9 Restaurants in Whitefish, MT Where You Can Refuel After a Day at Glacier National Park

Why Not FInd Somewhere Amazing to Eat in Whitefish?

Good morning, good day, or good evening and welcome to my article on the great restaurant scene in Whitefish, Montana. The nice thing about writing this article is that Whitefish actually has a pretty good variety of great restaurants in different styles. A lot of cities out there that I write about have a lot of restaurants all competing in the same sphere of seafood and steak. The great thing about Whitefish is that there are excellent restaurants, from Cajun and Italian cuisine to breakfast places and sports bars. 

And for all these great restaurants I will provide you with a link to their website so that way you can check out their menu and pricing options before you make a final decision. I will also provide you with a link to their Yelp page so that way you can see what their customers have had to say about them. And on top of that I will let you know anytime one of these restaurants in Whitefish accept our convenient GiftYa gift cards.

A GiftYa, for those who aren’t familiar yet, is basically just your standard gift card. Except that it isn’t really at all because of GiftYas innovative digital format. You can still use them for everything you would use one of those clunky plastic gift cards for, but their all digital format means they can be bought and sent wirelessly. And you don’t even have to worry about keeping track of the balance because it’s all done by your phone for you. And speaking of your phone, the fact they are on your phone means it’s really unlikely you’ll be out somewhere you have a gift card to, and not have it readily accessible.

But enough about how convenient GiftYas are, let’s get to that list of amazing restaurants in Whitefish that you came here for!

1 - The Witch Haus

Sandwiches, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Image courtesy of The Witch Haus website.

105 Wisconsin Ave | Whitefish | thewichhaus.com

If you are looking for a great place to get lunch while you are in Whitefish then I would highly recommend the Witch Haus (and apparently so would everybody else since they boast a perfect five star rating from former customers.) And the reason I think they make an excellent place for lunch is because they specialize in sandwiches, frozen yogurt, and ice cream. 

I think that makes a great lunch because sandwiches can kind of include anything. You can get everything from fried chicken and roasted pork to a fried cauliflower sandwich and beet salad sandwich. So no matter how picky an eater is in your party you will be able to find something that will appeal to them at the Witch Haus. And better than that, if you or somebody you know has dietary restrictions, they have plenty of vegetarian and vegan sandwich options as well. So they make a great spot for everybody.

The only issue is that they also happen to serve frozen yogurt and ice cream, which I believe are off limits to those who are practicing vegans. But if that’s an issue don’t worry they also specialize in craft beers and wine. So there is something to indulge in for everybody at the Witch Haus

“Every time I come to town, I have to try a new sandwich and get a side of potato salad. Make sure you're hungry, because the sandwiches here are huge! I haven't had one I didn't like yet, and I do recommend trying the various sides as well. Looking forward to coming back!” - Yelp Review 

2 - Tupelo Grille

Great Cajun Seafood and Steakhouse in Whitefish 

17 Central Ave | Whitefish | tupelogrille.com

Tupelo Grille makes it to the number two spot on my list of great restaurants in Whitefish because they too also have very positive customer feedback. But more than that they are a seafood and steakhouse that specialize in a cajun/creole style of cooking. And I really like that because there are so many nice restaurants out there that serve the exact same steak and seafood menu. 

It’s refreshing to see a successful restaurant that offers something unique and innovative to the formula. I would love to describe what exactly makes something cajun/creole style, but it seems to be rather eclectic rules. So if I were you I would take a look at their website to get a better idea of what you might expect. I can tell you that one of their most popular dishes is the elk meatloaf. So if that gives you any indication I hope it helps. All in all Tupelo Grill looks like somewhere you can get a great meal that isn’t the same ‘ol same ‘ol great meal that you order at every restaurant. So if you are in the mood to try something new, this would be my number one choice of restaurant in Whitefish for you!

“Nice laid back lounge with some live music, very strong drinks, and great food. It is definitely worth a visit if in Whitefish.” - Yelp Review

3 - Backslope Brewing

Best Brewery You Can Find In Whitefish

1107 9th St W | Columbia Falls | backslopebrewing.com

Backslope Brewery boasts a four and a half star rating with hundreds of reviews in from prior customers. And it’s easy to see why. Not only do they offer plenty of great craft beer, they also offer a full menu of modern American style cuisine. So while you can expect the classics you get at most breweries, like a fried chicken sandwich, you can also get a ginger pork bowl at Backslope Brewing. I write a lot of articles about a lot of different restaurants and breweries and I’m not sure I’ve seen a brewery that has such a nice plate presentation. Everything here looks really great and I can’t wait to try it. 

“This place has such good, wholesome food and drinks. We love going whenever we are in the area. Highly recommend!” - Yelp Review 

4 - Loula’s Cafe

The Best Place for Breakfast In Whitefish

Image courtesy of Loula’s Cafe website.

