Best Art Supply Stores in Pittsburgh

There are plenty of ways Pittsburghers like to show their creative side-- some like to draw, or paint, or sculpt, or do crafts.

No matter what you’re into, there’s definitely other people in this city who feel the same passion about your project that you do. Pittsburgh has a creative side, and has always fostered the arts-- most visibly through our many museums, including the Mattress Factory, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Andy Warhol Museum amongst others. But where do professionals as well as budding artists go for their supplies? There are many options available in Pittsburgh, and we’ve put a list together of some of the best. Check them out the next time you run out of paints, or watercolors, or scrapbooking supplies!

Give the artist in your life a GiftYa personalized gift card to any of the art supply stores below-- and foster their creative side! They can pick and choose whatever it is they need to help them out with their creations-- and GiftYa cards are accepted at all the stores below, as well as many others in the Pittsburgh area.

Blick Art Materials

Your one stop shop for all kinds of art supplies

Blick Art Materials
Image courtesy of Blick Art Materials. These art stores are where the pros go to get all their tools of the trade.


5534 Walnut St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Mon-Fri 9am-8pm

Sat 9am-7pm

Blick Art Materials is one of the best art supply stores in Pittsburgh-- they have anything you need for your work-- including all kinds of paints, pencils, and pens. Whether you draw in charcoal, graphite, or markers-- the friendly staff can point you in the right direction and have you on your way.

They also have a large supply of digital art supplies-- including digital 3-D printing. This cool store is located right in the Shadyside business district, and should be your first destination for anything art.

“I would highly recommend working with the staff here to get started on your art supplies.  I love this store and will definitely return and recommend visiting them and their online store as well.” -Yelp Review

Artist and Craftsman Supply Store

Whether you’re into arts or crafts, this is the supply store for you

Artist and Craftsman Supply Store
Image courtesy of Artist and Craftsman Supply Store. This place has an unbeatable selection of supplies for all kinds of creative endeavors.

Squirrel Hill

5603 Hobart St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Mon-Fri 9am-7:30pm

Sat 9am-7pm

Sun 11am-5pm

If you happen to be in the Squirrel HIll neighborhood-- and if you’re not it’s definitely worth the trip-- check out the Artist and Craftsman Supply Store. Artists love coming to this place to get lost amongst the wide variety of supplies. They stock everything from bushes, canvasses, pencils, and even calligraphy sets.

No matter what type of creative project you’re looking to start-- or finish-- this store will have exactly what you need to get it done. Make sure to check out their sculpting supplies as well.

“They have a vast selection of other art supplies, and I'll definitely be going back next time I need anything art- or craft-related.” -Yelp Review

Top Notch Art Supply

This art supply store has everything for your creative side

Top Notch Art Supply
Image courtesy of Top Notch Art Supply. A fantastic option for all things related to painting, drawing, sculpting, and sketching.


411 S. Craig St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Mon-Fri 10am-7pm

Sat 10am-5pm

Sun 1pm-5pm

Top Notch Art Supply is located in the busy Oakland district of Pittsburgh and has been supplying university students with their art supplies for years. There are some amazing sales that happen a couple times a year-- and it is also a great chance to stock up for the semester.

The friendly and helpful sales staff will be able to help you out with any questions you might have-- and would be able to track down anything you’re looking for. Consider stopping in here the next time you need some supplies-- just look for the huge pencil and you’ll know you’ve arrived!

“They almost always have what I need and if they don't they either order it or tell me where to find it. I know paint brushes are expensive but they're not too bad here.

Very friendly staff.” -Yelp Review

Pat Catan’s

No matter what your craft is, this supply store is sure to have what you need

Art supplies
This place is a wonderful spot to pick up art supplies, or to get started with a new hobby.

Baldwin and various

296 Curry Hollow Rd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15236


Mon-Sat 9am-9pm

Sun 10am-6pm

Pat Catan’s is Pittsburgh’s go-to place for all things artsy, crafty, and for your holiday decor. At the Baldwin store-- as well as a couple others in the area-- you can pick up supplies for painting, sketching, DIY home decorating, as well as classroom supplies. They also offer fabric for sale by the yard-- so you can get even more crafty and make a couple of new outfits.

