Enjoy an Entertaining Night Out At These Top 7 Fun Restaurants in Cincinnati

Experience what a good time is all about when going out to eat in Cincinnati with the top seven most fun restaurants to check out today!

Everyone loves new experiences. Whether this is by going to a fun new restaurant, going somewhere you have never been before, or anything else that just excites you and is different than your normal everyday life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to check out different restaurants with friends and family and find some new places that you will want to go to again and again. If you’re in or around Cincinnati, then you need to check out these top seven fun restaurants to go to that will add some new excitement to your life!

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Incline Public House

Check out skyline views of Cincinnati as you enjoy American-fare food from this gastropub!

Enjoy a delicious meal at Incline Public House with a view of Cincinnati for something different today! Image courtesy of Cincinnati USA. 

2601 W 8th Street | Downtown | inclinepublichouse.com

Do you want to enjoy a delicious meal with a view? If so, then you need to go to Incline Public House in downtown Cincinnati today! Incline Public House is a gastropub serving up some of the best American-fare food with a terrific view that you won’t ever forget. While it’s exciting to sit outside enjoying the Cincinnati life, you must know what is on the menu before you go. Everything from a fried chicken sandwich, a chicken club sandwich, prosciutto fig pizza, and even a tasty pasta primavera is great for you to dive into at this fine and even fun establishment. Check out Incline Public House for something fun today!

“Incline Public House is my go to restaurant that overlooks the city of Cincinnati! The view is absolutely STUNNING, not to mention the food and drinks are on point as well. The fire roasted meatball appetizer was flawless, perfect for two. The Incline Cheesesteak was also delicious, cheesey, and flavorful.” - Yelp Review 

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Just like the name of the restaurant, you’ll definitely be saying please for more!

Stop at Please for some inventive menu items and a unique dining experience you will love! Image courtesy of Please. 

1405 Clay Street | Over-the-Rhine | pleasecincinnati.com

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience with a delicious rotating menu, then you need to come check out Please in Cincinnati today! Please is a fun restaurant where you can enjoy a seasonal menu full of delicious New American food that is perfect if you want a quick bite to eat, or if you want their signature five-course dinner. They also have a bar where you can enjoy a drink with some fun and creative cocktail options. When it comes to their food, Please offers beef tartare, trout crudo, apple aebleskivers, and so much more and their tasting menu is to die for. Make sure to check out Please today!

“Please regularly rotates their menu and is coming up with new dishes consistently - giving me even more incentive to return. I can't recommend Please any more if I tried. This place is the real deal.” - Yelp Review 

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Cincinnati Dinner Train

Try eating dinner on a 1940s-style dinner train and dive into a delicious four-course meal!

Eat a delicious four-course meal in a 1940s train at Cincinnati Dinner Train for a fun experience today! Image courtesy of Cincinnati Dinner Train.

 2172 Seymour Avenue | Cincinnati | cincinnatidinnertrain.com

Take a trip back in time whenever you stop at the Cincinnati Dinner Train to eat some delicious dishes on an old 1940-style train! The Cincinnati Dinner Train offers a unique experience full of nostalgia where you can ride in a public dinner train and eat some tasty food while you’re at it! The Cincinnati Dinner Train offers meals such as boneless chicken breast sauteed in white wine sauce, prime rib, salmon with a spicy hoisin glaze, and they even offer vegetarian and vegan meals so that everyone can enjoy their experience here. Make sure to stop by the Cincinnati Dinner Train today for a fun new restaurant to go to!

“This was definitely a unique experience, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for something different to do.  Each of the cars had different decor, and it was refreshing to walk through each cart.  Very relaxing. The food was way better than I expected, kudos to the amazing staff that cooks the fold right on the cart!” -- Yelp Review 

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Taft’s Ale House

Located in a former 19th century church, you can enjoy craft beer and other delectable dishes in a unique setting!

Eat a delicious meal in this old 19th century church so you can dive into a fun new setting with some great food! Image courtesy of Taft’s Ale House. 

1429 Race Street | Over-the-Rhine | taftsalehouse.com

Want to go somewhere that you would never think is a restaurant, but is? Well, then you need to go see what Taft’s Ale house is all about! Taft’s Ale House is an American pub and brewery offering craft beer to go along with the delicious meals that you can pick and choose from. The best part about Taft’s Ale House is that it is located inside an old 19th century church that has been renovated for the fun dining experience you have been dreaming about. 

