7 Restaurants in Myrtle Beach That Are Right on the Water

Soak Up Some Rays While You Chow Down on Fresh Seafood and Sip Creative Cocktails at Our Favorite Myrtle Beach, SC Spots

So you are looking for restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach huh? Probably searched something like “restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach South Carolina” or “what’s the best restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach” right? What’s that? How did I know that? Well I mean this is on your phone or computer so this article will only show up for so many restaurants on the water that you searched in Google so I know it had to be something like that. 

Either that, or you got here from another GiftYa post or article in which case thank you for reading two today! Well today, just like everyday we have exactly what you are looking for. This is a list of the best restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach and where you can find them. We also include links anytime one of these restaurants accept our super convenient virtual gift cards!

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Sharkey’s Oceanfront Restaurant

Casual Dining and Drinks with a Dazzling View of the Atlantic Ocean

600 N Ocean Blvd | Ocean Blvd | sharkeysclub.com

If you’re in Myrtle Beach to feel the sand beneath your toes, you may not want to leave the waves behind to grab some grub. Luckily, the number one restaurant on the water in Myrtle Beach today is just steps from the ocean. The casual vibes here mean that beach bums are welcome, so come as you are, flip flops, sun hats, shades and all. 

Locals love the upstairs space at Sharkey’s, and everyone can agree that their seafood is fresh and flavor-packed. Try one of their sandwiches – Mahi Mahi is always a good way to go, but the crab cake sandwich (and crab cake anything) tends to be a crowd pleaser at Sharkey’s as well. Looking for something with a little less bun? The blackened fish and shrimp plate comes highly recommended as well.

“Perfect ocean view meal. Flounder was great! Strawberry daiquiri was perfect, fun place with great food.” - Yelp Review 

Sharkey’s Oceanfront Restaurant is one of the thousands of restaurants that accept digital GiftYa gift cards but it is also among one of the highest rated restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach!

Hook & Barrel

Make Your Search for Seafood in Myrtle Beach Sustainable When You Scoop Up Something Scrumptious at Hook & Barrel

8014 N Kings Hwy | Arcadian Shores | hookandbarrelrestaurant.com

You don’t have to dive into the Atlantic for an undersea experience. Take it back just a block from the beach, and Hook & Barrel will transport you beneath the waves for an unforgettable dining experience. This wine bar specializes in sustainable seafood, so you can rest assured that your dinner won’t diminish the beauty and health of the beach you’ve been hanging out on all day. 

But where to start? The menu is packed with tasty offerings, from She-Crab soup to the distinctly southern Bourbon Bacon appetizer. The crab cakes are excellent, and if you’re really hungry, you can order a whole seafood tower to sample a whole slew of shrimp, oysters, lobster tail, and crab legs.

“While visiting Myrtle beach you have to stop in this place. The atmosphere is spirited. Service is outstanding. A little pricey but worth every penny. Every bite reminds you that you are on the ocean

Huge wine and drink list. BUT you have to start you night off with "The Seafood Tower" omg... you could order this as your main meal and be completely satisfied! We loved every part of the meal.  The menu could be bigger, but there are plenty of choices. All fresh from the sea! ” - Yelp Review

Unfortunately Hook & Barrel isn’t one of the 5 star restaurants in Myrtle Beach participating with GiftYa just yet, but check back soon cause they might be any day now.

Landry’s Seafood House

Enjoy Surf and Turf with Beautiful Views of Browadway at the Beach’s Breathtaking Water Feature

1312 Celebrity Cr | Broadway at the Beach | landrysseafood.com 

No visit to Myrtle Beach, SC would be complete without stopping by Broadway at the Beach. Where else can you make the rounds on Celebrity Circle to visit all of your favorite shopping and dining destinations, while enjoying the scenery of the complex’s very own lake?

Landry’s is all about bringing family and seafood together for a fun-filled dining experience. Add a couple of crow favorites to your order – like the broiled seafood plate, the coastal seafood pasta, or even the BBQ shrimp – and you’re sure to leave satisfied.

“Best crab cakes ever!  Wonderful service!  We sat by the water on the deck and had a great view.  Our waiter was great.  We also loved how you get a salad bowl brought to the table for all to share along with awesome garlic bread.” - Yelp Review 

Get a GiftYa digital gift card for yourself or a loved one to Landry’s Seafood House and enjoy one of the best restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach by following the link!

Pier 14 Seafood Restaurant & Fishing Pier

This Family-Owned Establishment is Your Only Option for Eating Directly Over the Atlantic Ocean in The Grand Stand

1306 N Ocean Blvd | Myrtle Beach Boardwalk | pier14.com 

Pier 14 Seafood Restaurant & Fishing Pier takes “restaurant on the water” to a whole new level. Located on the pier, this restaurant invites guests to enjoy their meal over top the ocean itself. It’s a unique view – sure, you can stroll the boardwalk – but Pier 14 is The Grand Stand’s only restaurant that is located directly over the ocean. The views are dramatic. Watch the sun set on the waves, listen to the surf crashing against the pier, or grab a table for a front row seat next time a storm rolls through.

