Craving a Milkshake? Here Are the Top 8 Places to Get One in Pittsburgh

When you’ve got to have that creamy treat, try any of these spots!

It’s not hard to see why-- who doesn’t love the perfect mix of ice cream, milk, toppings, and loads of flavor? Or maybe it’s because they’re a little more travel-friendly than an ice cream cone! There’s no shortage of places to get a shake in Pittsburgh, but we’ve picked the top 8 places that locals can’t seem to get enough of. Perhaps it’s their decadent flavors-- or just the way these shakes taste on a hot day-- but it’s safe to say that milkshakes are definitely a thing in Pittsburgh.

Instead of just going out for ice cream, why not go out for milkshakes? There are plenty of places dedicated to just those treats alone! Purchase a GiftYa electronic gift card for any of the sweet spots on the list below, and you’ll be sure to make someone’s day. They’re accepted at so many places in Pittsburgh, including all your favorite milkshake parlors.

Milkshake Factory

This place specializes in only milkshakes!

Milkshake Factory
Image courtesy of the Milkshake Factory. One of the most popular places in Pittsburgh to grab a milkshake.

Downtown and various

314 Fifth Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

Milkshake Factory has to be on any list of great milkshakes in Pittsburgh. They have a couple of locations throughout the city, but their flagship store is right in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh. During the summer months, the line can be out the door-- people just love how their milkshakes are the perfect combination of smoothy goodness and amazing flavors.

They also offer ice cream sundaes and ice cream cones as well, but we think that with a name like the Milkshake Factory-- you might want to try their shakes instead!

“The milkshake factory offers deliciously thick, creamy and sweet shakes that are definitely shareable! I've enjoyed everything from classic to specialty shakes and chocolates over the years.” -Yelp Review


If you like boozy milkshakes, you’ve got to try this place!

Image courtesy of BRGR. This place is known for their huge burgers, but their milkshakes are also worth a try too!

Downtown and various

535 Liberty Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Sun-Thurs 11:30am-9pm

Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm

BRGR is one of the most popular places in Pittsburgh to grab a deliciously large hamburger. But did you also know that they have some pretty amazing milkshakes as well? This popular downtown Pittsburgh spot has a selection of traditional flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and cream-- but they also have some alcoholic creations as well.

Their spiked shakes come in flavors like salted caramel, peanut butter cup, and cookie dough-- completel with liqueurs and flavored vodka as well. It’s a creative way to change up the classic milkshake!  

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“Food is on point, plus they have alcoholic milkshakes. The upstairs is a great atmosphere in the summer.” -Yelp Review

Geppetto Cafe

A retro cafe with some delicious milkshakes

Geppetto Cafe
Image courtesy of Geppetto Cafe. This cafe specializes in making super thick and creamy milkshakes.


4121 Butler St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Mon-Fri 9am-3pm

Fri-Sat 9am-4pm

Geppetto Cafe is where Pittsburghers go when they’re in the mood for a fantastically creamy milkshake. This Lawrenceville cafe has bright, welcoming decor and friendly staff who know most of their customers by name. This place offers some amazing breakfast and brunch items-- such as crepes and waffles-- in addition to their popular milkshakes.

Make sure you stop in a try one of their delicious milkshakes the next time you’re in the area-- you’ll be extremely happy that you did!

“Cute spot, perfect for a breakfast date and the decor is very artsy and welcoming. Check out the seasonal drink specials at the table!” -Yelp Review

Sarris Candies

Sarris Candies has more than just chocolate-- they make milkshakes too!

Sarris Candies
Image courtesy of Sarris Candies. Stop into this candy store and check out their retro diner and milkshake shop!


511 Adams Ave.

Canonsburg, PA 15317


Mon-Sat 9am-9pm

Sun 10am-pm

Just a short drive south of Pittsburgh, is the famous Sarris Candies store. Located in historic Canonsburg, this store has been producing some of the best candy in the country. But did you also know that they have a milkshake parlor as well?

That’s right, you can step back in time and get a milkshake, sundae, or float at their retro 1950s-style diner. They have all kinds of flavors for you to choose from-- you can even mix and match! Make sure you try their malt flavors as well-- it’s a real treat!

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“I ordered a black raspberry milkshake. They loaded up the milkshake with plenty of ice cream and whip cream. It was delicious!!” -Yelp Review


You’ll feel like your in heaven after trying these milkshakes

Image courtesy of Burgatory. This burger place certainly knows how to make a delicious milkshake!

North Shore and various

342 North Shore Dr.

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

Burgatory is well known throughout Pittsburgh for their incredibly delicious burgers and shakes.They have a couple of locations around Pittsburgh-- including on the North Shore near Heinz Field and PNC Park-- and people just can’t seem to get enough of their classic burgers and thick milkshakes.

It’s probably because their ice cream is hand spun on site, and made with only the freshest local ingredients. Whether you want something more traditional like vanilla-- or want to spice it up and add some alcohol-- these shakes are guaranteed to be a deliciously thick and tasty.

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“Their signature milkshakes are delightful and well worth the price. You get a large amount (more than enough to share between two), and the mixes are sweet but well balanced.” -Yelp Review

Page Dairy Mart

Serving up milkshakes in Pittsburgh since 1951

Page Dairy Mart
Image courtesy of Page Dairy Mart. A mom and pop ice cream store that has been serving delicious ice cream treats for years.

South Side

4600 E. Carson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15210


Seasonal May-October

Page Dairy Mart is one of those places that everyone in Pittsburgh can seem to agree on-- they have amazing ice cream! Located at the end of the South Side, this unassuming dairy mart has been making ice cream since 1951.

They have all your favorite ice cream treats on the menu-- but it’s the milkshakes that keep bringing everyone back for more. Made in any kind of flavor you can imagine, these shakes are super thick and super delicious.

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“My favorite place to go for ice cream in Pittsburgh! So many different options of flavors and specialty items.” -Yelp Review

Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor

Fantastic shakes in an old-timey ice cream parlor

Klavon's Ice Cream Parlor
Image courtesy of Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor. Take a step back in time and have a shake at this ice cream parlor.

Strip District

2801 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Mon-Thurs 11am-9pm

Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

Sun 12pm-8pm

Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor is another fantastic place to get an amazing milkshake in Pittsburgh. People love coming to hang out at their retro parlor-- complete with jukebox and chrome appliances. This ice cream parlor is located in the Strip District-- and is right at home amongst the other foodie specialty shops.

Stop in and peruse their penny candy assortment as you sip on one of their milkshakes-- or take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the Strip District on market day as you enjoy one of their shakes!

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“Definitely one of those Pittsburgh traditions that have stood the test of time. The old-time ice cream shoppe is adorable and filled with all sorts of kitschy decor and fun treats like penny candy and more.” -Yelp Review

*Tipsy Cow

Burgers and milkshakes have always gone hand in hand!

Tipsy Cow
Image courtesy of the Tipsy Cow. Pittsburghers love their burgers almost as much as they love their milkshakes.


5741 Ellsworth Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Mon-Fri 4pm-2am

Sat-Sun 11am-2am

*Updated January 2020*

Unfortunately, The Tipsy Cow has closed its doors.

No matter how you like your milkshake-- and even if you like it with a little alcohol-- you’re sure to find your new favorite place on this list. The next time you need something sweet, check out all the places in Pittsburgh that serve up a delicious shake! What’s your favorite milkshake flavor? Let us know in the comments!

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