Best 9 Places to Treat Yourself to Gluten- Free Dessert in Pittsburgh

Whether that’s vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, or gluten-free-- restaurants and coffee shops have really stepped it up.

There are tons of gluten-free options available all over town-- most restaurants now have special gluten-free sections as well. If you’re looking for some gluten-free sweets, look no further than the options on this list. Some of these places are completely gluten-free-- and some have some fantastic gluten-free options in addition to their regular menu. You’ll just have to check them out and see which ones have the best gluten-free yummy desserts!

If you know someone who has a gluten allergy-- but still likes a sweet treat-- pick them up a GiftYa virtual gift card to use at these places! It’s so easy to pick out the vendor, choose your amount, and send a GiftYa gift-- complete with a personalized photo or video from you.

Gluten Free Goat Bakery and Cafe

Trust the goat and try this gluten-free bakery!

Gluten Free Goat


4908 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Mon 5pm-9pm

Wed-Thurs 8am-2pm

Fri 8am-2pm, 5pm-9pm

Sat-Sun 10am-3pm, 5pm-9pm

If you have a gluten allergy and you’re looking for a place where you can order anything on the menu-- look no further than Gluten Free Goat Bakery and Cafe in Garfield. This place really has it all, including cakes, cookies, bread, sandwiches, and soups. The owner’s goal is to give Pittsburghers great tasting gluten-free options-- and we think she succeeded!

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“Gluten Free Goat was the most exciting food experience I've had in recent memory! As someone with food restrictions, I can't remember the last time I was able to go to a restaurant and literally pick anything from the menu.” -Yelp Review

Gluuteny Bakery

Gluten-free wholesale bakery in Squirrel Hill

Gluuteny Bakery
Image courtesy of Gluuteny Bakery. A great option for all your gluten-free dessert needs!

Squirrel Hill

1923 Murray Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Tues-Sat 9am-6pm

Sun 10am-4pm

If you appreciate a good pastry-- and it has to be gluten-free-- consider checking out Gluuteny Bakery. This place is located in the busy Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and serves up gluten-free, dairy free, and vegan options. They have all kinds of delicious baked goods for you to try-- including their famous apple streusel pie-- so stop in a have a taste!

“A nice gluten free and somewhat vegan bakery right in the heart of squirrel hill. The pastries here are really good!” -Yelp Review

Eden’s Market

This place has more than just gluten-free desserts!

Eden's Market
Image courtesy of Eden’s Market. A fantastic market that specializes in bringing gluten-free options to Pittsburgh.

Mt. Lebanon

99 Alfred St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15228


Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

Sat 9am-5pm

Eden’s Market has been providing a wide array of gluten-free options to the people of Pittsburgh for years. Located in Mt. Lebanon, this place has everything to help you prepare some delicious gluten-free meals. It’s your one stop shop for all things gluten-free.

They also offer prepared gluten-free food and baked goods as well. Make sure to try their delicious gluten-free bread!

“In short, this store is an excellent resource in the South Hills for not just gluten-free foods, but vegan, sugar-free, Paleo, local and other specialty products.” -Yelp Review

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Gluten-free bakery that specializes in bundt cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes
Image courtesy of Nothing Bundt Cakes. Gluten-free bundt cakes are this shop’s specialty.

Upper St. Clair

100 Sienna Dr., #225

Upper St. Clair, PA 15241


Mon-Fri 9am-7pm

Sat 10am-6pm

If you’ve got a craving for bundt cakes, stop by Nothing Bundt Cakes for a delicious gluten-free treat. This Upper St. Clair bakery has really filled the void for gluten-free bundt cakes. They have all kinds of flavors for you to try-- as well as some delicious frosting options as well.

You can also pick up bundt cake supplies at their bakery-- so once you learn how to make bundt cakes yourself-- you’ll be making them all the time!

“Says it all in the name, nothing but Bundt cakes they are amazing ! My wife has a sweet tooth and it's always a great stop on my way home from work.” -Yelp Review

Cafe Chocolade

A bakery and cafe that is entirely gluten-free

Cafe Chocolade
Image courtesy of Cafe Chocolade. The gluten-free cakes at this bakery are some of the best in Pittsburgh.


