7 Unique Destinations to Visit for Your Next Cincinnati Date Night

7 Unique Destinations to Visit for Your Next Cincinnati Date Night

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional date night filled with fine wine and upscale meals. But sometimes, you need to change things up. In Cincinnati, there are a number of exciting and unique options to choose for your next date night. Need some inspiration? Check out our top destination for date night in our latest article now!

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Eat Drink Paint

Drink and paint the night away with your partner

Grab a canvas and some paintbrushes and get to work on your masterpiece. Image courtesy of Yelp


1701 Mills Ave, Floor 2, Cincinnati

Eat, drink, and paint the night away for your next date. At Eat Drink Paint, artists from around the community will join your group and teach you how to paint a gorgeous work of art. Due to the pandemic, Eat Drink Paint is offering virtual painting sessions for couples like you looking to change up their date nights. 

Eat Drink Paint offers a unique entertainment experience filled with food, drinks, upbeat music, and painting. As you paint a new masterpiece for your living room or bedroom, you can sip on your favorite drinks and enjoy some savory snacks. 

“It was quite an amazing event.  I must say that we hadn't had fun like this in a long while.  The instructor is full of energy and very helpful.  The food and music combination along with the paint was awesome.” - Yelp Review

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Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Stroll along the zoo’s grounds to see their gorgeous wild animals

Come see the zoo’s baby cheetah, Kris. Image courtesy of Yelp


3400 Vine St, Avondale

Do you love animals? For your next date night, you can reserve a time slot at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. As you walk through the zoo, you will see gorgeous wild animals such as the African lion, Amazon milk frog, American crocodile, and more in their natural habitats! In addition to their wild animal exhibits, the Cincinnati Zoo also offers acres of breathtaking botanical gardens. 

The Cincinnati Zoo also hosts special events like Yoga at the Zoo and virtual painting parties. Before your next date night, check the schedule to see if any of the upcoming events interest you. 

“I am so impressed with their virtual safaris given during quarantine; the penguins walking around undisturbed by guests, checking out the other exhibits is precious; the cheetah and dog friendship makes my heart happy. This zoo has long been on my must-see places, so I am hoping that by winter they will be open and we can return to see the Christmas lights.” - Yelp Review

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Overlook Lodge: A Rustic Watering Hole

Hip bar based on Stephen King’s famous novel The Shining

Try some cocktails and sit out at the bar’s patio. Image courtesy of Yelp


6083 Montgomery Rd, Pleasant Ridge

Inspired by Stephen King’s famous novel, The Shining, the Overlook Lodge offers a unique and cinematic experience for visitors. This casual cocktail bar offers a great selection of drinks to sip on as you enjoy its movie screenings. If you’re hungry you can order a quick meal from the restaurant next door. While the Overlook Lodge is currently closed, it is still available for private events. 

“The vibe is very spooky and there's some horror movie constantly on over the big screens. Some might enjoy that experience...The cocktails are pretty good and themed. My friend and I each had one and they were both really good. Their menu options are really interesting and I might return just for that.” - Yelp Review

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Alverno Salon and Spa

Treat your partner to a nice spa day in Cincinnati

Sit back and relax with your partner.


5169 Mount Alverno Rd, Delhi

Times are stressful. That’s why you should lie down and enjoy a luxurious facial with your partner for your next date. Alverno Salon and Spa offers a number of relaxing services and beauty treatments that will make you and your partner feel pampered and refreshed. Never received a facial before? No worries. The Mini Facial, which features cleansing, exfoliation, and a face mask, is perfect for beginners. For any men interested in keeping their face healthy and fresh, the Men's Facial is designed just for them. 

“Stephanie is the most amazing esthetician! I feel like a new person every time I leave there! I highly recommend her. She's amazing at what she does and always the sweetest!” - Yelp Review

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Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio

Work on your cooking skills with your partner at a cooking class

Take a community cooking class for your next date night. Image courtesy of Yelp


11915 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati

At Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio, you can take intensive hands-on cooking classes with your partner. These classes are suitable for every skill level, including beginners. Because of its small class size, Out of Thyme offers close training with the chef and their trained culinary assistants. Classes typically run between two and two a half hours in length. Once the cooking is over, each student can enjoy a sit-down dinner with their fellow members. They will also receive recipes to take home and try out for themselves. 

If neither of you have a talent for cooking, but still want to enjoy a nice meal, you can also order freshly-made take-home meals from Out of Thyme. 

“Chef Jaime was super prepared, had a great vibe with the family and was very helpful. On top of that the food was simply amazing! We left with tons of take home food and most importantly all the recipes of the food we prepared. This is a no doubter and we are already planning a couples night retreat.” - Yelp Review

The Video Archive 

Special speakeasy serving creative cocktails in a vibrant atmosphere

Visit The Video Archive for your next date night. Image courtesy of Yelp.


965 E McMillan St, Walnut Hills

While The Video Archive is temporarily closed, you will want to put it on your bucket list for future dates. This Quentin Tarantino-themed bar is hidden behind a secret door. Before you enter, you will pass through a vintage video rental store that offers the cult classics. 

When you enter, you will be greeted by a retro interior, kung-fu films playing on the bar’s TV’s, and a bartender whipping up creative cocktails. Many of them contain Tarantino references, like the “Shoshanna’s Revenge” from Inglourious Basterds. The “Mr. Pink,” which features Jameson and watermelon-lemon soda, was inspired by Reservoir Dogs. 

“The real star of the night was the Satanico Pandemonium. When asked what this drink tasted like, Hannah the Bartender said, "vacation." This drink is limited to two per person. It is STRONG and I'm sure it is a lot of work to make so the limit seemed fair to me..” - Yelp Review


Take your date night to the next level with an upbeat cycling class

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with a heart-thumping cycling class. Image courtesy of Facebook


2713 Edmondson Rd, Cincinnati

Are you and your partner fitness junkies? Have you been trying to encourage each other to try new things? CYCLEBAR® at Hyde Park is perfect for couples looking to take their dates to the next level. New visitors can get their first ride free, which makes CYCLEBAR® a great destination for taking that cycling class you’ve always been interested in. 

As soon as the lights dim, your CycleStar instructor will blast some heart-thumping hits to get you started. You are sure to leave the class feeling exhausted yet satisfied from a good workout. 

“Cyclebar Hyde Park means so much to me. It is one of the few things that keeps me sane between the general stresses of life, work, and now the pandemic. .” - Yelp Review

There is no shortage of fun and exciting places to visit for date night. Where are you taking your partner out on your next date night in Cincinnati? Let us know in the comments!

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