300 2nd St E | Whitefish | whitefishrestaurant.com

Loula’s Cafe is hands down the best place in Whitefish for breakfast. They might be the best place in Whitefish period. I believe they are the highest rated of any place on the list. And it’s easy to see why. They specialize in taking all of the breakfast classics and elevating them to an art form. I mean they have lemon stuffed french toast. Which sounds to die for. And apparently it is because their lemon stuffed french toast on its own has more five star reviews than a lot of restaurants have reviews at all. 

But it’s not just french toast they do well, their eggs benedict is also insanely well reviewed. And you can tell that everything a breakfast place makes is going to be good when they have mastered the staples of breakfast like that.

“Here on a mountain bike trip and this restaurant is THE place for breakfast.  Amazing service and just incredible food.  Coffee hot and plentiful! Really clean inside and all food locally sourced I believe, and delicious.  I sure hope that I can get a chance to return - in Whitefish this is a great place to have breakfast.” - Yelp Review 

5 - Abruzzo Italian Kitchen

The Best Place for Great Italian Food In Whitefish 

115 Central Ave | Whitefish | abruzzoitaliankitchen.com

If you are looking for great Italian food in Whitefish then look no further. Abruzzo Italian Kitchen is bar none the best italian place in the city. And as such you can get all kinds of seafood, salad and pasta. They make everything from scratch (including the pasta). And that means that all of their wood fired pizzas are also homemade. And if homemade pasta and wood fired pizza doesn’t sound like a great night of Italian food then I can’t imagine what your standards are. 

They strive to create a memorable experience for every customer that comes through their doors, and it seems like they must be doing so because they have a four and a half star rating with hundreds of reviews in. To be honest I had a hard time picking between five star reviews to post for them because there were so many that were way too long where the customers just went on and on about how amazing their food was!

“We always enjoy our time and the food at Abruzzos! The margarita pizza is absolutely delicious! Service and atmosphere is always good. I'm glad they accommodate walk-ins as well as having reservations.” - Yelp Review 

6 - Buffalo Cafe

Great Place For Breakfast & Lunch in Whitefish

Image courtesy of Buffalo Cafe website.

514 3rd St E | Whitefish | buffalocafewhitefish.com

Like the other restaurants so far, Buffalo Creek also has an outstanding rating with their customers. However, what I really like about them is that they are really the first restaurant on the list that has a great breakfast menu. The Buffalo Cafe serves a traditional menu of American style cuisine. But they serve it for breakfast, brunch and lunch. The downside to that is that they are only open until 2PM so you’ll have to have them for breakfast or lunch because there is no opportunity to try them at dinner time.

“We eat here usually every other week. Consistently good breakfast I think the best in the valley and great service. They always have a special and a great selection of beer...locally family owned that are great people...highly recommend!” - Yelp Review 

7 - Jalisco Cantina

Best Place In Whitefish for Authentic Mexican Cuisine

510 Wisconsin Ave | Whitefish | thejaliscocantina.com

If you want fantastic Mexican food in Whitefish then Jalisco Cantina is gonna be just the spot for. They specialize in creating authentic Mexican dishes using authentic traditional cooking methods. So you can be sure you are getting the real thing at Jalisco Cantina. And on top of specializing in out of this world Mexican food, they also have a full cocktail bar so you can compliment every meal with a drink if you so choose. 

“First time and would definitely go back! We were visiting from out of town and decided to give this restaurant a try. The shrimp tacos were the best I've ever had (I decided to do flour tortillas instead of corn.) And the fried ice cream was great!” - Yelp Review 

8 - Applebee’s

Popular National Chain In Whitefish That’s Great For Drinks and Appetizers

Grab an Applebee’s gift card by following the link!

2322 US Hwy 93 N | Kalispell | applebees.com/en-us/mt/kalispell

I know Applebee’s isn’t always the first that springs to mind when people are thinking of great restaurants. But I always found Applebee’s to be an affordable night out with dinner for two. Or a great night out with a group for drinks and appetizers. I want to make sure there is something on this list that works for everybody. And the great thing is that since Applebbe’s are such a large chain, they have a very accessible and familiar menu that everyone can find something they want on.

“Good food at a good price, especially the 2 for $20 deal.  Lots of monitors for watching sports events and a very friendly and accommodating wait staff.” - Yelp Review 

You can grab a digital and convenient Applebee’s gift card by clicking the link!

9 - Buffalo Wild Wings

Great Sports Bar In Whitefish

Grab a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card by following the link!

115 Hutton Ranch Rd | Whitefish | buffalowildwings.com

Buffalo Wild Wings is a wildly successful chain of sports bars across the country. So if you are looking for the game on the tv, a cold beer, and some hot wings then Buffalo Wild Wings is gonna be the spot for you!

“Went in today for lunch. Haven't been here in years. I sat at the bar, food, beer and service were perfect! I asked for wings well done and they were. Beer was good too. My only complaint....it was too hot in there....or I would have stayed longer” - Yelp Review 

You can get a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card for you or a loved one by following the link!

There you go you now have a list of some of the best restaurants you can find in Whitefish, Montana. I tried to get a nice variety of different menu options into the list today and I think I covered most of my bases. But if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for not to worry! GiftYa also has articles on the great breakfast places and the breweries you can eat at when you are in Whitefish next!

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