Explore Blue Ash, Cincinnati By Biting Down Into the Food at These Top 7 Best Restaurants

Interested in checking out Blue Ash, Cincinnati? Make sure you familiarize yourself with the cuisine there with these top seven restaurants!

Have you ever heard of, or wanted to visit Blue Ash, an inner suburb of Cincinnati? Home of the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College, this suburb is known for a college setting full of diversity, of a quality education, and also for being one of the best places to live in Ohio. Sounds like a big deal right? Well, it is and there is a lot to offer when you decide to move here, or even just pay a visit. Looking for a bite to eat in Blue Ash? We got you covered with the top seven restaurants in Blue Ash to dive into their restaurant scene today!

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The Original Pancake House

Try out some endless pancakes and other classic breakfast options at this restaurant!

Do you want to enjoy some of the best breakfast you’ll ever have? Make sure to try out The Original Pancake House today! Image courtesy of The Original Pancake House. 

9977 Montgomery Road | Blue Ash | ophmontgomery.com

There’s nothing better than enjoying a scrumptious breakfast meal any day of the week. If you can’t stop thinking about pancakes, we got the perfect place for you. Check out The Original Pancake House today to enjoy some endless pancake options, while also being able to enjoy other breakfast options too! With options like french toast, eggs benedict, almond cinnamon french toast, and so much more, there are lots of different sweet or savory dishes for you to enjoy. Come check out The Original Pancake House today!

“ We had the Dutch baby and feta, spinach, sun-dried tomato omelette. Both meals were unique and delicious. The omelette comes with three pancakes which was a nice surprise. Prices are very reasonable, especially for Montgomery. We'll be back!” - Yelp Review 

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Skyline Chili

Do you just love chili? Well, this chain restaurant in Ohio is the best option for you then!

Do you love cheese coneys? Well, if you do, then Skyline Chili is the perfect restaurant for you to go to today! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

5005 Cornell Road | Blue Ash | skylinechili.com 

There is nothing better than some hot chili and some cheese coneys and 3-ways. Do you want to go somewhere where they are known for all of this delicious stuff? Then you need to go to Skyline Chili today for it’s signature cheese coneys! Their chili is made from a secret family recipe that is so good it will want to keep you coming back for more! They also offer different kinds of cheese fries, burritos, salads, wraps, potatoes, and so much more. Stop by a Skyline Chili location right now!

“I mean, who doesn't love Skyline?! This spot is your typical Skyline- clean and very fast service.  Very filling; I'm all about Cincinnati food.” - Yelp Review 

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Embers Restaurant

Want some surf n’ turf or sushi? This is the best restaurant to get it at in Blue Ash!

Want to enjoy some surf n’ turf for something different? Try that and sushi at Embers Restaurant today! Image courtesy of Embers Restaurant. 

8170 Montgomery Road | Blue Ash | embersrestaurant.com

What’s better than some plain ol’ seafood? Surf n’ turf and sushi of course! Well, if you come to Embers Restaurant, you can get that and so much more at this upscale restaurant that is perfect to go to for any special occasion! Everything is made-to-order, so you know that you’re getting some good quality stuff whenever you decide to come here. Offering dishes such as a rack of lamb, rotisserie chicken spring rolls, Alaskan king crab legs, and so much more, there are endless options for all of the seafood and steak lovers out there. Come visit Embers Restaurant in Blue Ash today!

“I've been to Embers about 5 times in as many years and think they deserve every Yelp star they've earned. We've always had great service and food. Prices are in line with quality, and their sushi is a good value. Glad to have them serving my community and wish them continued success!” - Yelp Review 

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Shady O’ Grady’s Pub

How about a fun little Irish pub that offers some great food on top of that? Stop here today!

Come to Shady O’ Grady’s Pub if you’re looking for a good time with some good food and drinks! Image courtesy of MapQuest. 

