Looking For A Great Place to Crash In Gatlinburg? Check Out These Hotels Near Smoky Mountain National Park

It is never a bad time to grab your RV and head to Smoky Mountain National Park.

Hello and welcome to my list of great hotels you can find around the Smoky Mountain National Park. As you might expect, these hotels are pretty much all going to be in Gatlinburg. And listen, it can be a little hard to tell you what makes each hotel different from one another without being too repetitive. So I tried to find something that made each hotel unique and draw attention to that to give you some idea of what makes them different from the others. 

And I’ll give you each hotel's Yelp page so you can see what other customers have had to say, as well as their web page itself so you can check on room availability and pricing options. And on top of that, I’ll also give you a link anytime they accept our convenient digital gift cards.

GiftYas are digital gift cards that can be bought and sent wirelessly in just seconds. And I personally find their digital format convenient whenever I am traveling. There is already so much to worry about packing when you are visiting the national parks, that having all your gift cards right on your phone makes it a lot less of a headache. I find them useful to grab food for the day when I am all set up to hike.

There are a couple great fast food spots you might find come in handy when you are looking to stay near the Great Smoky Mountains.


A Good Spot to Grab A Lunch for A Day of Hiking

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600 Pkwy | Gatlinburg | subway.com

If you are looking for hotels around Gatlinburg then I’m betting there is a good chance that you are probably going to be spending a day or so at the nearby Great Smoky Mountain National Park. And the thing about the National Parks is that they are so big that they can take up a whole day before you notice it. With all of the hiking trails you don’t want to end up an hour into a hike with a rumbling stomach and nothing to eat. Which is where Subway comes in. Since you get to pick each part of your meal, you can eat as healthy as you want to. And I find you get a substantial amount of food, for a pretty small amount of garbage, which I just think makes it easier to help keep our beautiful national parks clean!

“Typical Subway experience!” - Yelp Review 

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Grab a Domino’s gift card by following the link!

Great Place to Get A Pizza Delivered to the Hotel

951 E Parkway | Gatlinburg | dominos.com

I don’t know about you, but after a long day of driving, the last thing I want to do is cook a whole diner. So if you are anything like me I imagine having a place to order dinner from would really come in handy. And that is where Domino’s comes in. The nice thing about Domino’s is that they still have their own delivery drivers. So you can count on the correct food actually getting there in a reasonable amount of time. 

“We stopped by here on our way home from Anakeesta. The previous devious were bad, I don't get it. Employees were nice and got my food in 15 minutes and was ip to Dominoes standards. All good here.” - Yelp Review 

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But enough about convenient places to grab something to eat after a long day of travels, let’s get to those great hotels near Smoky Mountain National Park that you came here for!

1 - Hilton Garden Inn Gatlinburg

Top Rated Hotel In Gatlinburg

635 River Rd | Gatlinburg | hilton.com

Hilton Garden Inn makes it the top slot for a couple reasons. First of all, they are the highest rated hotel on this list by previous customers. Which means they are delivering a good experience consistently which I always like to see. But on top of that, it is also conveniently located right at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains. Which means it’s a short drive to the entrance to The Great Smoky Mountain National Park entrance. But it is also only half an hour from the airport as well. So if you are flying into Gatlinburg instead of driving that makes for a very convenient commute all around.

Overall this hotel has large clean rooms, an excellent staff, and even has a pool and jacuzzi. You can expect to have all of the typical hotel amenities here. The only downside that comes with being the highest rated hotel in town is that they can charge a bit more for rooms at night. But if it’s in your price range you really can’t go wrong with Hilton Garden Inn!

“Excellent lobby/front desk service, great location, clean and well run. The gym is adequate and I used it everyday without any problems. The pool and jacuzzi were hot with our 2 kids. Would come back here again.” - Yelp Review 

2 - The Lodge At Buckberry Creek

Incredible Suites You Can Stay In Right On the Mountains

Image courtesy of Buckberry Lodge website.

961 Campbell Lead Rd | Gatlinburg | buckberrylodge.com

The Lodge At Buckberry Creek offers 44 luxury suite rooms with full kitchen, wifi, fireplace, private decks and walk in showers. But don’t let all the modern amenities throw you. The Lodge has spectacular views of The Great Smoky Mountains. It was even constructed with the goal of keeping the natural beauty of the land intact. So if you want to experience the beauty of the mountains with all the modern conveniences that you can handle, then The Lodge At Buckberry Creek is going to be just the place for you. 

The lodge itself even features a reception area, gift shops, full conference rooms, a creekside pavilion, and even fine dining right on location. So this is really the ultimate experience for those who want to see the beauty of the natural park, without all of the hiking and bug bites that normally accompany it. 

“The lodge is only a mile up the road from downtown & the national park entrance so it's in close proximity to a lot of great things. The only issue we ran into was not enough parking but we made it work.

Overall had a great experience here & would definitely stay here again.

