Bring Your Own Chopsticks to these Chinese Restaurants Around Charlotte

It’s not a rule - or even a suggestion - but if you love Chinese food as much as we do, you probably have a pair lying around that you could put to use.

Most people can find at least one thing on a Chinese menu that they can’t get enough of. Whether you’re in it for the orange chicken or the General Tso’s or some of those little wontons, there’s plenty out there in the world for you to gorge yourself on - and Charlotte is no exception to the rule.

Not sure where to start looking to find your new favorite local Chinese restaurant? We’ve put together a list of some of the absolute best Chinese restaurants in the Charlotte area down below!

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Pei Wei

Fresh ingredients will leave you feeling even better than you did when you walked in here at Pei Wei. Image courtesy of Pei Wei Instagram

13855 Conlan Cir, Ste J | Ballantyne |

Everyone has slightly varying ideas of what they look for in a good restaurant - Chinese or otherwise. Some people are only looking for the perfect meal to satisfy those cravings, while others are looking for something authentic, and still others are looking for dishes cooked up with the freshest ingredients.

If you happen to be on the hunt or one, or even all three of these, look no further than Pei Wei. Whether you’re interested in trying out one of their new poke bowls, one of their asian fusion curry dishes, or even some classic dumplings, you can find an abundance of fresh ingredients cooked up into some of the most delicious Chinese food in Charlotte.

Stop by to experience their unique authentic recipes with a slight twist and leave feeling just as good as you did when you first stepped through the doors - and maybe even a bit better!

“I am swooning over the new poke bowl on the menu! I stuffed myself silly with it and wasn't even mad about it, hahaha!! It comes with 3 different kinds of fresh fish and all the fun ingredients that accompany it!!” - Yelp Review

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Wing Heaven

Chicken lovers won’t want to miss out on the chance to try the chicken here at Wing Heaven. Image courtesy of Pixabay

5516 South Blvd | Starmount |

Looking for something a little off the beaten path? With nothing more than a third party website hosting their menu, Wing Heaven is about as off the grid as you can get (especially for a restaurant located in the heart of Starmount).

We think that’s a part of their charm, though. Most of their success has come about as a result of some enthusiastic yelp reviews and other rave reviews by word of mouth. If people feel good enough about this Chinese restaurant that they’re ready and willing to recommend it in conversation, well, we reckon it’s pretty good. Be sure to try their low mein!

“I always get the chicken, shrimp and beef in black pepper sauce. I'd call it a hole in the wall. Very delicious food, great value, and friendly staff. Portions are a good size for the price. Highly recommend this place.” - Yelp Review

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New Asian Cuisine

From the wonton soup to the sesame chicken, you can’t really go wrong here at New Asian Cuisine. Image courtesy of Facebook

7114 Brighton Park Dr, Ste 330 | Mint Hill |

Sometimes when you’re looking for the perfect fit of Chinese food for you, you have to be willing to go that extra mile (or twelve) to find it. When it comes to Mint Hill’s New Asian Cuisine, we mean that quite literally.

Just a short drive out of the city, you’ll find one of the most beloved Chinese restaurants in the Charlotte area - and for good reason. Friendly service, delicious food, and a casual, lighthearted ambiance await you when you stop by New Asian Cuisine.

They are more of an Asian fusion restaurant than they are strictly Chinese, but you can find plenty of traditional Chinese options here - as well as some options from other regions throughout Asia with a slightly Chinese twist!

“I've been here several times, years in fact, you will never go wrong here! The hospitality is the type you receive if you live out in the country. The food is fresh, always hot and they pay attention to detail.” - Yelp Review

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Zen Asian Fusion

Who knew that wine would pair so well with Chinese food? Not us, but we’re here for it! Image courtesy of Facebook

1716 Kenilworth Ave | Dilworth |

If you already love Asian fusion cuisine but you’re looking for a new favorite restaurant that puts a slightly different spin on what you’re used to, look no further than Zen Asian Cuisine in Charlotte’s Dilworth.

