9 Best Yoga Studios in Pittsburgh

There seems to be a yoga studio on every corner in Pittsburgh these days.

A very popular form of exercise-- and stress relief-- yoga has really found a home amongst Pittsburghers. With all kinds of yoga available-- from small studios to large, and everything in between-- you’re sure to find something that is a perfect fit for your schedule. Depending on the studio, there may be different yoga practices that they offer as well. That way, you can try something new or continue to delve deeper into just one method. All the studios on this list offer amazing classes with professional instructors-- be sure to check some of them out!

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1. BYS Yoga Collective

Fantastic yoga studio in the South Side

BYS yoga collective studio
Image courtesy of BYS Yoga Collective. This gorgeous studio is very popular with people all over Pittsburgh.

South Side

1113 E. Carson St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15203


BYS Yoga Collective is a fantastic place to start your yoga practice-- or to become even better at it. This spot is very welcoming to beginners and pros alike-- and there are plenty of classes available that cater to both.

Make sure to check out their schedule of classes often-- sometimes they do yoga field trips and hold classes on Mt. Washington and in parks throughout Pittsburgh!

“I think I can finally say that I've found a yoga studio that I truly love in BYS Yoga. It's been a long while, jumping between several studios in different cities, since I've found a studio that I've walked into and felt like I'm at home.” -Yelp Review

2. South Hills Power Yoga

This yoga studio offers classes to all levels

South Hills Power Yoga
Image courtesy of South Hills Power Yoga. Pittsburghers love the yoga classes at this studio that let you pay what you can.


3045 W. Liberty Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15216


A nice second floor yoga studio to check out in the Dormont area of Pittsburgh is South Hills Power Yoga. This place really centers around the goal of making yoga available to anyone that wants to learn.

This is the theory behind the pay what you can classes-- you get a wonderful yoga experience and can pay what you have available. This is a great way to get new people involved with yoga as well as those who may not have a lot of funds to spend on it.

“I tried a few different instructors and they all led really good classes. I'm looking forward to taking more classes in the future and I'm so happy I finally checked this studio out!” -Yelp Review

3. Yoga Factory

Get in shape and de-stress at this yoga studio

Yoga Factory
Image courtesy of Yoga Factory. This studio aims to be one of the most inclusive in Pittsburgh-- every age and ability is welcome!


3418 Penn Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15201


If you’re looking for some experienced teachers to start your yoga practice-- consider checking out the Yoga Factory. This place places serious emphasis on teaching and form-- and the instructors are more than willing to work with you to perfect your practice.

Located in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, this yoga studio is easy to get to-- and has lots of healthy options to check out after you’re done with your session.

“Yoga Factory Pittsburgh has a really prime location, especially with the juice bar being right next door. Everyone was very friendly, students and teachers.” -Yelp Review

4. Yoga Flow Inc.

Yoga studio with locations all over Pittsburgh

the studio at yoga flow
Image courtesy of Yoga Flow. Get your practice to flow better with the instructors at Yoga Flow.


5433 Walnut St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Yoga Flow is one of the most popular studios in Pittsburgh-- they have locations all over town, which makes them extremely convenient for lots of yogis. If you’re looking for a studio that has a variety of classes-- but also offers special events and workshops, look no further.

Yoga Flow always has something new to check out-- this spring they’re offering a Spring Equinox teatox as well as a Gong cleanse. These special events are meant to help keep the holistic nature of yoga at the forefront of their studio.

“I love yoga flow!  It's an awesome workout and great for the mind as well...they have a number of locations which makes it super convenient.” -Yelp Review

5. Inhale Yoga

Great yoga studio in downtown Pittsburgh

inhale yoga in downtown pittsburgh
Image courtesy of Inhale Yoga. What better way to spend your lunch break than with a quick yoga session in downtown Pittsburgh.


100 7th St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Yoga is a very personalized practice-- and the instructors at Inhale Yoga want you to make it exactly what you want it. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, find more peace, or just have fun-- you’re welcome to come to the Inhale studios.

There’s a downtown as well as a North Side location, and both have the same welcoming atmosphere that keeps their schedule of classes packed.

“Inhale is an absolutely yoga bliss! The space is gorgeous. There is a beautiful "feel" to it. I truly enjoy practicing with EVERY teacher on the schedule” -Yelp Review

6. Amazing Yoga

Great yoga studio that offers lots of different classes

amazing yoga
Image courtesy of Amazing Yoga. Whether you’re looking for a challenge-- or just a some relaxation time-- Amazing Yoga has a class for you.


730 Copeland St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Amazing Yoga wants you to find your place in their yoga studio-- they have power classes, slower classes, and even yoga to hip hop. Whatever your style is-- you’re sure to find a place for it here. With a couple of locations throughout Pittsburgh-- including Shadyside, Wexford, and South Side-- you’re sure to be close to one of these studios.

This yoga studio also offers classes for those looking to become yoga teachers themselves-- so if you’re feeling called to teach the practice, make sure you check out some of their classes.

“I LOVE AMAZING YOGA!!! The vibe is amazing, the classes are challenging, and I always leave feeling relaxed and just a bit healthier.” -Yelp Review

7. Schoolhouse Yoga

Great yoga studio with a couple different Pittsburgh locations

schoolhouse yoga
Image courtesy of Schoolhouse Yoga. This studio is located in a bright, beautiful environment that encourages everyone to take their practice to the next level.

Squirrel Hill

2215 Murray Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15217


Schoolhouse Yoga has classes that offer a great start for students who are new to yoga. They even offer modified classes that move at a slower pace to accommodate for injuries or range of motion issues.

This yoga studio also offers gentle classes for prenatal moms as well as mommy and me classes with children. Located in Squirrel Hill, this place is easy to get to and surrounded by many other interesting places to check out after your session!

“It's a comfortable studio with kind, knowledgeable instructors. But my favorite thing is that they offer a wide variety of classes to choose from.” -Yelp Review

8. Yoga Innovations

This yoga studio has classes for all ages and abilities

yoga innovations
Image courtesy of Yoga Innovations. You’ll want to try out all the teachers’ classes at this yoga studio!

Bethel Park

102 Broughton Rd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15102


Yoga Innovations wants to make yoga as easy as possible for people to try out-- they offer drop in classes every day that give you a chance to try out all kinds of classes and teachers.

This studio offers $5 cash classes, chill yoga, heated yoga, kid friendly classes, as well as power yoga. There are so many options-- you’ll definitely want to try them all. Each instructor brings their own unique skills to the class as well, so make sure you try out a variety!

“Each teacher was challenging in her own way. Each class was different and allowed for varying degrees of difficulty in a move, which I always appreciate.” - Yelp Review

9. Yoga at Urban Elements

Great yoga spot in the North Shore

urban elements on the north showre
Image courtesy of Urban Elements. This studio has yoga as well as cycling-- so you can get a full body workout.

North Shore

208 Federal St.

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Urban Elements is not only a yoga studio, but also offers cycling and weights as well. You can choose to take either one class at a time-- or combine the classes for a half hour of cycling, and half hour of yoga.

Make sure you take advantage of their class passes-- that way you can try all the classes and mix and match the disciplines until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

“This place rocks. Every class is great and all the instructors are wonderful. I love the variety of classes this studio offers so I can come daily and always have something different to do.” -Yelp Review

Whether you’re new to yoga or a life long practitioner looking for a new studio-- there are so many fantastic yoga studios for you to choose from in Pittsburgh. Take the time to try out any one of these-- you’re sure to find a fit for you. What’s your favorite yoga studio? Let us know in the comments!