Experience An Upscale Rooftop Bar At One Of These 7 Cincinnati Venues

Experience An Upscale Rooftop Bar At One Of These 7 Cincinnati Venues

If you’re bored of the same old bars, maybe you need to look up some new bars that are a few stories higher. Rooftop bars are going to be what makes going out more fun for you and your company! Not only do they have the food and drink you love, but they also have a view! Look over the Cincinnati skyline as you sip your drink, dig into a delicious meal, and have a few laughs with friends. An evening like that couldn’t sound any more like a dream, yet this could be you in a couple hours at one of these elevated rooftop bars in the city. 

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Top of the Parks at The Phelps



506 E 4th St.

Get a view of the city with a tasty cocktail in hand

A classy and elegant atmosphere that goes well with that amazing view of the city! Image courtesy of Top of the Parks at The Phelps’ Facebook

That view has to be addressed before anything else! The height of this bar allows you to look over the city’s downtown district and Lytle Park all night. Once you get over that awe, get overwhelmed once again with the taste of Top of the Parks at The Phelps’ cocktails. This spacious bar has a firepit to relax next to or comfortable seating by the bar and edge to accommodate a lot of people. Come by for Happy Hour for an upscale experience! 

“An evening in the summer could only be made better by an amazing rooftop bar, and the Top of the Park delivers. Beautiful views of the city with an upper and lower bar. Great new cocktail options for the summer and a friendly attentive staff…” - Yelp Review

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Krueger’s Tavern



1211 Vine St.

Grab a burger to go with that elevated drink

This warm and homely environment is great for socializing and relaxing any time of the day. Image courtesy of Krueger’s Tavern’s Facebook.

Krueger’s Tavern is where you want to go for the ultimate meal and drink that’s filling and refreshing. If you want something small to go with your meal, try the giant meatball or hot beer cheese. However, once you have big enough of an appetite, you have to get a taste of their veggie burger and house made sausages. Krueger’s Tavern has over 70 craft beers to choose from to go well with that refreshing breeze on the rooftop patio. This is a great social place to bring some company along.

“This place is so good! I have visited here for lunch twice now. If you get the opportunity to go in the summer, see if there are any tables available on the rooftop patio-- it is beautiful… The food here is great because it is absolutely delicious…” - Yelp Review

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Blind Pig



24 W 3rd St.

Come up to the rooftop bar for a cold drink to battle this heat!

When it’s a nice day out, come downtown for a drink on this spacious rooftop patio. Image courtesy of Blind Pig’s Facebook.

Blind Pig is the modern day speakeasy you’ve been looking for! From your seat outside you can see Red’s Stadium and the Ohio River going by. Order a beer and watch the game on their 10 HD TVs, or just enjoy the day with some friends. Check out the Blind Pig’s weekly specials, such as Tuesday’s $3 Fireball and Tullamore Dew. You know what really goes with a cold beer? Some jumbo buffalo wings and an O’Malley’s burger. Check out upcoming events to have an even more exciting night.

“Went here about a week ago for some nice weather drinks on the patio.  The patio is always nice when sunny and the drinks cold! I recommend this place for a fun nice drink while enjoying the weather on their patio.” - Yelp Review

Nicholson’s Tavern & Bar



624 Walnut St.

An Irish pub with friendly staff and fun decor

This rooftop patio is cozy and the perfect place to enjoy your drink and meal. Image courtesy of Nicholson’s Tavern & Bar’s Facebook.

Once you pass the threshold that has Scottish soil underneath it, you’ve officially entered an authentic Irish pub experience. Most of the furniture and fixtures are from Great Britain, and servers will come to your table wearing kilts! The atmosphere of this place is warm and inviting, especially so out on their rooftop patio. Whether you come for brunch, lunch, or dinner, Nicholson’s Tavern & Bar has the meal and drink menu for you. They have an impressive menu of scotch, as well as beers, wines, and spirits. 

“This is a pretty great spot, that I almost always hit anytime I'm near the Aronoff. It's got that fun pub vibe with the wood decor and Irish beers. Plus, the staff are all wearing kilts which is a cute way to play up the theme…” - Yelp Review


The View at Shire’s Garden



309 Vine St.

From the tenth floor the view can’t get any better!

Enjoy a relaxing evening out at The View with twinkling lights above you and an incredible view in every other direction. Image courtesy of The View’s Facebook.

On the tenth floor, you can see The View is appropriately named. Inspired by the original Shire’s Garden, The View is a luxurious place to relax and order a drink. Stop by their large rounded bar in the main dining space to order your favorite cocktail, beer, or wine. Try handcrafted creations made with fresh ingredients such as Terrace Sipper and Good Golly, Miss Molly. If it’s an especially hot day out, order a frozen drink! While you enjoy the view, take a bite of a beefsteak dinner or some strawberry sensation cake. 

“The service was amazing! The food was outstanding! I absolutely LOVED the baby back ribs and the salmon ceviche… I cannot say enough nice things about the staff,  everyone was extremely friendly and warm.  They really made our night one we won't soon forget!…” - Yelp Review

Incline Public House



2601 W 8th St.

Get a good look of the city and enjoy a list of craft beers

Get a full view of the city at Incline Public House’s patio. Image courtesy of Incline Public House’s Facebook.

This bar may not technically be a rooftop bar, but its outdoor patio sits over a steep hill that leads into the best overlooking view of the city. Incline Public House makes everything from scratch in their kitchen and serves it to you fresh and flavorful. Their in-house smoker and brick oven produce the best tasting sandwiches and pizzas! Take a look at their drinks menu, with an impressive craft beer selection and new and unique cocktails. 

“The beer selection was great. And the burgers were yummy. I've been wanting to try out the restaurant for a while. The view didn't disappoint. The staff is very nice and helpful…” - Yelp Review

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AC Upper Deck



135 Joe Nuxhall Way

Get comfortable and enjoy the view of the Ohio River 

AC Upper Deck is modern and spacious, and every seat looks more comfortable than the next. Image courtesy of AC Upper Deck’s Facebook.

If you want a full view of the city, you’ll want to come to AC Upper Deck. They have an amazing view of downtown and the Ohio River, and comfortable seating to put anyone at ease. Try one of their many tasty cocktails like the Honey Bee or The Katz Meow. If cocktails aren’t your style, you’ll love their selection of beers, wines, and tapas. This is the perfect spot to join some friends and have a couple drinks as the sun comes down over the city. Nothing sounds more relaxing!

“This is a beautiful rooftop deck!… We were able to get a table fully in the shade. Our waitress was helpful in choosing our drinks based on our preferences… I always feel like I'm on vacation when I come here because it's so different from other bars.” - Yelp Review

Just by going up a few stories, a bar is elevated to a bar with a view, which makes it all the better! With amazing service and a delectable meal, Cincinnati rooftop bars are irresistible. Figure out when the next nice day outside is, reserve a table and invite your friends for the ultimate night out. You can enjoy fine food and drink and maybe even catch a sunset while you’re catching up. Watch the Cincinnati skyline light up to conclude the perfect evening out!

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