9 Super Fresh Seafood Restaurants in Gatlinburg, TN

The Best Seafood (and Freshwater Fish) Places You Can Find In Gatlinburg

Hello and welcome to my article on the best seafood places you can find around Gatlinburg Tennessee. There were honestly a lot of great choices in the area. So I tried to keep the steakhouse/seafood kind of restaurants off the list for the most part. I think I did a pretty good job of getting a variety of different styles of seafood on the list instead of just giving you a list that was basically just the same place 9 times over. And for each restaurant I will provide you with their address as well as a link to their website so you can delve a little deeper into their menu offerings if something catches your eye. And there were even a few seafood places in Gatlinburg that accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards!

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But enough about the “Brand”. Let’s get starting on that list of great seafood places in Gatlinburg that you came here for!!!

1 - Chesapeake’s

The Best Seafood Restaurant You Can Find In Gatlinburg Tennessee!

437 Parkway | Gatlinburg | chesapeakes.com

CHesapeake’s come in at the number one slot on my list today for a couple of different reasons. First of all,. They have an overwhelming amount of positive customer feedback. Which helps me know that they aren’t just great once in a while. It means they are going above and beyond for their customers time after time. Which helps me know that you are going to have a great time if you decide to visit.

The other reason that brings Chesapeake’s to the top of my list is that they operate their business with the idea of bringing food straight from the sea to your table with no in betweens. Which means not only are you going to be getting the best seafood in Gatlinburg, you will also be getting the freshest seafood in Gatlinburg. They have a little bit of everything too so I have no doubt you will be able to find your favorite seafood dish at Chesapeake.

“We got the filet/shrimp and the broiled seafood platter- seriously AMAZING!! Food, service, atmosphere, were all above average. Would go back!” - Yelp Review 

2 - Cherokee Grill

Beautiful Steakhouse With Plenty of Amazing Seafood Dishes!

1002 Pkwy | Gatlinburg | https://cherokeegrill.com/

Cherokee Grill is another one of the great spots in Gatlinburg to find good seafood. Full disclosure, they are really more of the best steakhouse in the area. But like most modern steakhouses they also have plenty of great seafood. You can have everything from incredible crab cakes and bisque to fried catfish and charbroiled shrimp. So I think that they should have something that will sound good to you. But if you are really looking for a strictly seafood restaurant where that’s all they specialize in, this won’t be it. However, if you are looking for an incredible seafood meal in an upscale restaurant then you won’t be able to go wrong stopping in at Cherokee Grill when you are in Gatlinburg!

“We love the Cherokee Grill on date night in Gatlinburg! The steak is amazing and I'm obsessed with the grits! My husband loves every piece of fish he's ever gotten!” - Yelp Review 

3 - Smoky Mountain Trout House

An Amazing Seafood Restaurant With A Specialty In Trout

410 Pkwy Gatlinburg | Gatlinburg | www.trouthousegatlinburg.com

LIsten, I personally don’t love freshwater fish and that is a bit of an issue for me with a place that specializes in serving trout in 17 different ways. But I can’t lie, even my mouth starts to water when I look at the photos of their food that other customers have left. So if you are somebody who really loves freshwater fish, or trout itself in particular, then this is going to be the best spot in Gatlinburg for you to find a great seafood dinner!

They have so many unique ways to prepare trout. They have everything from trout layered with shredded parmesan cheese to trout almondine (boiled or fried trout with roasted almonds). I highly recommend you take a look at their menu yourself if anything so far has caught your interest cause I unfortunately can’t list the whole thing here. All said and done this is absolutely the best seafood place in Gatlinburg for anybody who loves trout or freshwater fish in general!

“Thank you to Jessie and Trudy for the awesome service.  The food was delicious and the atmosphere was relaxing.  Best trout dinner I've tasted.  Will definitely stop by again when I'm back in Gatlinburg!! Highly recommended!!” - Yelp Review 

4 - Crawdaddy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Best Place for Cajun Style Seafood In Gatlinburg

762 Pkwy | Gatlinburg | kennedy-concepts.com/restaurants/crawdaddys

If you are hoping to get a great seafood dinner, but also experience a flavor or taste then you should seriously give Crawdaddy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar has to offer. See unlike so many of the other restaurants on the list, they aren’t just serving seafood, they are serving cajun seafood. Which means you’ll come across a bunch of seafood dishes that you might not have tried before. But don’t worry. It’s not anything too crazy or unusual. You can get everything from lobster bisque to a wide variety of seafood pasta dishes as well. I would recommend you take a look at their full menu to get a better idea of what it is like. I’m not entirely sure how to explain cajun food to somebody who has never had it before. It’s really something you need to taste and experience for yourself!