7061 Steubenville Pike

Oakdale, PA 15071


Tues-Fri 8am-6pm

Sat 8am-3pm

The next time you’re in the Oakdale neighborhood, considering stopping at Cafe Chocolade for a sweet, gluten-free dessert. This hidden gem has been offering some delicious gluten-free bakery and cafe items to the people of Pittsburgh for years.

In addition to delicious gluten-free donuts, cookies, cakes, and pies-- they also have a cafe menu as well. There you can order your favorite sandwiches, soups, and quiches-- all amazing and gluten-free!

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“A little piece of paradise. I have never found myself at a loss of words when I have so many things to say.” -Yelp Review

California Coffee Bar

Come for a coffee and a sweet treat at this gluten-free cafe

California Coffee Bar
Image courtesy of California Coffee Bar. Stop in for the this cafe’s famous gluten-free donuts!

Brighton Heights

3619 California Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Mon 6am-3pm

Tues-Fri 5:30am-3pm

Sat 7am-3pm

Sun 8am-3pm

California Coffee Bar prides itself on not only serving some amazing coffee and gluten-free desserts-- but it also is a big part of the Brighton Heights community. The cafe is warm and inviting-- someplace where people want to go to chat and try some amazing gluten-free options.

In addition to coffee and pastries, they also serve smoothies, sandwiches, and yogurts. This is easily some place where you can hang out for a couple of hours and read or get some work done.

“Wow, what a great hidden gem!!  Great little spot! I'll come back when I have time to chill!” -Yelp Review

Pastries a la Carte

Unique pastries and great gluten-free options!

Pastries a la Carte
Image courtesy of Pastries a la Carte. A fantastic bakery that has a large gluten-free menu.

Pleasant Hills

81 Clairton Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15236


Mon-Fri 6am-6pm

Sat 8am-5pm

Sun 10am-2pm

Pastries a la Carte is a family owned bakery in Pleasant Hills that offers all kinds of delicious pastries. They staff are always friendly and ready to help you pick out the perfect dessert for any occasion.

In addition to their regular menu, they also have a wide selection of gluten-free cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and pies. One of their most popular items is the gluten-free pumpkin pie-- they have a hard time keeping them on the shelf!

“Quality baked goods, friendly staff, and reasonable pricing.  Do not pass up this place thinking they carry the same standard products you find at  other bakeries.” -Yelp Review

Gigi’s Cupcakes

Gluten-free cupcakes are their specialty!

Gigi's Cupcakes
Image courtesy of Gigi’s Cupcakes.These fun cupcakes are all available as a gluten-free option!


761 Providence Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15237


Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm

Fri-Sat 9am-9pm

Sun 11am-6pm

Cupcakes are always a fun treat-- there are so many ways you can decorate them! Gigi’s Cupcakes specializes in one thing-- and that’s cupcakes. Located in McCandless, this bakery has a wide variety of cupcake flavors-- including some seasonal options as well.

Their gluten-free items are just as delicious as their regular cupcakes-- and prove to be just as popular! Make sure you try one of Pittsburgh’s favorite flavors-- the gluten friendly triple chocolate torte!

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“The cupcakes were delicious and moist. Very happy about my first visit here, certainly will not be my last!” -Yelp Review

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods and Cafe

This place has so many organic and gluten-free items to choose from!

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods
Image courtesy of Sunny Bridge Natural Foods and Cafe. This is a great place to stock up on all your favorite gluten-free items-- and grab a delicious lunch as well!


130 Gallery Dr.

McMurray, PA 15317


Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm

Fri 9am-7pm

Sat 9am-5pm

Sun 10am-5pm

Sunny Bridge Natural Foods and Cafe is a fantastic little store and bakery located in McMurray. They offer gluten-free bakery items, as well as vegan, keto, and sugar-free desserts as well. You can choose from gluten-free muffins, scones, cakes, cookies, pies, as well as cheesecakes.

Makes sure you check out their delicious organic, gluten-free cafe menu as well! They offer only the finest soups, salads, sandwiches, and smoothies-- all made with fresh organic produce.

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“Just went there for the first time today! Staff was very helpful and food from cafe was delicious!!” -Yelp Review

The next time you’re looking for some delicious gluten-free options for dessert, consider checking out any of these amazing places. Their menus are always adding new gluten-free treats-- so make sure to stop by often! What’s your favorite gluten-free dessert? Let us know in the comments!


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