The salespeople are extremely helpful, and are willing to work with you to make your vision come to life. Whether you’re interested in making a holiday wreath-- or want to redo the drapes in a room-- this is your place to start!

“I love this store. Nice selection of holiday decorations, for all the holidays as they come and go.  Love the scrapbook section and selection as well. Prices are cheap if you are a club member.” -Yelp Review

Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

Who knows what you might find at this treasure trove

Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse. Take some time and sift through all the treasures and trinkets at this art supply store.

Point Breeze

214 N. Lexington St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15208


Mon-Sat 10am-7pm

If you want to use your creativity and put together a homemade project from scratch, consider stopping by the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse in Point Breeze. There are all kinds of items at this place-- all waiting to be repurposed into a work of art. This is a great way to recycle items and create some new art in the process.

The Center for Creative Reuse also teaches classes in all kinds of disciplines-- from jewelry making to painting-- and offers people a hands on experience to help people create their own art.

“The Pittsburgh Center for Reuse is sooooo awesome! Seriously, you can find anything here. You could probably find all the pieces you'd need to make anything.” -Yelp Review

Carnegie Mellon Art Store

Whether you’re a student or not, you’ll be impressed with the art supplies at this place

Art brushes
This art store is a great choice for university students, but also for the hobbyist as well!


5000 Forbes Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Mon-Thurs 8:30am-5pm

Sat 11am-4pm

Carnegie Mellon Art Store is located on the Carnegie Mellon University campus, and is a great choice for picking up your art supplies for the semester. It is also open to the public, so if you happen to be in the Oakland area, make sure to stop by and check it out.

If you need a particular brand or supply, the helpful sales people are always willing to lend a hand, or place an order for whatever supply you may need. Stop in early in the semester and check out their extensive supplies!

“Great store with great staff. It has pretty much everything you'd need for school.” -Google Review


An arts and crafts store with something for every craft

Michael's art store
Image courtesy of Michaels. This is your one stop shop in Pittsburgh for anything crafty or artsy.

Munhall and various

660 E. Waterfront Dr.

Pittsburgh, PA 15120


Mon-Wed 9am-9pm

Thurs-Fri 9am-10pm

Sat 8am-9pm

Michaels is a solid place to check out if you’re in need of any kind of art supply-- or just some helpful advice. They have seasonal decor available year round for all of your decorating ideas-- and helpful associates that can make your dreams come to life. There are a couple of stores across Pittsburgh, including one at the Waterfront in Homestead.

Michaels also has all kinds of items for that special occasion-- including weddings, baby showers, and birthdays-- stop in today and check out all their options!

Buy a GiftYa To Michaels >

“This store is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside, which is really nice. They have every possible item you could use for holidays, crafts, and DIY projects.” -Yelp Review

Joann Fabrics and Crafts

Stop into this craft and art store and get inspired!

Jo Ann Fabrics
Image courtesy of Joann Fabrics and Craft Stores. When you’re looking to start a new craft project, check out this store.

Robinson and various

1800 Park Manor Blvd. Unit 5

Pittsburgh, PA 15205


Mon-Sat 9am-9pm

Joann Fabrics and Crafts is a fantastic option for crafters and artsy people in Pittsburgh. They have all kinds of decor options to enhance the look of any room-- as well as yards and yards of fabric to inspire you to create your next project.

Joann Fabrics is well known throughout Pittsburgh, and they have a couple of stores-- including a large one at the Mall at Robinson--  which make it an incredibly convenient option as well.

“I've never had a bad experience here!!  From helping me calculate fabric needs to the incredible savings on holiday decor, it's all great!” -Yelp Review

Whether you’re a seasoned artist-- or just starting out in your craft-- check out these places for all your artsy needs. They’re sure to have what you’re looking for-- whether it’s paint, pencils, charcoal, or canvasses. Where’s your favorite place to shop for art supplies in Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments!


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