Classic Bakeries and Pastry Shops in The Bronx

November 3, 2021
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If you have lived in the city even for a moment, then you’re likely familiar with New York’s excellent version of local’s favorite dish that can only be found Downtown. But to get the best well-baked pastry and fresh ricotta pies, you must venture to the Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, New York’s superior bakeshop Little Italy.

A visit to this less-explored borough is a stroll down a memory lane that takes back to a time when baked goods were full-sized and calorie-rich. Here you will find fashionable classics of Italian and Jewish kitchens that prepare tons of delicious cookies, delightful pastries, authentic old-world bread, chocolate-chip infused rugelach, and creamy cheesecake.

These are the best Arthur Avenue pastry shops worth visiting the next time you’re in the Bronx.

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Artuso Pastry Shop

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670 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458

Italian bakery whipping up a wide selection of cakes, cookies, biscotti, and pastries!

Nestled in the Little Italy of the Bronx, Artuso bakery has been described as a local’s favorite thanks to the dedication and authenticity of their baked goods. This family-run bakeshop offers mouthwatering cannoli, nutty pinoli cookies, and mocha-laced tiramisu which have kept the crowds flocking here for years.

Artuso is also home to classic Italian desserts. Once you enter the shop, the familiar aroma of cappuccino brewing and fresh pastries baking will automatically keep you here longer than you think. Don’t leave without trying Artuso signature pound cake loaf or the cannoli tart served in different portions.

Apart from pastries, Artuso also dishes out delicious cookies, and other seasonal goodies such as traditional Italian ricotta, pizza Rustica, Italian cheesecake, as well as hot and spicy serrano chili pizza. No matter what you want, a trip to this little slice of Italy will be well worth it.

Conti's Pastry Shoppe

D:\David\Top Bakeries and Pastry Shops in The Bronx - Images\Conti's Pastry Shoppe.jpg

786 Morris Park Ave, Bronx, NY 10462

Family-owned bakery that serves pastries, pies, and made-to-order cakes in an old-fashioned setting!

Morris Park is hidden Little Italy in the Bronx and you’re sure to find great neighborhood pastry shops that are worth trying out. Established over 90 years ago, Conti’s Pastry Shoppe is one of those hidden gems that serves awesome pastries in a sophisticated setting. When it comes to creative cake design, Conti’s takes all credit with dozens of cake designs that are visible from the entrance at Morris Park Avenue.

Augustino Conti’s shop serves not only Italian favorites such as torcetti and cannoli, but also French pastries like napoleons and cream puffs. Their fluffy Boston Cream pie is among the favorite twist on tradition that is made with their original secret recipe.

While other shops stick to tradition, Conti’s always pushes the envelope to produce options such as confetti cakes slices with French macarons toppings as well as cakes that resemble the shape of a Chicago-style pizza. Here, the bakers combine favorites such as cannoli cream and marzipan to get those delicious treats. They are definitely sweet and irresistible.

Sal & Dom's Pastry Shop

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1108 Allerton Ave, Bronx, NY 10469

Upscale bakery turning out Italian cookies, pastries, cakes, and coffee for decades!

Owned and run by the same family for four generations now, Sal & Dom’s Pastry shop is a great place to come for rotational options and seasonal treats that you thought you will never find in the Bronx. Everything is prepared and baked in-house from homemade cannolis and rainbow cookies to beautifully decorated wedding cakes. Talking of cakes, they bake different options for every occasion including weddings, engagement, graduation, specialty, religious events, just to mention a few.

Their standard chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are a must-try especially when they come with a swirl of buttercream or chocolate frosting. They even offer red velvet cupcakes, topped with cream cheese buttercream. Their pastries are great with Italian classics such as cannoli and sfogliatelle and other sweet treats, available in mini and large sizes.

If you come early in the morning, you can enjoy an assorted turnover of delicious donuts, buns, croissants, muffins, and more, all baked fresh every day. Cookies are also available as well as dessert cakes and pies with every taste that you like. Since 1956, this bakery has adopted and perfected some of the finest recipes and procedures which makes the shop a favorite spot for many in the Bronx.

Gino's Pastry Shop

D:\David\Top Bakeries and Pastry Shops in The Bronx - Images\Gino's Pastry Shop.jpg

580 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458

Order creative cakes and delicious pastries at this hidden gem in the Bronx!