They take your typical Asian fusion two steps further here by combining it with Spanish cuisine and tapas style dishes. You can enjoy pot sticker tapas or a full meal stir fry or sesame chicken when you stop by here, and they love to pair their dishes with some amazing wines. 

Pair anything from some dry or medium whites to some dry reds with your favorite dish. They’ll definitely have some recommendations for you if you’re unsure of what might go well together, but you’re welcome to come up with the combo that suits you best!

“This restaurant is simple and sophisticated with its menu. You can try a little bit of everything. My favorites included the potstickers, paella and the spring rolls.” - Yelp Review

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Panda’s Den

You can easily get a brand new pair of chopsticks here at Panda’s Den, but you’re welcome to bring your own pair as well! Image courtesy of Pixabay

5724 E Wt Harris Blvd | Eastland |

Anybody who’s ever been to a Chinese restaurant in a small town or a hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint in the city knows that there is one tried and true style of Chinese restaurant that most people just can’t get enough of.

Though it’s usually on the more Americanized side of Chinese cuisine, the flavors always pack a punch, and you’ll be craving another bite in no time. Panda’s Den is no exception to this universal American-Chinese rule.

The first time you pick up a menu, you might find yourself wondering if you’ve been here before - and that’s because as a part of their tried and true method, many of these Chinese restaurants tend to format their menus in the same way. You’ll know exactly what to expect here, and you’re going to love it.

“This is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants around!! They have an unbelievably good tofu!! Staff is always friendly and very attentive. The food is always amazing! - Yelp Review

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Persuasian Restaurant

Fresh ingredients are a hallmark of the Chinese food featured at this Asian fusion restaurant. Image courtesy of Facebook

2214 Park Rd | Sedgefield |

You don’t have to be a huge Chinese cuisine fan to enjoy the food at a Chinese restaurant - especially when that Chinese cuisine bundled up with one or two others to form an Asian fusion restaurant.

Persuasian Restaurant takes one part Chinese cuisine and juxtaposes it with one part Vietnamese cuisine so that everyone has the option to enjoy something when they come in. If you’re a huge Chinese fanatic but one of your friends isn’t quite so keen, there are options for them as well!

They try to keep their Chinese dishes on the lighter and healthier side, so you’ll never leave here feeling like you’ve eaten too much, but rather just the right amount of fresh ingredients to make up a Delicious meal.

“So glad I scrapped cooking at home. Spicy edamame, sauteed cabbage, stir fry veggies and hibachi steak and shrimp... all served super fast and fresh and so, so yummy. Amazing service, delicious food and great little ambiance.” - Yelp Review

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This seafood platter is the stuff of dreams. Image courtesy of Facebook

4722 Sharon Rd., Ste F | South Park |

Whether you’re a fan of seafood, waterfowl, or chicken, Chinese cuisine has the kind of flexibility that allows for creative dishes featuring any one of the three. At Baoding in South Park, they have an extensive menu featuring plenty such options - as well as a few choices for vegetarians.

If you head over to their website, they have different menus featured for you to peruse before you stop by, but the best part is that even if you don’t see anything that really catches your eye, that’s not the end of your options!

The menu they have in the restaurant is even longer, with plenty of opportunities for you to alter dishes to fit your specific dietary needs. They don’t have any Peking duck here, unfortunately, but they do have two other different styles of duck - and we hear the one with plum sauce is delicious!

“Best chinese in Charlotte...All the dishes were incredibly delicious and fresh. On top of it, the service was wonderful. The staff was extremely attentive and friendly. Since our first visit, we have ordered Baoding at least three times a month!” - Yelp Review

Buy a GiftYa to Baoding >

Getting your Chinese fix doesn’t have to be difficult. All of these options we’ve listed up above bring something that you might be looking for in a Chinese restaurant. Let us know which one satisfied your cravings in the comments below!

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