spot , this is an awesome spot.  As in their name, they do classic rum cocktails very well.  However, they have an assortment of all types of rum and other cocktails.  Great chill feel, relaxed environment. Highly recommended.” - Yelp Review 

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Yamhill Pub

Step into a punk rock bar with discount pitchers filled to the brim with alcoholic goodness!

Come check out Yamhill Pub filled with punk rock vibes and some good drinks too! Image courtesy of Imgur. 

223 SW Yamhill Street | Downtown |

If you love punk rock and drinking on a Friday or Saturday night, then you need to stop looking around and check out the Yamhill Pub today! Yamhill Pub is known for its fun punk rock vibes, along with their unique graffitied wall and good drinks. Why not stop by and grab a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, a cocktail, a shot of liquor, or even just some good ol’ fashioned bar food. What are you waiting for? Make sure to stop by Yamhill Pub for yourself today!

“If you want a dive, this is the place to go! It's a pretty sweet little bar with cheap drinks and cool bartenders. It's totally covered in graffiti which is what drew me in in the first place.” - Yelp Review 

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Check out this two-story saloon featuring creative craft cocktails and some upscale bar food too!

Make sure to stop by Interurban today for some craft cocktails and some upscale food options too! Image courtesy of Interurban.

4057 N Mississippi Avenue | North Portland |

Do you want to go to an upscale bar that feels both classy and elegant? Why not come check out Interurban today! Interurban is a two-story saloon that features some creative cocktails, along with some upscale bar food that you can enjoy and experience all for your own! Why not come and try out wild boar burger, eggs benedict, corn dogs, and other food and pair it with a margarita, margarita, or even a craft beer that comes in a mason jar. Check out Interurban for a fun, upscale bar experience today!

“I love Interurban for its rustic, cozy vibes, and the bar area, where the magic is made! They have so many drinks that sound SO good for anytime of the day.” - Yelp Review 

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The Rambler

Come to a homey tavern-style bar that serves cocktails, beer, and even delicious sandwiches!

Come to The Rambler in Portland for some delicious sandwiches, cocktails, and beer that you can explore today! Image courtesy of EverOut. 

4205 N Mississippi Avenue | North Portland |

Sometimes all you want is someplace that feels comfortable to be in, and The Rambler is just that place for you! The Rambler is known for its homey tavern feel to it that serves craft cocktails, beer, and even some tasty sandwiches that are to die for. Come on down and try out the whiskey sour, cold brew martini, boozy hot chocolate, Jack Rose, and their tasty food, like the fish gyros, brisket chili, chicken fingers, and much more. Make sure to make a trip to The Rambler for a fun and unique experience you’ll never forget!

“Excellent service, friendly and lively atmosphere. Street parking available along with a few beer gardens right next door. The area is super cute!” - Yelp Review 

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Experience a jazz-age bar that gives off a classy vibe with tasty small plates and signature cocktails!

Explore Barlow with it’s fancy and classy vibes, small plates, and good cocktails today! Image courtesy of Twitter. 

737 SW Salmon Street | Downtown |

Do you want to get dressed up and go out to a classy bar with unique drinks? Why not explore Barlow today! Barlow is a jazz-age bar that offers some delicious small plates, along with some creative cocktails and so much more. Check out this fun bar today and try out their grilled cheese and tomato soup, carmelized onion dip, fried brussels and broccoli, buffalo chicken sliders, and their delicious loaded baked potatoes. You can also pair that with their signature cocktails, such as the Candy Warhol, Monet Fizz, Summers Ago, Down in Flames, Southern Pal, and much more that they have to offer. Come to experience Barlow today!

“Best craft cocktails in Portland!  We stopped in last night and this was by far our favorite bar out of a handful in the downtown area.  I'm obsessed with the 1920s ambiance and vibe! Our drinks were amazing and made by a top notch mixologist!” - Yelp Review 

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There is nothing more fun than checking out a bar and being able to experience a much needed night out. From drinking some unique craft cocktails, craft beer, and small plates, or dive bar food, there is nothing more that you need for a good night out with friends or family. Make sure to check out these seven amazing bars in Portland today for a good time!

Is there a bar in Portland, Oregon that you love, but we didn’t mention? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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