The seafood here is fresh, and locals love the crab legs, boom boom shrimp, and fish sandwiches at this family owned eatery. None of those options tickle your fancy? Try a shrimp po boy, hearty clam chowder, or chow down on your choice of perfectly prepared steak. There’s not a bad option on the menu.

“My wife and I spent some time in Myrtle Beach on our way home from a road trip and came here for dinner and really loved it! The food was delicious and the nighttime views from the pier were beautiful!” - Yelp Review 

Unfortunately Pier 14 Seafood Restaurant & Fishing Pier isn’t one of the restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach participating with GiftYa just yet, but check back soon cause they might be any day now.

The Landing at The Boathouse

Good Food, Tasty Drinks, and Free Live Music on the Banks of the Intracoastal Waterway

201 Fantasy Harbor Blvd | Forestbrook | landingmb.com 

Myrtle Beach is a state of mind, at least according to The Landing at The Boathouse. And the whole team at the restaurant really works to bring that motto to life by serving up tasty food and fresh, cold brews in a casual atmosphere. With plenty of outdoor seating – The Landing has a covered patio, lawn seats, and even a tiki bar located under a historic 100+ year old oak tree – you’re never far from the water at The Landing.

Locals love the food – quick bites like sandwiches and bar favorites like fried pickles – but the free live music is what really draws a crowd. On Fridays and Sundays, grab a seat for dinner and a show. Get as close as you want to the stage, and hear what Myrtle Beach’s music scene has to offer.

“Yesterday I got to enjoy the outside of Boathouse which I like a whole lot more than the inside.  The outside is humongous and has so many different seating areas and 3 different bars plus servers.  The view is magnificent, too! We saw Badfish and of course they were amazing but I loved that you are right up and close with the bands.   Like literally a foot away. The food was good for bar food and drinks are well priced.  My server was awesome.  I give kudos to the servers who work on Sundays!” - Yelp Review 

The Landing at The Boathouse doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding restaurants on the water and attractions in Myrtle Beach!

Wicked Tuna @ 2nd Avenue Pier

Don’t Let the Name Fool You - Wicked Tuna is Serving Up Some of the Best Steak and Seafood on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

110 N Ocean Blvd | Myrtle Beach Boardwalk | thewickedtuna.com 

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between steak and seafood for a nice dinner, but luckily Wicked Tuna @ 2nd Avenue Pier lets you have both. Enjoy all of your favorite seafood and sushi – from spicy tuna rolls to a heaping grilled seafood platter – or try something a little different if you’re feeling adventurous. Ever try tuna pizza?

“Wow, I'm thoroughly impressed. The decor was very welcoming and the views of the ocean were incredible. Our server was very nice/friendly. We received good service throughout our stay. I got the fried seafood platter and my girlfriend got the Shrimp Po' Boy. No complaints whatsoever. The one caveat is that the rooftop bar does have dining which we didn't know so that part was a bit confusing but we went up there after eating and had more drinks/enjoyed the view!” - Yelp Review 

Wicked Tuna @ 2nd Avenue Pier isn’t accepting GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check here for all the other GiftYa available for restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach

Bonefish Grill

Known Nationally for Its Tasty Seafood Fare

7401 N Kings Hwy | Myrtle Beach | bonefishgrill.com 

If none of the other restaurants on the water we’ve picked out feel quite right, you can always stick with a tried and true favorite when you’re dining in Myrtle Beach. BONEFISH GRILL has nearly 200 locations around the country, and the BONEFISH restaurant in Myrtle Beach just happens to be located on Kings Highway, just one block back from the beach.

“Being from New England, where all Bonefish Grills have been closed, we were thrilled to find one while visiting Myrtle Beach. Even more delighted to once again enjoy the Bang Bang Shrimp (which was quite tasty) for our appetizer. My entree was scallops and my husband had the cod. Both were very good. Definitely recommend” - Yelp Review 

Grab a GiftYa digital gift card to BONEFISH GRILL by following the link right HERE and enjoy some of the best restaurants on the water in Myrtle Beach you can find!

That’s a wrap on our list of the best waterfront restaurants in Myrtle Beach, SC.

There you have it! All the best rated restaurants on the water you can find in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is a major hub of business and commerce so it isn’t easy to narrow down the list of great restaurants on the water to only what can fit in this post. 

But just from what we gathered for you here today you’ll be sure to find a location that's convenient for you with plenty of excellent options. And remember, if you or someone you love is out in Myrtle Beach, we marked off which restaurants on the water accept convenient GiftYA digital gift cards. You can use them at any of the locations we indicated on this list today. But even if you choose a restaurant on the water that doesn’t accept GiftYa, you’ll be sure to find beautiful views of the water throughout MB. Myrtle Beach and GiftYa definitely have something to offer.

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