7 of the Best 5-Star Restaurants Myrtle Beach, SC Has to Offer

From High-End Steak Restaurants to Casual Chicken and Crab Legs, Here are the Top-Rated Restaurants in Myrtle Beach’s Food Scene

I have to write articles about a lot of different restaurants in a lot of different cities. But this week I got assigned to write articles about all the amazing restaurants there are in Myrtle Beach. And while I always try to do a good job on these articles, sometimes it is just my day job, but this week I’m really going to go above and beyond for you dear reader and that is for one very simple reason. 

My parents met each other at Myrtle Beach when my father was stationed there in the Air Force and my mother was living there one summer. So for me, getting to research all the amazing restaurants and attractions of Myrtle Beach is kind of neat. I have a little bit of extra incentive to dig deep this week and find the hidden gems. So that’s what I tried to do for you in the list today. And I’ll even give you a link anytime one of these restaurants accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards. 

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Hook & Barrel

Fresh, Fancy Seafood for An Elevated Dining Experience Just North of Myrtle Beach

8014 N Kings Hwy | Arcadian Shores | hookandbarrelrestaurant.com

I’m sure you were expecting some sort of seafood restaurant to be at the very top of the list. And what do you know? You were absolutely correct. But I mean, it’s almost impossible to be that close to the ocean and not have great seafood. However, you of course don’t need to worry about that when you are in Myrtle beach because Hook & Barrel has you covered. 

If you are looking for amazing, fresh, and delicious seafood served up by a knowledgeable staff in a friendly environment, then Hook & Barrel is going to be exactly the place you want to go. On top of the amazing seafood options they offer, they also have an extensive wine selection, if you are looking r5to tie on a buzz and watch the sunset over the horizon 

“Best Restaurant in all of Myrtle Beach!

Definitely get reservations beforehand. Saved us a lot of time as were were seated immediately both of our dinners. The food is fantastic. Everyone loved their food and definitely over-ate both times. Worth it! Great service!” - Yelp Review 

Unfortunately Hook & Barrel isn’t one of the 5 star restaurants in Myrtle Beach participating with GiftYa just yet, but check back soon cause they might be any day now.

Aspen Grille

Chow Down on All of Your Steakhouse Favorites and Some New American Creations as Well

5101 N Kings Hwy | Myrtle Beach | aspen-grille.com

Our number two restaurant today also happens to serve delicious and fresh seafood. However, they are also a steakhouse and will have all the traditional steakhouse options as well. So if you are in a large group, or are unsure if your dining partner is a big fan of seafood, then Aspen Grille is going to be the best choice of 5 star restaurants in Myrtle Beach for you.

Not only can you expect an excellent and diverse menu of options, you can expect it all to be served up in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. And you will be taken care of by a superbly knowledgeable and friendly wait staff. So you can be sure to have an excellent meal and a relaxed evening if you stop off at the Aspen Grille the next time you are looking for a 5 star restaurant in Myrtle Beach.

“One of the best meals I've ever had! Service was superb, ambience was great and cocktails were top tier. Can't say enough good things. Not the cheapest place you will eat but you get what you pay for. Highly recommend when you are in Myrtle beach.” - Yelp Review 

Aspen Grille is one of the countless 5 star restaurants that accept digital GiftYa gift cards but it is also among one of the highest rated restaurants in Myrtle Beach!

Tasty Crab House 

Just Try to Name a Better Pair Than Crab Legs and Chicken Wings

740 Oak Forest Ln | Myrtle Beach | tastycrabhouse.com 

What!? Even more seafood on the list? Isn’t that a little much? Listen I know, I try to make sure I get some diversity in the menu offerings I can include on these lists of great restaurants, but when you're looking for restaurants at the beach I’m not sure what else you could expect. Of course there’s going to be amazing seafood. And in this case, if you are really looking for the best crab legs or crab cakes you can find at Myrtle Beach then you are going to want to stop in at the Tasty Crab House. And listen I know a place called the Tasty Crab House doesn’t sound like a five star place. But let me tell you, forget those preconceived notions because the food is out of this world and is easily enough to deserve that 5 star rating. And if you don’t believe me just listen to one of their satisfied customers.

“Crazy-good setup. Amazing food and fast service. We were seated right away, and drink orders went right in. We then ordered a couple combos and some other baskets. Everything came out fast, hot, and fresh. Highly recommend.” - Yelp Review 

Tasty Crab House - Myrtle Beach doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding 5-star restaurants and attractions in Myrtle Beach!

