Best 8 Places for Gluten-free Dining in Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for gluten-free options, make sure to visit these spots!

Pittsburgh restaurants have come a long way in meeting the needs of people with a gluten allergy. Now you see many more restaurants than before that offer a gluten-free menu alongside their regular menu. There are even restaurants and bakeries that offer exclusively gluten-free menus! This is great news for people dealing with celiac disease-- it gives them so many more options when looking for a place to eat out. We’ve put together this list of some amazing Pittsburgh restaurants that offer some delectable gluten-free options. Make it a point to stop by and try out some of the items on their gluten-free menu!

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Federal Galley

This unique dining experience has many gluten-free options

Pizza slices
Image courtesy of the Federal Galley. There is always something new to try at this place-- especially among their gluten-free options!

North Side

200 Children’s Way

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm

Fri 11am-12am

Sat 10am-12am

Sun 10am-9pm

Federal Galley, and its sister restaurant Smallman Galley, is a creative way to showcase up and coming talented Pittsburgh chefs-- who may have not had the opportunity to start their own restaurant yet.

There are always different options to choose from at this place-- including many gluten-free options. The Galley tries to locate chefs who have something unique to offer Pittsburgh-- whether that is food, drinks, pastries, or gluten-free options.

It always pays to check this place out often, as the items and restaurants change frequently.

“Overall, Federal Galley has a lot of new, fresh choices that all looked appetizing as I saw dishes pass by to other diners. Next time I'm in the PGH area I will keep this place in mind!” -Yelp Review

Giovanni’s Pizza

Check this place for some amazing gluten-free pizza

Giovanni's pizza
Image courtesy of Giovanni’s Pizza. A great option if you’re looking for some tasty gluten-free pizza!


123 6th St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Mon-Thurs 9am-1am

Fri 9am-2am

Sat 10am-2am

Sun 10am-1am

Giovanni’s Pizza has put the taste back into gluten-free pizza. Long gone are the bland, not so delicious gluten-free pizza crusts of years ago. Say hello to amazing gluten free dough that tastes just like the real thing!

Pittsburghers love that this place has really stepped up the gluten-free options-- and finally made a pizza that is worth seeking out. Their pizza is available for delivery and take out, so make sure when you’re craving a gluten-free slice, you stop in to this downtown Pittsburgh staple!

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“We were very satisfied with our pizza and we even took the leftovers back with us and finished the pizza while on the road the next day. Even good when it is cold!” -Yelp Review


There are a ton of gluten-free options at this Lawrenceville spot

Breakfast food
Image courtesy of Franktuary. Delicious hot dogs are just the tip of the menu at this fantastic restaurant.


3810 Butler St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Mon-Thurs 11am-10:30pm

Fri-Sat 11am-11:30pm

Sun 11am-8p

If you thought there’s no way you can make an entire menu out of hot dogs, you would be wrong! Franktuary manages to do just that, and so much more. This Lawrenceville shop has all kinds of frankfurter options-- you can build your own perfect dog, choose from one of their signature ones, or get a salad or poutine instead.

They also have some amazing gluten-free options, as well as meatless hot dogs for your vegetarian or vegan friends. Their food truck operates all over Pittsburgh as well-- you never know where you might see it!

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“Came to Franktuary for a casual meal for the first time today. The menu had a large selection with options for all tastes and dietary restrictions. Although I have none, there were vegan and gluten free options.” -Yelp Review


Sign us up for gluten-free burger options!

Sandwich from Burgatory
Image courtesy of Burgatory. This burger place has some of the best burgers in the ‘Burgh-- as well as delicious gluten-free choices.

342 N. Shore Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

Burgatory is one of the best places to grab a burger in the city of Pittsburgh. It’s located just across the river from downtown-- on the North Shore. Their gluten-free menu is full of amazing burger options as well-- you can even pick whether to get it with a gluten-free bun or bunless and get some veggies instead!

There are also some delicious sides like quinoa and potato salad available as well. Don’t forget to end your meal with a fantastic gluten-free milkshake or ice cream float!

