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A Cuban Sandwich is a popular sandwich that was created by Florida’s Cuban community. It is the most recognizable sandwich in Tampa. In the 1980s, Cuban cigar workers created the sandwich as they commuted to and from work, and then it went through changes as immigrants from different countries moved in and put their spin on it. The sandwich is a delicious blend of ham, salami, pork roast, pickles, cheese, and mustard. It is certainly worth trying if you are ever in Tampa!

The exact origin of Cuban sandwiches is disputed, but it is still something that brings Tampa’s Cuban American community together, and gets other people to appreciate their culture’s food. 

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La Teresita Cafe

This family restaurant has been around for a long time. 

This juicy meat looks like it would taste amazing in a sandwich. Image courtesy of Yelp

3246 W Columbus Dr | Tampa |

La Teresita was founded by a family that immigrated from Cuba in 1962 to make a better life for themselves. The young boys of the family eventually graduated from selling Cuban corn tamales on their bicycles to their uncle’s meat market, and then to their parents’ new grocery store. The Cuban sandwiches along with other foods on the menu grew a large customer base that regularly stop by to get their fill. 

La Teresita serves thousands of customers on a weekly basis. Some of these customers have included governors, senators, and even presidents. They draw people from many walks of life there to enjoy their friendly atmosphere, great prices, and huge portions of amazing food. This is one of the best places you can visit to try a Cuban sandwich. 

“A Tampa classic! If you haven't been here and live in Tampa, this is a must. Sit at the counter. Soak in all the Spanish. Eat all the Cuban bread they put in front of you. Definitely order a cafe con leche. And probably just get a media noche sandwich to go for later. You'll be in and out in 20 minutes, your bill will be under $10. And you'll be so happy!”–Yelp Review


Brocato’s core value is to serve up the best sandwich in town. 

All these sides and drinks will complement a Cuban sandwich very well. Image courtesy of Uber Eats

5021 E Columbus Dr | Tampa |

Brocato’s Sandwich Shop opened in 1948 and has been selling delicious Cuban sandwiches ever since. Their core values include providing the best sandwich in Tampa and providing great service to their customers. They prepare their sandwiches fresh everyday so that they are serving the best products that they can. 

At Brocato's, you can order online, in person, or in their app. You can even order their food from a few delivery services. Brocato’s sells a host of other delicious foods alongside their famous Cuban sandwiches. You can get breakfast, desserts, and specials. You can even order large platters meant to serve groups of people. And this food can make any gathering so much more enjoyable! 

“Incredible find. I would not have found it without yelp. This place has been around since 1948. The portions are huge and they use boar's head meat. A legit NY style delicatessen in Tampa. It may be a few minutes wait, but absolutely worth it! You won't leave hungry no matter how much you think you can eat.”–Yelp Review

West Tampa Sandwich Shop

This sandwich shop offers a modified Cuban sandwich named after a former president. 

 3904 N Armenia Ave | Tampa |

West Tampa Shop is a staple in Tampa. Their Cuban sandwiches come in small and large to accommodate the appetite of their customers. You can also add a few other toppings aside from the usual Cuban sandwich fixings for a few extra cents as well. They also serve several other Cuban foods that are also a good idea to try if you’re ever there. 

The West Tampa Sandwich shop has visitors from all over the country and the world. They have even been visited by former President Obama, who they named a sandwich after. The sandwich is a traditional Cuban with honey added. You can also add in lettuce and tomatoes just like President Obama chose to during his visit. 

“A true legitimate hidden gem. I'm glad my friend took me to this place. The sandwiches were so good and fresh and it's a good price for a huge sandwich too! Their menu offered tons of delicious items and I would for sure come back in the future to try out their other items!”–Yelp Review

Aguila Sandwich Shop

This sandwich shop has been a long time staple in the community. 

This sandwich is just as awesomely cheesy as it should be. Image courtesy of Yelp

3200 W Hillsborough Ave | Tampa |

Aguila Sandwich Shop has been a staple of the Tampa community since 1987. They serve one of the best Cuban sandwiches in the area, and do it in a family environment that makes everyone feel welcome. Their food quality is high. They like to really make sure to put the best product out there. This dedication to quality has even earned Aguila Sandwich Shop the title of Best Cuban sandwich shop in America!

This sandwich shop likes to participate in fun sandwich related events. In 2019, they held a “Biggest Cuban Sandwich Challenge” where they made the biggest Cuban sandwich they could. They’ve also been on TV! They were once featured on the Travel Channel’s Man Vs Food. Aguila Sandwich Shop is highly recommended by locals and TV programs alike!

“Why have you not been here? Go now! As a Tampa native, I am picky about my Cuban Sandwiches. They really do it justice here. My husband had the Aguilas omelet w/ chorizo. It was also delicious. Huge menu...lots of options. I would recommend ordering online. They make everything to order, so it does take a bit. Totally worth it though.”–Yelp Review

Gonzo’s Sandwich Shop

This sandwich shop uses a lot of care to make the best tasting meat. 