With delicious favorites such as smoked wings, a bacon cheddar sandwich, tri tip steak, a crispy chicken sandwich, and even the signature Alehouse sandwich is perfect and will make you want to come again and again. Stop by Taft’s Ale House to get the full experience for yourself today!

“All in all I was really pleased and can't wait to come back and try more on their vast menu and variations of their tri tip.  They also had some sort of spicy fried chicken sandwich that I really want to try.  The atmosphere and menu make it a good time for just about any occasion.” - Yelp Review 

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Sugar N’ Spice Diner

Get some delicious breakfast at a diner full of cartoon characters and bright colors for a fun dining option!

Come to Sugar N’ Spice Diner today if you’re a fan of breakfast food and cartoon characters today! Image courtesy of Sugar N’ Spice Diner. 

1203 Sycamore Street | Over-the-Rhine | eatsugarnspice.com

We think that it’s safe to say that everybody enjoys a deliciously sweet breakfast food option from time to time. It’s always fun to go out to breakfast diners with friends and family, so why not try out this unique one called Sugar N’ Spice Diner! Sugar N’ Spice Diner is a cute little breakfast diner to go to that is full of bright colors and cartoon character murals to add its own design and aesthetic to it. They offer some of the best breakfast options around, such as eggs benedict, goetta and cheese omelettes, heifer burgers, ribeyes, and so much more. Try out Sugar N’ Spice Diner for yourself today and enjoy what it’s all about! 

“I practically licked my plate clean and don't regret a thing. Of course, a trip to Sugar N' Spice wouldn't be complete without a free rubber ducky to add to our collection - arguably one of the best parts of dining here!” - Yelp Review 

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Red Feather Kitchen

There’s nothing better than some inventive American dishes in a sophisticated environment!

Come to Red Feather Kitchen for an elegant dinner setting with some tasty food you won’t stop thinking about! Image courtesy of WCPO.

3200 Madison Road | Oakley | redfeatherkitchen.com

Do you want to go to a sit down restaurant that is perfect for date night, or other special occasions that you wish to celebrate? Well, look no further than Red Feather Kitchen today for all of your inventive American dishes that are super unique and tasty at that! Red Feather Kitchen offers a unique menu made by chefs that are passionate about cooking and serving good food. You can try out pork belly steamed buns, short ribs, pork chops, potato gnocchi, a crispy skin salmon, and so much more. Try out Red Feather Kitchen today!

“Our food was packaged well, hot, and delicious! The staff was so friendly and made sure that our order was perfect. I would highly recommend Red Feather--and definitely don't forget to order the truffle fries!” - Yelp Review 

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Zula Restaurant & Wine Bar

In an industrial-style restaurant lies some delicious New American dishes, craft beer, and cocktails!

Stop by Zula Restaurant & Wine Bar to try out their food, wine, craft beer, and cocktails for a fun night out today! Image courtesy of Zula Restaurant & Wine Bar.

1400 Race Street | Over-the-Rhine | zulabistro.com 

Do you want to go somewhere to enjoy a fun night out? Well, look no further than some drinks and food at Zula Restaurant & Wine Bar today! Zula is the perfect place to go if you want some New American dishes in a neat industrial-style restaurant to get a new feel of a different type of restaurant atmosphere than you are used to. They offer some delectable and outstanding dishes such as yellowfin tuna crudo, roasted beet salad, slow roasted tomatoes, a baby kale salad, Bulgarian feta, and so much more. Don’t miss out on what Zula Restaurant & Wine Bar today!

“Zula is known for their mussels, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. They were delicious! Besides seafood, the menu includes a wide variety of classic and unique items, ranging from flat breads and salads to small plates, to dinner entrees, and of course, dessert. Everything on their menu is great quality and uses fresh ingredients. Presentation was A+.” - Yelp Review 

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When you’re venturing around Cincinnati looking for something new and fun to do, consider trying out a new restaurant! There are so many different places to go to enjoy New American food, look at Cincinnati’s beautiful skyline, or just try some inventive dishes with flavors you never thought would go together. We hope we were able to help you with the top seven most fun restaurants in Cincinnati to go to today!

Is there a fun restaurant in Cincinnati that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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