9443 Loveland Madeira Road | Blue Ash | facebook.com/shadyogradys/

Are you interested in going to a fun little local pub within Blue Ash, Cincinnati? Well, then you have to go to Shady O’ Grady’s Pub today! Shady O’ Grady’s is an Irish themed pub that offers lots of fun and excitement with different themed nights, drinks, food, and so much more. If you’re interested, make sure to try out their many different kinds of burgers, french fries, mozzarella sticks, and all of the other bar food that they have. Oh, and make sure to drink their green beer! Try out Shady O’ Grady’s Pub today!

“The clientele is great. Bikers, yuppies, hippies, old folks and people just out to have a great easy going time. Pool tables in the back and a guy walking around handing out lollipops and candy. CANDY! Everyone gets along and no matter what your poison is, your accepted. Period.” - Yelp Review 

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Brown Dog Cafe

Enjoy some fine-dining at this Hawaiian restaurant with signature martinis!

If you’re feeling something different, then you should try out Brown Dog Cafe that offers lots of different tastes of Hawaiian food! Image courtesy of Zomato. 

1000 Summit Place | Blue Ash | thebrowndogcafe.com

If you want to enjoy a fine-dining establishment that offers some unique Hawaiian food that you’re interested in trying, then you need to check out Brown Dog Cafe today! Brown Dog Cafe has been around Blue Ash, Cincinnati for years and they offer some delectable and sustainable Hawaiian fish and flavors for you to enjoy. Why not try out their crab cakes, fish tacos, halibut, scallops, lamb chops, and so much more today when you stop by today!

“Service was friendly, and we ordered the Poutine to split, my friend the omelet and I got the bananas foster waffle. The Poutine was the star of the meal, and had a lot of flavor to it, easy to share. The bananas foster was very sweet, with lots of caramel, and did not even need the syrup.” - Yelp Review 

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Silver Wok

Craving some Chinese food? Look no further than this restaurant where it tastes the best in Blue Ash!

There’s nothing wrong with craving some classic and budget-friendly Chinese dishes, so make sure to stop by Silver Wok today! Image courtesy of Zomato. 

9500 Kenwood Road | Blue Ash | silverwokcincinnati.com

We know what you’re craving and that’s some of the tastiest Chinese food in all of Cincinnati! If this is specifically what you’re looking for, then you need to stop by Silver Wok today! Silver Wok offers both dine in and takeout food and has been recognized for years as some of the best Chinese food in all of Blue Ash. Why not try out their orange chicken, General Tso’s chicken, beef lo mein, chop suey, pad thai, and so much more today. Stop by this Chinese establishment, Silver Wok, today!

“What a wonderful experience. The restaurant is small, but the food is scrumptious. Best hot and sour soup I've had. No alcoholic beverages are served, but the good tasting food makes up for it. The lunch specials are attractively priced and the serving size is more than adequate.” - Yelp Review 

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Pie & Pints

Pizza, pizza, and more pizza! Come to this restaurant and enjoy some of the best chain pizza in Blue Ash!

There’s nothing more tasteful than pizza, so come to Pie & Pints today for some of the best around! Image courtesy of Pie & Pints. 

56 W Freedom Way | Blue Ash | piesandpints.com

There’s no better combo than pizza and beer, so make sure to stop by Pie & Pints today! This is a huge chain in Ohio that has lots of different combinations when it comes to pizza and lots of great beer to go along with it. If you’re around the area, why not try out their white pizza, margherita pizza, mozzarella caprese pizza, steak and mushroom pizza, and so much more. This place offers lots of specialty pizzas and beer, so stop by Pie & Pints today!

“I'm happy this place is still fully operating and feeding the community during a pandemic in a part of town that is typically only event-driven. It's my favorite pizza in Cincy and I love how much they are supporting great local breweries with their draft list.” - Yelp Review

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Blue Ash has a lot of different places to go out and get some good food. From chain restaurants, upscale dining, to pubs, there are an endless amount of options to choose from. We hope we made your decision a little bit easier with these top seven restaurants to go to in Blue Ash, Cincinnati today!

Is there a restaurant in Blue Ash, Cincinnati that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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