7 Things to do Under the Sun in Pittsburgh

Get out of your house and have a great time with our guide to outdoor fun in and around Pittsburgh, PA

And you’re going to need stuff to do now that it’s safe to leave your front door for more than 20 minutes. Get out and see the City of Steel in the right lighting this warm weather season.

You’ve been cooped up in your house for the past few months. The words polar vortex trigger a shudder that runs down your spine. But the sun is coming back, we promise, and when it does, you’re going to want to stretch your legs.

Be prepared for the warmer weather to come with our guide to outdoor fun in Pittsburgh. We’ll take you to the hottest spots during the hottest days so you can soak up as much sun as you can get after that nasty winter.

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Bike the Trails

The Great Allegheny Passage is the perfect spot to get some sunshine

paved biking trail in Pittsburgh PA
You haven’t used your bike all winter. It’s time to bust that puppy out and hit those trails with the weather warming up. Image courtesy of chipbiking.wordpress.com/

location icon

Pittsburgh, PA | Cumberland, MD.

You’ve been cooped up all winter. You haven’t even bothered to exercise since the weather has dipped below 50. You’re starting to feel it when you go up a flight of stairs.

“The GAP may be as good as it gets for bike trails in the US.” - Yelp Review

It’s time to break out that bike because the sun is coming back and you’ve got to get back out there. Not sure where to go? Take a trip on the Great Allegheny Passage or the GAP as those in the know call it.

With over 150 miles of trails and backroads from Maryland to Western PA, you better get started early if you want to see it all! Cold weather is notorious for deflating tires on bikes, so it’s probably also time to invest in a bike pump so you don’t see yourself stranded somewhere.

Meadow Run Natural Water Slides

Why pay for a waterpark?

water sliding over the rocks at Meadow Run
Sure, water parks are cool, if you’re into that sort of thing. But the really hot thing this year is definitely natural water slides

location icon

Ohiopyle, PA

You haven’t experienced something like this, and you need to.

Buy a GiftYa To Meadow Run Natural Water Slides >

“Ohiopyle is truly the gem of our region and unlike any other place on earth.” - Yelp Review

Located in the Ohiopyle Park, the Meadow Run Natural Waterslides are the perfect excursion when you’re looking to cool off once the weather heats up.

A sandstone bedrock has created these smooth channels of running natural water through the park that end in a deep pool for you to dive right into. Definitely something to experience, the park itself offers other activities like picnic areas, gorgeous waterfalls and hiking trails, but when we heard natural waterslides we just had to tell you about them.

Gear up before you go with a new swimsuit or maybe some hiking boots to really pull the ensemble together.

Go Ape!

Fun in the sun means fun in the trees

Go Ape rope course
Take to the trees and live the arboreal life you’ve always dreamed of. The ground is so last year. Image courtesy of Go Ape!

location icon

North Park
991 Tennis Court Rd.

You’ve felt it your whole life, that call from the trees, probably some latent remnant from your primate ancestors.

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“5 stars well earned. WOULD recommend. WILL be back. Thank you, Go Ape!” - Yelp Review

You look up at these giants of the earth and think to yourself, “yeah, I got to climb that.”

Well now you can live out your arboreal fantasy with Go Ape!

The adventure course of your dreams, live life 20ft above the ground with 2 ziplines and dozens and dozens of feet of rope obstacles and adventure lines. Fun for all ages, but not for the faint of heart, try your hand at the challenge and adventure waiting for you with Go Ape!


whitewater paddle boarding at SUP
Perfect for everyone from adrenaline junkies to relaxation gurus, paddle boarding is the in activity this spring/summer in the city with not 1, not 2, but 3 rivers. Image courtesy of SurfSup Instagram

location icon

229 Howes Run Road

Nothing. Sup with you?

Well, you should be checking out SurfSup Adventures!

“if you think you'll like it, you'll actually love it.” - Yelp Review

You’ve heard of paddle boarding, maybe you’ve always wanted to try it, but you’ve just never gotten around to it. Well, 2019 is the year of trying things, my friend. It’s time to hit the water — here’s a paddle.

Established in 2011, SurfSup is the premier guide to paddle boarding in the Pittsburgh area. I mean, we do have 3 huge rivers, it’s like we were made for this. Beyond just renting paddles and boards, SurfSup also offers lessons, eco tours, white water excursions and even yoga (on a paddle board of course). There’s something for everyone looking to spend some time on the water with SurfSup, so check them out and get your plans together before the warm weather leaves up again.

To the Zoo!

For the animal lovers

the Pittsburgh Zoo
The Pittsburgh Zoo provides some educational fun in the sun! Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium Facebook

location icon

Highland Park
7370 Baker St

You’ll be hard pressed to find something better to do than look at animals for hours, so why try?

“I would suggest it for your next family adventure in Pittsburgh!” - Yelp Review

Just go look at animals for hours. We know it’s what you really want to be doing when the weather starts to lighten up.

There’s no better place for it either than right here in Pittsburgh! The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium are famous across the US for their conservation efforts and guest experience. We even have a pygmy hippo named Jahari. If you need a moment to calm down after hearing that we understand, take your time.

Take to the zoo this warm weather season, and remember the excitement you felt as a kid.

Party Bikes

Party Bikes in downtown Pittsburgh
They look like Bavarian torture devices from the 16th century, but we promise they’re actually a lot of fun! Drink and pedal and pedal and drink. Get out and experience the city...and also drink! Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Party Pedaler

location icon

2524 Penn Avenue

You know what would make biking more fun?

“I had a great time celebrating a friends 31st birthday party while pedaling through Pittsburgh!...Pedaling was easy and fun.” - Yelp Review

If you could share the burden with 15 of your closest friends and also bring food. You were thinking that too? That’s crazy; we’re so in sync.

Apparently, the good people at Pittsburgh Party Pedaler were thinking the same thing because they made our dreams into reality with their fleet of party pedalers.

If you’re from Pittsburgh, you’ve probably seen them roving the streets and wondered what they were all about. It’s time to check them out because they actually look like a lot of fun. They can seat up to 16 people and are big enough for a cooler or two as well as storage for any food you want to bring along.

While you pedal, your tour guide steers and breaks, so you and your team get the best tour of the city you’ll ever have. Not something you’re going to forget soon — plan a tour today!

Point State Park

A must-visit destination in the 'Burgh!

Point State Park and the famous fountain
Bask at this iconic Pittsburgh landmark. Image courtesy of Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography
location icon

601 Commonwealth Pl

You’ve seen it from the highway; you’ve seen it from the incline; you’ve seen it on every travel brochure and postcard of Pittsburgh that’s ever been printed. It’s time to check out the fountain.

With the weather getting warmer (we hope), it’s the perfect spot to chill, soak up the sun and take at least a bajillion selfies for instagram.

Located in Point State Park right where the 3 rivers meet, the iconic Point State Park Fountain is the spot to be once you break out those shorts for the season.

When you visit, wear your water shoes because people often dip their feet in around the fountain for that extra help cooling off. There’s also the Fort Pitt Museum you could check out if you’re into that sort of thing, but...come on, look at that fountain!

Et voila! You have all your plans set for this warm weather season in Pittsburgh, PA! Be sure to book your tours, get your tickets, and check out events early because...well, what else are you going to do while you’re still stuck inside? And check out GiftYa personalized egift cards. You’re going to want someone to go with you, and what a better way to suggest that than paying for it?

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