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“Burgatory is awesome! The staff is so helpful and friendly and we didn't even wait that long to be seated or get our food. They have so many options to choose from and their MILKSHAKES are THE BOMB!” -Yelp Review

Double Wide Grill

There are so many gluten-free options at this spot you won’t know where to start!

Ribs from Double Wide
Image courtesy of Double Wide Grill. Gluten-free choices have been a part of this restaurant’s menu since the day they opened.

South Side

2339 E. Carson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Mon-Thurs 11am-9pm

Fri 11am-11pm

Sat 10am-11pm

Sun 10am-9pm

If you’ve got a craving for some delicious steaks and ribs, look no further than the gluten-free menu at the Double Wide Grill. This place in the South Side has always made it a point to make sure all kinds of Pittsburghers feel welcome-- from vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, and those with gluten allergies. They offer all kinds of options for folks who might have a specific diet.

Their brisket, pulled pork, and jerk tacos are some of the best in Pittsburgh-- and can be gluten-free or ordered off their regular menu. Don’t forget to check out their burgers as well! All are jam packed with flavor and served with a gluten-free bun.

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“Best vegan food ever! The place was converted from  a service/gas station into a trendy restaurant. Cool vibe with covered outdoor seating as well as indoor (obviously).” -Yelp Review

Square Cafe

One of the best gluten-free brunches in Pittsburgh

Square Cafe brunch
Image courtesy of Square Cafe. If you’re looking for some gluten-free Pittsburgh brunch options, stop into this little cafe.

Regent Square

1137 S. Braddock Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15218


Mon-Sun 7am-3pm

The Square Cafe located in Regent Square is one of the best places to get some gluten-free or vegetarian options. They have always tried to meet the needs of their customers, and continue to offer more and more gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options to their menus.

Long held as an amazing place to get brunch on the weekends, this restaurant also offers some delicious lunch options as well. Make sure you try one of their famous breakfast bowls-- they’re full of healthy gluten-free veggies, beans, eggs, and potatoes!

“The place for breakfast, lunch, brunch, teas, and a crazy awesome menu of delicious food!!  From the hashes to the fritadas It's all very very good!!!” -Yelp Review

Gluten Free Goat Bakery and Cafe

This place has gluten-free lunch options as well as baked goods!

Gluten Free Goat
Image courtesy of Gluten Free Goat Cafe and Bakery. If you’re looking for a cute cafe to grab a gluten-free sandwich or even a pastry and coffee-- try this spot.


4908 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Mon 5pm-9pm

Wed-Thurs 8am-2pm

Fri 8am-2pm, 5pm-9pm

Sat-Sun 10am-3pm, 5pm-9pm

Gluten Free Goat Cafe and Bakery has one of Pittsburgh’s best selections of all things gluten-free. You can literally order anything off the menu and it’s guaranteed to be free of any gluten.

Whether you’d like a quiche, a burrito bowl, or even some sourdough pancakes-- you can rest easy knowing they’re all made gluten-free. The owner of this Garfield store wanted to bring some more options to the gluten-free market in Pittsburgh. We think she succeeded in doing just that!

“This is a seriously cool place to eat! I am not gluten intolerant or anything but I love to eat gluten free or vegan (or both) if I get the chance! I have tried several things from here now and I would like to make this a cafe I frequent.” -Yelp Review

B52 Cafe

Make sure you check this place out for some amazing gluten-free options!

B52 Cafe burger
Image courtesy of B52 Cafe. This cafe is a great spot to grab a bite of something gluten-free and catch up with friends or get some work done.


5202 Butler St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Mon-Fri 8am-9pm

Sat 9am-9pm

Sun 9am-3pm

B52 Cafe is one of those spots where you can easily spend an afternoon in. Not only does it have great gluten-free lunch and dinner options, but it has a fantastic espresso bar as well!

Almost anything on their eclectic menu can be made into a gluten-free meal-- and that includes their Middle Eastern menu options as well!

“The food tho!! I had the red lentil soup which was the best I've had in the city of Pittsburgh so def get that. The falafel sandwich on gluten free bread!!” -Yelp Review

Just because you need gluten free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste! All the restaurants on this list proudly serve many gluten-free options-- and are always adding more to their menus! What is your favorite Pittsburgh gluten-free restaurant? Let us know in the comments!

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