11 Best Piercing Shops in Pittsburgh to Keep in Mind for Your Next Body Piercing

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Body piercings have always been about making a statement-- whether you want some simple ear piercings-- or a more prominent nose ring.

Pittsburghers are no different, and many boast of having multiple piercings on their bodies. Lots of tattoo shops have started catering to the demand for body piercings, and offer that service in addition to their tattoos. We’ve put together a list of the top 11 places in Pittsburgh to get a new body piercing-- the pros at these places will help you pick out the right place on your body to get pierced, how to care for it, and then prepare to show off some new body jewelry.

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Hot Rod Piercing Company

Awesome place in the South Side for all your piercings

Image courtesy of Hot Rod Piercings. No matter where you decide to get pierced, the professionals at this place can help you out.

95 S 16th St | Pittsburgh | hotrodpiercingcompany.com

Hot Rod Piercings has been a part of the Pittsburgh piercing community since 1995-- and they have many satisfied customers in the area. Their shop in the South Side is always packed with people who are excited to get their next piercing.

They require that all their piercers become a part of the Association of Professional Piercers, where they complete classes in running a piercing environment, as well as health and safety. This ensures your experience will be a clean one-- and done by a certified professional.

“Smaller shop, but they had good quality jewelry, so I also bought a new end for my nose stud. Great staff, very friendly and I would definitely shop there again if I'm in the Pittsburgh area.” -Yelp Review

Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio

Stop into this place and get a tattoo and a piercing!

Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio. This popular tattoo parlour also does piercings.

2895 W Liberty Ave | Pittsburgh | pittsburghtattostudio.com

If you’re looking for a great place to have your next piercing done, consider checking out the artists at The Pittsburgh Tattoo Studio. In addition to amazing tattoos, this place also has piercers on hand that will walk you through your piercing experience. They are highly trained and experienced piercers-- and will discuss what type of piercing you want and the best type of jewelry to get.

This shop is located in Dormont, and is just a short drive south of the city. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can call and schedule an appointment.

“Great atmosphere, and it was neat to see how each artist decorated their space. All in all, any worry I had prior to my appointment was quickly dispelled.” -Yelp Review

Six16 Body Piercing

The pros at this shop can take care of all your piercing needs

Image courtesy of Six16 Body Piercing. The friendly staff will help you with your piercing as well as help you choose the perfect body jewel

5829 Ellsworth Ave | Pittsburgh | six16piercing.com

Six16 Body Piercing is a great place to talk to the experts about any body piercing question you might have. Their experienced staff can walk you through the piercing process, and will be sure to offer their advice on the specifics of your piercing.

This shop also offers an amazing selection of body jewelry-- and will happily change out any of your jewelry for a new purchase. This Lawrenceville studio can get pretty busy especially on the weekends-- and they strongly recommend booking an appointment.

“I had a really great experience this past weekend with the guys at SIX16. They're super friendly and knowledgeable. I got a new ring for my nose and got an old piercing re-pierced. They made sure to try a couple different sizes to make sure everything was exactly right.” -Yelp Review

Godspeed Tattoo and Body Piercings

Perfect spot in the South Side for body piercing

Image courtesy of Godspeed Tattoo and Body Piercings. Whether you’re looking for a piercing-- or a tattoo-- this shop has got you covered.

1303 E Carson St | Pittsburgh | facebook.com/Godspeedtattooing

Consider checking out Godspeed Tattoo and Body Piercings the next time you’re on the market for a piercing in Pittsburgh’s South Side neighborhood. The professionals at this place will take the time to explain the piercing process-- and will be sure to answer any questions you might have as well.

They also stock some awesome body jewelry-- from simple titanium studs-- to larger belly button piercing jewelry. No matter what type of piercing you’re looking to get, you’ll be sure to look great afterwards!

“He was EXTREMELY professional, very nice and very patient making sure I was always comfortable with the process. Super talented!” -Google Review

Ink Tattoo and Body Piercings

Head over to this piercing shop if you’re in West Mifflin

Image courtesy of Misery Ink Tattoo and Body Piercings. Stop in and see the experts at this piercing shop for your next piece of body jewelry.

434 Lebanon Rd | West Mifflin | miseryinktattoobodypiercing.com

Misery Ink Tattoo and Body Piercings boasts of some of the friendliest staff in the tattoo and body piercing business-- they are committed to providing exceptional designs that meet the high standards of their clients. There are a lot of body piercing places in Pittsburgh, but the people at this studio go above and beyond to make your idea a reality.

This studio is located in West Mifflin and is a great place to add to your growing collection of body piercings. Whether you’re into ear piercings, tongue piercings, or eyebrow piercings-- this place can do it all!

“Friends and I got piercings done, and a tattoo done on a separate visit and its gone well both times! Look forward to visiting to get more done by them. Friendly staff and quality work.” -Yelp Review

Alter Ego Body Art Studio

One of the best studios for all your body piercing needs

Image courtesy of Alter Ego Body Art Studio. This shop is a favorite among those who are serious about their body art.