” - Yelp Review

3 - Margaritaville Resort Gatlinburg

Upscale Resort You Can Stay In While You Are In Gatlinburg

39 Pkwy | Gatlinburg | margaritavilleresorts.com

The thing that makes Margaritaville different from the previous entries on the list is that it functions as a full resort. And the big difference between a resort and a hotel is that a resort offers a full employee assisted experience meant to help you destress and unwind. While hotels will have helpful guest services as well they don’t often offer full spas and beauty treatments. 

So if you are in Gatlinburg and you aren’t particularly interested in seeing the national park and just want to unwind and relax during your stay, then Margaritaville Resort is going to be just the spot for you. And even if you do want to spend a couple days hiking the trails of the national park, nothing helps soothe sore muscles more than a custom designed massage afterwards!

“We rented the two queen room, which is standard. I rate this hotel 5 STARS because of the location, the amenities, and the atmosphere‼ I loved it so much that I'm taking my family there to stay in the two bedroom suite during July 4th in 2022. We are looking forward to another amazing stay‼” - Yelp Review 

4 - Courtyard by Marriott Gatlinburg Downtown

Conveniently Located Hotel With Rooms and Suites for Rent

315 Historic Nature Trl | Gatlinburg | marriott.com

Courtyard by Marriott has something not every hotel on the list today has. And that is a really really convenient location. The Marriott is located right across from the Gatlinburg Convention Center and is only minutes away from the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It also happens to be near all the Ripley’s attractions which feature all kinds of fun activities from putt putt golf to an aquarium. 

Which I think makes this my number one choice of hotel if you are staying in Gatlinburg with the whole family. The convenient location  means you are only a few minutes away from something that is sure to please the group. And whether you are in town for an event, or to see the national park, you really can’t beat that location!

“Great location just off the main drag and easy walking distance. Newish property with nice rooms.” - Yelp Review 

5 - Fairfield Inn & Suites

Modern Decor Meets Southern Charm

Image courtesy of Marriott website.

611 Historic Nature Trl | Gatlinburg | marriott.com

The thing that sets Fairfield Inn & suites apart from the other great hotels on the list today is their unique blend of modern decor mixed with southern charm. I haven’t seen another hotel with quite the same aesthetic. So if you are looking for somewhere kind of unique and memorable to stay while you are in town then be sure to give Fairfield Inn a try.

And just because they have a memorable style doesn’t mean you sacrifice on any of the amenities. There is free wifi, free continental breakfast, and even an outdoor pool and hot tub. So you can enjoy all the modern comforts of a hotel at a place that is unique and stands out from other cookie cutter hotels.

“Great location. Nice rooms. Nice bathroom and showers. Comfy beds. They need to bring back the continental breakfast like it was. It is crap now just Frozen and instant foods. Still can't make your own waffles.” - Yelp Review 

6 - Old Creek Lodge

Beautifully Decorated Rustic Lodge With Plenty of Modern Amenities

680 River Rd | Gatlinburg | oldcreeklodgegatlinburg.com

Old Creek Lodge has a few things I like. First of all, they have all sorts of modern amenities like free wifi, continental breakfast, and even an outdoor heated pool and hot tub. But they don’t sacrifice on the charm of the Great Smoky Mountain Area. They have rustic style rooms and some of the rooms even have leather chairs and sofas. So you really get the bang for your buck if you are just looking for southern charm during your stay.

But on top of their amenities and aesthetic, Old Creek Lodge is also conveniently located. It’s walking distance from downtown Gatlinburg. Which means you have foot access to all the shopping, food, and entertainment that downtown has to offer. While also being only a short distance from the entrance to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

“Outstanding service, very comfortable beds and spacious rooms.  Fantastic location, free breakfast and quiet rooms made for an ideal stay with our kids.  Front desk was very welcoming and helpful.  Highly recommend.” - Yelp Review 

7 - Sleep Inn & Suites

A Backup Hotel In Case Everywhere Else Is Booked

Grab a Sleep Inn & Suites gift card by following the link!

335 East Pkwy | Gatlinburg | choicehotels.com

I’ll be honest, Sleep Inn & Suites doesn’t have an out of this world track record. But I know that it can be hard to find a room around our national parks during the busy seasons. So if you can’t find a room at one of the nicer hotels further up the list, then give Sleep Inn & Suites a try. You don’t want your whole trip to fizzle out just because all the rooms are rented already at the fancy hotels do you?

“Very friendly staff and the rooms were super clean! The bed was extremely comfortable and we were able to walk downtown from here no problem.” - Yelp Review 

You can grab a Sleep Inn & Suites gift card for you or a loved one by following the link!

And there you have it! A list of the best hotels you can find around The Great Smoky Mountains. I hope you were able to find the great hotel you were looking for. And since you are staying in Gatlinburg you might as well take a look at these other great articles we did featuring the best restaurants in Gatlinburg, as well as the most fun things you can do while you are in the area!

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