“We went in for dinner twice this week.  We found the food to be fresh and very good.  We tried meatloaf, lobster rolls, fried oysters.  All were reasonably priced and had a great taste.

The service here was very good!  Some of the best we have had in town.  It also has a great location, and beautiful views of the mountains.” - Yelp Review 

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5 - Crystelle Creek Restaurant

A Great Spot to Have A Romantic Seafood Dinner

1654 East Pkwy | Gatlinburg | https://www.crystellecreek.com

Crystelle Creek is a really great place to grab a meal if you are looking for a delicious seafood dinner in an upscale and relaxing atmosphere. Technically they aren't strictly a seafood restaurant. They also serve incredible steaks, burgers, salads, soups, entrees, desserts, and appetizers. Which makes them a really great spot for dinner if you are in the mood for seafood and somebody else in your dining party is crazy about it. 

More than anything though I think Crystelle Creek is great for anybody hoping to have a great seafood dinner and a romantic night out. They specialize in fine dining and the romantic dining experience. And you can see that they are serious about it from the second you walk up to the door. Seriously check out some of the photos of this place and tell me it doesn’t look like a lovely place to spend your evening!

“We heard great things about this little place, and they were amazing!

I would recommend this little restaurant to everyone.

Amazing food and ambience! - ”Yelp Review 

6 - Pawpaw’s Catfish Kitchen

Best Place Around Gatlinburg For Some Great Catfish

2760 Wears Valley Rd | Sevierville | pawpawscatfishkitchen.com

If you haven’t seen anything on the list so far that stood out to you, then maybe Pawpaws Catfish Kitchen will catch your eye. It’s run by a husband and wife who moved to the area from their home in southern Louisiana. After a few years in Sevierville they decided to bring some of that Louisiana flavor to the Gatlinburg area. And obviously they are going to have great catfish, but they also have plenty of other great seafood dishes that bring plenty of the Cajun charm and flavor all the way to Tennessee

“The food was excellent. Portions were large and prices were reasonable. Away from all the crowded roads is another great attribute.” - Yelp Review 

7 - Bubba Gump Shrimp Co

One of the World’s Fastest Growing Seafood Chains

Grab a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co gift card by following the link!

900 Pkwy | Gatlinburg | www.bubbagump.com

BUbba GUmp Shrimp Co is the first restaurant on the lis today that I would really consider to be part of a “chain”. However, they only have around 30 locations around the globe so they aren’t nearly as ridiculously large like some of the other seafood chains. That being said, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company has been opening basically a new location every year since they were founded in 1996. WHich is an incredible track record for any business. So you know they must really be onto something here. And while the majority of their menu is shrimp or seafood based, they’re still an American chain restaurant so you can expect other classic dishes like burgers, sandwiches, and dessert. 

“the best service and food ever!!! our waiter was amazing and the staff was super sweet!!” - Yelp Review 

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8 - Red Lobster

A Very Popular National Seafood Chain

Grab a Red Lobster gift card by following the link!

1600 Pkwy | Sevierville | www.redlobster.com/sevierville

If you haven’t heard of Red Lobster before, I am frankly surprised you searched for seafood restaurants specifically to end up on this article. But in case anybody doesn’t know, Red Lobster is a very popular seafood chain around the country. While it may not be the most incredible seafood on the list, it does come with very ample portions at a reasonable price. It’s certainly going to be a lot better than Long John Silvers, but it also won’t be nearly as good as Chesapeake's incredibly fresh menu offerings.

“Best red lobster I've ever been to. Ashley(bartender) was amazing and the rest of the staff were so nice! Manger was so sweet to our niece and even gave her some shrimp!  Food was amazing too.” - Yelp Review 

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9 - Joe’s Crab Shack

An Informal and Nationally Popular Seafood Place

Grab a Joe’s Crab Shack gift card by following the link!

1605 Pkwy | Sevierville | www.joescrabshack.com

Joe’s Crab Shack tries to deliver seafood in a laid back and informal environment. I wouldn’t exactly go here if you are hoping to have a romantic evening together. But if you want to get a filling seafood meal at a reasonable price in an easy-going and relaxing atmosphere then this is going to be the place for you!

“We came in to eat on a recent trip to Pigeon Forge. Kayla was our server and she is an absolute doll! Very friendly and down home feeling. Food was excellent as well.” - Yelp Review 

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And that concludes my list of great seafood places you can find around gatlinburg. I hope something on the list fits the bill of what you were looking for. There was everything from chain fast food places, to authentic cajun style seafood so I’m thinking at least one of them has to work for you right? But if they don’t after you’ve made it this far down the list, be sure to check out our other great articles on romantic restaurants around Gatlinburg as well as an article on the best restaurants in Gatlinburg period!

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