For over 55 years, Gino’s Pastry Shop has been serving the locals at the Bronx the best Italian cakes, pastries, and cookies. This family-owned bakeshop has also supplied locals with creatively decorated wedding cakes for years. Visitors line up at this shop just to admire the beautifully made cakes on display.

While their main specialty is wedding cakes, Gino’s also has a small storefront that hasn’t changed much since it was established in 1960. Just like you expected, their cannoli is the best in town especially the French option. Featuring a torpedo-shaped pastry, these delicate yet creative cream carriers resemble the thin-crust pies with the shape of an original cannoli’s deep-fish Chicago pizza.

They also serve other favorites such as Tri-color cookies, an old-school sweet and the crispy pastry that remains unchanged for over 50 years. From signature pastries to innovative cakes, this is a one-stop shop for any delicious treat you might be craving.

Madonia Brothers Bakery

D:\David\Top Bakeries and Pastry Shops in The Bronx - Images\Madonia Brothers Bakery.jpg

2348 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

Old-school Italian bakery serving traditional and savory bread, cannoli, and cookies!

If you’re in the mood for freshly-baked bread early in the morning or later in the afternoon, then you will find the best selection at Madonia Brother’s Bakery. For over 100 years, this neighborhood bakeshop has been serving the most authentic, delicious bread and savory cookies on Arthur Avenue.

You will mostly hear much Italian than English in this cash-only, old-school bakery that also serves cannoli and olive bread, which they fill on the spot. While it closes early on Sunday, you will have a blast when you come here at the wee-meal planning hours. The lard is among the favorite here after olive leaves. A big part of the store is lined with shelves of pine-nut-studded cookies, freshly pipped cannoli, and flaky pastries that are always a great option to try when you come to Madonia’s.

For something truly light and substantial, try the ham-heavy prosciutto bread that gives you that desired kick to push through the day.

Delillo Pastry Shop

D:\David\Top Bakeries and Pastry Shops in The Bronx - Images\Delillo Pastry Shop.jpg

610 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458

Elegant, old-fashioned spot offering a wide variety of Italian treats, wedding cakes, and coffee!

Need a birthday cake or wedding cake that is beautifully decorated and sweet to eat? Then you should visit Delillo Pastry Shop and ensure you try their cakes and other offerings. What began as a passion for two brothers Rocco and Joe Delillo has become a local favorite where diners can enjoy delicious treats and order cakes for special events.

Despite being in operation for over 100 years, Delillo still looks and feels like a new spot where cool lounge music greets you immediately you enter the door with noticeable varieties of imported sweets, pastries, and gelato. There are also creative pictures to admire on the wall that represent Italy’s major region.

Rainbow cookies and lobster tails still reign here, but the chocolate eclairs are the secret favorite items to enjoy when you visit Delillo. Don’t forget to try the lush cream that extremely sweet, and goes well with chocolate glaze that’s will surely be coating your lips with pure sweetness.

Egidio Pastry Shop

D:\David\Top Bakeries and Pastry Shops in The Bronx - Images\Egidio Pastry Shop.jpg

622 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458

Upscale bakery serving delicious pastries, cookies, biscotti, and cakes as well as coffee!

Arthur Avenue has long ceased to be exclusively the province of Italians, but unique spots like Egidio Pastry Shop have stood the test of time and become a neighborhood favorite for its quality and authenticity. Since 1912, this bakery has been serving locals in the Bronx only the finest Italian pastries, cookies, and cakes straight from the original recipes. They only use fresh and natural ingredients, with innovative options such as traditional cannoli paired with freshly-brewed espresso and gourmet coffee.

They also serve large cookies and you can choose from black and white, chocolate chips, or Linzer tart cookie. If you want something a bit heavier to push you through the day, the large pastries will sure keep you full until the next meal. Want something sugar-free, try the chocolate marble, raspberry pocket, sugar-free apple turns overs or the orange fan.

Cakes are made by order and they have plenty of options to try including tiramisu, cannoli, red velvet, carrot, and more. Customers also rave about their lemon and blueberry crumb cheesecake, rainbow cake, and old-fashioned chocolate cake. Be sure to order your cakes beforehand for the best service.

The Bronx has no shortage of perfect bakeries to grab a classic pastry or a delicious cookie. Whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite as you head to work or dine in later in the day, you are sure to find that will satisfy your craving for baked goods. So, which is your go-to pastry shop in the Bronx? Let us know in the comments!


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