Fitness Can Be Fun at These Downtown Pittsburgh Exercise Classes

Leave your running shoes at home and let loose at some of these more unconventional fitness classes!

We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve sworn to yourself that your really are going to hold yourself to that New Years resolution of staying in shape this year or you’ve just found yourself in a rut when it comes to your run-of-the-mill workout routines, you might find yourself looking for something a bit outside of the ordinary for your new fitness routine. Your first instinct might be to look at local exercise classes - and it’s a good instinct!

Exercise Classes

While traditional workouts may be falling a bit flat for you, you can always count on a good fitness instructor to keep you motivated and in good spirits, even amidst the sweaty, sometimes painful parts of working out. Even better: Pittsburgh is home to some of the most fun exercise classes in Pennsylvania, which means it’ll be extra difficult for your motivation to flatline this time around. Below, you’ll find some of the most fun exercise classes in Downtown, Pittsburgh!

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Exercise is the key to living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always easy. Especially if you’re the kind of person who finds it hard to stick to the tried and true at-home workout routines once you’ve started them, exercising can start to become a downright unpleasant part of your daily routine. You might find yourself looking at gym memberships or even local exercise classes.

The problem? Working out with trained professionals or using public equipment can come with a high price tag - especially if you’re operating on a tight budget. That’s why GiftYa is about to become your new best friend. With a mission that prides itself on connecting with local companies and helping to bring you e-gift cards through those partnerships, GiftYa is paving the way to make working out in a fun, non-monotonous way even easier.

Unfortunately, they haven’t had the chance to partner with any local exercise class hotspots yet, but it’s not too late. Talk to your favorite instructors about partnering with GiftYa to make exercising more affordable as soon as you can!

Pilates Sol

Everything’s a bit more fun(ny) when you’re upside down. Image courtesy of Facebook

900 Penn Ave | Downtown |

Some people enjoy the comradery of a group fitness class, but it’s not necessarily for everyone. If you’re someone who’s hoping to get into shape using a more individualistic approach to fitness but you don’t quite trust yourself to hold you accountable, Pilates Sol might be the perfect new workout spot for you.

Rather than teaching large groups at different times throughout the day, the pilates instructors here at Pilates Sol prefer to take a one-on-one approach when it comes to the pilates lessons they host at their Downtown studio.

Here, you can enjoy a private class with one of the three trained instructors they have on hand - and your previous knowledge of pilates doesn’t matter! Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been practicing pilates for years, there’s something for everyone to gain from a class here at Pilates Sol.

Their approach of focusing on the basics of pilates to help strengthen your key muscles means that it’s suitable for people who have never worked those muscles before while also being a great tool for people to strengthen and refine their form even if they’ve been doing pilates for years.

“I absolutely LOVE Pilates Sol...It's a sweet little downtown studio that provides a great and refreshing escape from the craziness of the work day.”  - Yelp Review

Arthur Murray Dance Center

If you don’t already have some dancing shoes, it may be time to invest in some. Image courtesy of Arthur Murray Dance Center Instagram

136 6th St | Downtown |

When we say that exercise can be fun, we don’t just mean switching from a run on the treadmill to doing power yoga (although if that’s what you’d prefer to do, it’s still a great option). Exercise classes can be encompassed by much more than we tend to think of.

Take dancing, for instance. Dancing is a great way to let out all of that pent up energy after a stressful week at work - and you can build up some strength you never knew you were capable of with enough sessions.

Whether you’re learning the Tango, the Samba, taking a Zumba class, or even trying out some classic jazz classes, Arthur Murray Dance Center is the perfect place for you to get your dance on in Downtown Pittsburgh, no matter what age you are.

“Wonderful atmosphere!! Beautiful venue, great energetic teachers! I love taking lessons here! Their Monday night parties are amazing!!!” - Yelp Review

Inhale Yoga Together

The three part breath just got a whole lot more fun. Image courtesy of Inhale Yoga Together Instagram

100 7th St | Downtown |

Speaking of yoga, Pittsburgh has no shortage of yoga classes to offer up around the city - let alone just in Downtown - but nobody does it quite like Inhale Yoga Together. Here, they try to bring what they call the three E’s to every single class: experience, enrichment, and evolution.

The experience here at Inhale Yoga Together is unlike any other, offering up different classes to fit whatever your needs might be - from toning to sculpting to meditation - and you can participate with those both in person or over a zoom call right alongside all of your closest yoga-loving friends.

They also strive to enrich both your mind and body here through meditation and the practice of save stretches throughout all of their sessions. The theory is that the more you relax into more and more flexibility, the easier it will be for your mind and body to live in harmony.

And that, at the end of the day, is the guiding principle behind their evolution they promise in their mission: a calm mind and a calm body are the key to living your best possible life - and that’s what they hope to give you here at Inhale Yoga Together.

“Inhale is an absolute yoga bliss! The space is gorgeous. There is a beautiful "feel" to it. I truly enjoy practicing with EVERY teacher on the schedule” - Yelp Review


Some people hate cardio and some people love it, but there’s no denying that you’ll have a blast at 6YCLE. Image courtesy of 6YCLE Instagram

2200 East Carson St | South Side|

Yoga is a great way to work all of the muscles in your body in a laid-back, relaxing environment, but not everyone wants to get their workout on in such a low-impact way. If you’re someone who’s been searching for a high-impact, energetic fitness class to release all of that pent up energy, look no further than 6YCLE.

As one of Pittsburgh’s most popular spin classes, this is a great place for you to burn off every last carb you ‘ve taken in over the course of the past week - and you’re bound to make some new friends in all of your regular classmates in this fun atmosphere!

With different classes for different needs, you can’t really go wrong with one of the classes here. Whether you’re looking to burn, sculpt, build up your strength, or even just focus on your core, there’s a class for that and you’re going to love it!

“You can tell all of the instructors genuinely love teaching and every class is so much fun. It definitely is a full body workout and I've noticed a difference since I started going to classes.” - Yelp Review

Verve 360

Safety first! Whether you’re suspended midair for aerial yoga or doing a floor routine for pilates, they’ll do their best to make sure you’re treating your body right. Image courtesy of Verve 360 Instagram

142 6th St | Downtown |

Ever wanted to be able to go straight from a sweaty workout to a spa treatment complete with a thorough wash and cut of your hair? At Verve 360, they offer up services in just about anything you could imagine - massages, licensed care from a chiropractor, pilates and yoga classes, and even everything beauty!

We can say with 100% certainty that there is nothing more beautiful than treating your body to the absolute love and careful attention it deserves. Here at Verve 360, you can give your body the gift of a healthy, fun workout and immediately follow that up with a massage and a facial if that’s what you’re in the mood for!

Rather than sticking to some of the more traditional forms of yoga and pilates at this studio, they like to do everything they can to push their own limits. That means doing things a lot of other studios are afraid to do, such as aerial yoga and yoga on the ropes, where you can perfect your tree pose while suspended in mid-air.

“A friend and I tried out our first aerial yoga class on Tuesday night with Will. It was definitely challenging, but it was also a lot of fun! He was a great instructor.” - Yelp Review

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At the core of every successful fitness routine is the kind of space that’s so fun you can’t wait to return. It’s hard to stay motivated when you aren’t enjoying yourself. Hopefully these classes will help you find a new favorite studio to work out in. Let us know which class left you sore the next day in the comments below!

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