4136 Library Rd | Castle Shannon | facebook.com/AlterEgoBodyArtStudio/

Alter Ego Body Art Studio is a cool little tattoo and body piercing studio located in the suburb of Castle Shannon. The artists here are all trained in every type body piercing-- and their customers seem to keep coming back for more. From double helix piercings to lip rings-- you can feel confident the staff here will make you look fantastic.

Their prices are also extremely reasonable-- both for their services as well as for their entire collection of body jewelry. Stop in and be sure to check them out!

“Both of my piercings have healed beautifully. Everyone here is really professional, knowledgeable and sincere. I wouldn't go anywhere else.” -Yelp Review

Kyklops Tattoo

One of the highest rated body piercing shops in Pittsburgh

Image courtesy of Kyklops Tattoo. Tattoos and body piercings seem to go hand in hand-- and this place does both extremely well!

2130 E Carson St | Pittsburgh | kyklops.com

For over 10 years Kyklops Tattoo has been adorning the people of Pittsburgh with tattoos and body piercings. Their services are some of the most sought after in Pittsburgh-- and once you see their amazing work-- you’ll understand why.

They offer a wide selection of some of the best body jewelry options-- including Maya, BVLA, and Diablo Organics-- you’ll have trouble deciding on what to purchase for your new piercing!

“If you're looking to get pierced, go here and get it done by Daria. She's knowledgeable and is all about making sure the customer is satisfied with what they want!” -Yelp Review

Black Cat Tattoos

A fantastic spot for your next body piercing

Image courtesy of Black Cat Tattoos. This husband and wife team create some amazing tattoos and body piercings.

3439 Butler St | Pittsburgh | blackcatpgh.com

Black Cat Tattoos is an open, and friendly body piercing and tattoo shop located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood. The owners wanted to create a shop where people would feel comfortable walking in and engaging the experienced staff with any question about body piercing or tattoos.

Every customer at this shop is treated like a friend-- and could be the reason Pittsburghers keep coming back for all their body piercing and body jewelry needs!

“Everyone was very friendly, the place is super clean and welcoming. I highly recommend going there if you're in Pittsburgh.” -Yelp Review

Genisys Body Art 

Offering a balance of safe procedures and elegant jewelry

 Whether you’re looking to get your ear, nose, or other facial area pierced -- this place has you covered. 

422 Broad St | Sewickley | genisysbodyarts.com

At Genisys Body Art, they know how important getting a clean and safe, yet beautiful piercing is to everyone who walks through their doors. In order to ensure utmost safety, they use the highest quality sterilization equipment and only use the best materials in their jewelry. 

Their piercer, Zack Watson, is highly experienced and very knowledgeable in his field. Customers rave about the cleanliness of his space and the quality of his equipment. Parents even take their young children here to have their first set of ear lobe piercings done by Zack. At this location, you can have peace of mind that you’re in capable hands. 

“Took my 6-year-old daughter here to get her ears pierced and was not disappointed. The shop was very clean, well-organized, and Zach was very knowledgeable.  With kids of his own, he was very good with my daughter.” - Yelp Review

Southside Tattoo and Body Piercing 

A trusted tattoo and piercing shop since 1997 

Looking for a beautiful new tattoo or an interesting piece of body art, this shop does it all. 

2208 E Carson St | Pittsburgh | southsidetattooshop.com

Southside Tattoo and Body Piercing has been building a reputation for trusted service since 1997. They have been one of the premiere tattoo and piercing destinations in the Southside of Pittsburgh. Currently, they have three tattoo artists who can provide small scale tattoos from a book or large custom pieces and two body piercers who can provide anything from ear lobes to dermal anchors. 

They welcome customer artwork and will help make personal dreams a reality. With many locations to choose from in the Southside, this one should be on the top of your list. Their employees are very clean and knowledgeable with their skills.  

“Got a love piercing here on Tuesday. Not a crazy long wait even though it's walk-ins only. Morgan was so nice and very skilled. The whole process was very quick, sanitary, and painless.” - Yelp Review 

Sinners and Saints Tattoo Shop 

Shop specializing in both tattoos and body piercings 

Septum piercings have become very popular -- if you love this piercing, this shop could be your ideal location.

252 S Highland Ave | Pittsburgh | sinnersandsaintstattooshop.com

Whether you’re looking for a new tattoo, piercing, microblading, or merchandise like a new nose stud -- this is your place. They have one female piercer, Ashlee Hagan, on sight who can do everything from your entire ear to nose piercings. She can also do dermal anchor piercings. She has been working since 2005, so that’s over 16 years of trusted experience.

No matter the body art you’re looking for -- it can be done here. This is a great location if you’re close to Shadyside, Pittsburgh. 

“Super clean, super professional service! I was very impressed with the result. The line work was very well-done and the price was beyond reasonable for both the quality of work and size.” - Yelp Review

No matter what you want pierced, the places on this list will be happy to assist you. The professionals at these shops will have you in and out in no time-- with a fantastic new piercing to show off! Where is your favorite body piercing shop in Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments!


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