New York Prime

Get the Manhattan Steakhouse Experience in the Heart of Myrtle Beach

405 28th Ave N | Myrtle Beach | newyorkprime.com

Now  I understand that when people are at the beach, they are expecting delicious and fresh seafood, and I think I have that covered on the list already. But I get that when you are at the beach for a vacation or a weekend, you might not want seafood for every single meal. And listen I get that, I like seafood just fine, but I don’t think I could do it for too many days before I got sick of it real fast.

So if you, or somebody in your dining party is tired of seafood and are looking for something else for dinner one night, then you are going to want to hit up New York Prime. Which is exactly what it sounds like, a high quality steakhouse. Of course like many steakhouses, they also include seafood options, but they also feature all the classic steakhouse dinner options as well as an extensive drink and wine selection. So if you are looking for a nice sit down dinner in a relaxing restaurant then New York Prime is gonna be the 5 star restaurant in Myrtle Beach fior you!

“Exceeded my expectations!! And the cheesecake was the best I've ever had! Try this out if you're in Myrtle Beach!” - Yelp Review

New York Prime doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding steak restaurants and other attractions in Myrtle Beach!

Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse

Sample Some of the Best Steak & Other Meats Myrtle Beach Has to Offer

2920 Hollywood Dr | Myrtle Beach | rioz.com

LIsten if you haven’t been to a Brazilian Steakhouse before, then do yourself a favor and go to one at your next available opportunity. Whether that is in Myrtle Beach or not. However, if you are in Myrtle Beach, then be sure to check out Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. They are hands down the best Brazilian Steakhouse around the area, and as such you can expect some of the absolute highest quality slices of steak you can find anywhere in Myrtle Beach, and probably anywhere in South Carolina period. 

“Exceeded my expectations!! And the cheesecake was the best I've ever had! Try this out if you're in Myrtle Beach!” - Yelp Review 

You can’t get a digital GiftYa gift card to Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse at the moment but be sure to check back soon as new 5-star restaurants and locations in Myrtle Beach are added all the time!

Mediterranean Bistro

Home Cooked Mediterranean Meals with Plenty of Gluten-Free and Vegan Options Available

6104 Frontage Rd | Myrtle Beach | mediterraneanbistro.weebly.com

If you or somebody you know has dietary restrictions and none of the other places on the list look like they can accommodate you, then be sure to check out Mediterranean Bistro. If you are looking for a high quality meal, with plenty of gluten free and vegan options on the menu, then this is going to be the place for you. 

“Doesn't look like much but the Yelp reviews convinced us to try and we are not disappointed. AMAZING food, wonderful service. It's definitely going to be a regular spot for us.” - Yelp Review 

You can’t get a digital GiftYa gift card to Mediterranean Bistro at the moment but be sure to check back soon as new 5-star restaurants and locations in Myrtle Beach are added all the time!

Hard Rock Cafe

Chow Down on All Your Favorites in an Atmosphere That Really Rocks

1318 Celebrity Cr | Broadway at the Beach | hardrockcafe.com

Hard Rock Cafe is a brand I’m sure you’re familiar with. And that’s no surprise. The restaurant chain is visited by over 80 million guests each year in locations all over the world. And while most Hard Rock locations are in major metropolitan areas, if you are in Myrtle beach you are lucky enough that there is one right in the neighborhood. And while Hard Rock Cafe may not meet some people’s qualifications for a five star restaurant, I wanted to include them on this list, because there is no debate about the success and popularity of the business, their food, and their aesthetic. 

“This Hard Rock Cafe location at Broadway At The Beach is a well managed Hard Rock Cafe location that has delicious food and drinks. The food is well prepared and they have a fun atmosphere. I really like the desserts that they have available here. Well worth a visit.” - Yelp Review 

Hard Rock Cafe is one of the thousands of restaurants that accepts digital GiftYa gift cards but it is also among one of the highest rated 5-star restaurants in Myrtle Beach!

That’s it for our favorite 5-star restaurants in Myrtle Beach.

There you have it! That is a list of all the best five star restaurants you can find in Myrtle Beach. And I know the list included a lot of seafood options, but I tried to make sure I got some choices and options on there for those of you who aren’t as crazy about seafood. And if nothing on this list piqued your interest, then be sure to check out one of our other articles on all the great places there are to eat in Myrtle Beach. 

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