This crispy sandwich is sure to give anyone a satisfying lunch. Image courtesy of Gonzo’s Sandwich Shop

1902 N Himes Ave | Tampa |

Gonzo’s Sandwich Shop is a family owned and operated shop that was founded by Tampa natives. They are dedicated to raising the bar on the type of food that is served to the local community. They take the extra time out to make their own meats rather than feed their customers the processed meats some of their competitors use. Their chef hand picks all the meat and cures and cooks them in house. 

You will taste the difference in their meat once you try it. They make their house ham with a dry rub for up to 48 hours, and their turkey is brined for 24 hours before it's smoked. Their pork shoulder is braised in a unique stock reduction that they call “The Pork Drizzle.” The results of their methods create meats that will have your tastebuds awaken with every bite!

“Great local restaurant for sandwiches. My husband was craving a Cuban sandwich and found this place. The owner was great and very welcoming. Giving us his recommendations and for trying his special menu of his empanada. Everything tasted great! Will come back and try the salads and other sandwiches.”–Yelp Review

Pipo’s Cuban Bakery

Pipo’s offers a variety of fresh baked foods. 

 7233 W Hillsborough Ave | Tampa |

Pipo’s Cuban Bakery serves delicious Cuban breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a casual restaurant with lots of seating. You can choose to enjoy their food in their comfortable restaurant or you can order it to-go. Pipo’s serves a selection of great sandwiches along with their popular Cuban sandwich. And you get to add onions and cheese for just a few extra cents. 

They offer food a-la-carte, catering, and specialities. Their specialties change and currently includes paella made with a variety of sea foods. You will just have to notify them an hour in advance when you want to order a specialty meal. Pipo’s also offers some great desserts like flan, cheesecake, and bread pudding!

“Delicious authentic food for a great price and very kind, friendly staff. My boyfriend showed me to this place and we have been back many times since! So many food choices and I've never been disappointed. My favorite are the tamales, best around in my opinion! I tell everyone to go here! Highly recommend, and thank you Pipo’s for the great food and staff”–Yelp Review

Box Of Cubans

This restaurant has plenty of unique Cuban offerings. 

This sandwich will give you a fun Cuban American experience. Image courtesy of Box Of Cubans

10323 Causeway Blvd | Tampa |

Box of Cubans is a restaurant that specializes in making Cuban food. They have a menu that is full of great options, along with their popular Cuban sandwich. Aside from that, you can choose from several other sandwiches that will be just as good. Those sandwiches include the Lechon sandwich, Media Noche, and a Cuban style steak sandwich. You can also order empanadas and Cuban bowls. 

This restaurant lets you order in person or online. Either way you choose to do it, you will be rewarded with an amazing product! Box of Cubans also offers a unique drink selection. You can order canned jupina, Malta, and canned Kola champagne. They also offer a great selection of Cuban coffee. 

“Absolutely the best Cuban and Medianoche sandwiches,  empanadas,  croquetas, cilantro sauce, cilantro rice, pork, and service ANYWHERE!  EVERYTHING is DELICIOUS, freshly prepared,  made with lots of LOVE!  I thought other reviews were exaggerated,  and I was wrong!  Truly THE BEST!”–Yelp Review

Flan Factory

This restaurant offers amazing desserts along with their Cuban sandwiches. 

This spread would make for a few amazing and filling meals. Image courtesy of Top Brunch Spots

1718 N Nebraska Ave | Tampa |

The Flan Factory was opened in 2016 because of a Cuban’s love of flan. The founder’s mother discovered an ingredient that made flan, something that wasn’t too appealing to him at first, taste amazing. He decided to bring the delicious creation to Tampa residents and to anyone visiting the area. The flan is something from this shop that you don’t want to miss out on trying! They even offer several great flavors like guava, salter carmel, dulce de leche, and coconut. 

The next thing that you should make sure to try is, of course, the Cuban sandwich. Their sandwich is sure to satisfy your craving for Cuban food. Their menu is filled with Cuban breakfasts, sandwiches, starters, and drinks. They offer juices, coffee, and soda among other things. You can easily order in store, online, or even order from a delivery service. 

“Five stars all the way around! The food is fantastic, but the service will keep you coming back. The staff makes you feel like a part of their family. The Cuban sandwich is the best I've ever had and the banana flan is a must try. I can hardly wait until my next tampa visit to try again.”–Yelp Review

Cuban sandwiches are a delicious staple of Tampa, and it would be a shame to miss out on them if you are ever in the area. The next time you’re in Tampa, head to one of these restaurants and try out the famous Cuban sandwich for yourself!


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