Discover the Sunny Florida Weather With the Top 7 Things to Do in Tampa

Are you visiting Tampa, Florida for the first time, but not sure what to do there? Here are the seven most fun things to do!

There is no better place to be during the summer, or even in the winter time for many people, than being in Tampa, Florida. Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida and is mainly known for all of its crazy fun tourist attractions, such as amusement parks, zoos, and much more. If you’re wanting to visit the amazing city of Tampa, but not sure what to do when you get there, make sure to check out these top seven fun things to do today!

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ZooTampa at Lowry Park

Check out the #1 family-friendly zoo in all of the United States right in Tampa!

Everyone loves the zoo, so make sure to check out the #1 best one in the country at ZooTampa at Lowry Park! Image courtesy of ZooTampa at Lowry Park. 

1101 W Sligh Avenue | Tampa |

Do you enjoy getting to see the marvels that nature has to offer? If so, then you need to stop and check out ZooTampa at Lowry Park today for a great experience getting to see some magnificent animals and more! ZooTampa at Lowry Park is a family-friendly that was rated #1 in the country and is Florida’s staple of wildlife conservation.

Operated by the Lowry Park Zoological society, an independent charitable nonprofit organization, has worked their hardest so you can see some of the most beautiful animals in nature. From elephants, parrots, giraffes, rhinoceroses, hippos, manatees, and much more, you can see all of nature right at ZooTamps at Lowry Park!

“This is the most fun I've had at a zoo, ever. While it has a small zoo vibe, it is to its benefit. There are plenty of amazing animals (rhinos, tigers, manatees, sloths, to name a few) and it isn't overcrowded.” - Yelp Review 

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Museum of Science & Industry

Explore interactive science experiments, and IMAX theater feature nature, and more!

Check out the Museum of Science & Industry for a fun interactive time that even the kids will love! Image courtesy of Expedia. 

4801 E Fowler Avenue | Busch Gardens |

Do you want to go visit a museum in Tampa with your kids, or just want to experience something unique? Why not check out the Museum of Science & Industry today for a fun interactive time playing around with science and more! Science, technology, and innovation are what is most important to this establishment, and you will walk out being able to learn some cool new things and more.

The Museum of Science & Industry has everything from brain teaser stations, interactive exhibits on hurricanes, an IMAX theater featuring a butterfly garden, a rope obstacle, a Virtual Reality ride, and so much more that is all hands-on. Why not come and check out the Museum of Science & Industry today!

“MOSI was a fun place to spend most of the day. Lots to see and do if you just want an interesting place to see for the day.” - Yelp Review 

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Tampa Bay Grand Prix

An indoor go-kart course may just be what you need to challenge your friends and family members!

The Tampa Bay Grand Prix is the perfect place to go to if you want to go fast and race some of your loved ones! Image courtesy of Tampa Bay Times. 

3404 Cragmont Drive | Tampa |

Have you ever got to experience the thrill of being behind the wheel of a go kart and be able to experience how it feels to go fast? Why not stop by the Tampa Bay Grand Prix today for a fun time with family or even friends. This park features go-karts that can go as fast as 50mph and the course is perfect for everyone of all ages and skill levels. 

For $12 a person for one race or $29 a person for three races, Tampa Bay Grand Prix is the area that you need to be in ASAP to come and drive fast, get competitive, and just have fun. Why not stop by Tampa Bay Grand Prix today for a fun and enjoyable time racing high-speed go-karts today! 

“We took advantage of the buy two get one deal and prepaid on Thursday arrived on Friday. We had an awesome time.” - Yelp Review 

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Tampa Museum of Art

Go to downtown Tampa where you can see one of the busiest and best art museums!

Go to the Tampa Museum of Art where the art is magnificent, and will educate you on things you never knew! Image courtesy of Bay News 9.

120 W Gasparilla Plaza | Downtown |

Do you love high art and want to go see some of the best in the world? Why not go to the Tampa Museum of Art today and educate yourself on art from around the world! The Tampa Museum of Art is known for its modern and contemporary art, along with Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Tampa Museum of Art also offers art classes for you to learn more about art and show the artistic side of you that you never thought you had. The exhibitions change every so often to give you something new to see every time that you come here. Check out the Tampa Museum of Art when you’re in the area!

“We really enjoyed the Museum of Art and spent a few hours there. The exhibits were very interesting.” - Yelp Review 

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Adventure Island

Is it a hot day in Florida? Check out this water park right across from Busch Gardens! 

Adventure Island is a fun place to go on a warm summer day in Florida to go down water slides and just relax in the pool! Image courtesy of Visit Tampa Bay.

 10001 N McKinley Drive | Busch Gardens |

We know how Florida is. It’s hot, muggy, and can be very sticky. What better way to cool off on a hot day in Tampa than by going to Adventure Island, a water park located right across from Busch Gardens! Known as Tampa’s largest water park, you can choose everything from the lazy river, water slides, and so much more.

If you’re looking for something family-friendly, Adventure Island is just where to go. Kids can enjoy hanging out and meeting other kids, you can go down intense water slides with them, and even eat lots of good food too. Make sure to get your season pass for Adventure Island and go as soon as summer hits!

“We had such an amazing weekend at adventure island celebrating their last weekend open!” - Yelp Review


Love golfing and drinking with friends? Come check out this fun driving range and restaurant!

Want to golf and get a bite to eat with friends? Consider going to Topgolf where you can practice your golf swing and get some good food! Image courtesy of Creative Loafing. 

10690 Palm River Road | Tampa |

Are you a huge fan of golf, or someone that has never played before, but interested? Why not check out Topgolf for something fun to do with family or friends! Topgolf is a fun interactive driving range that features a lounge where you and your friends or family can have a few rounds of beers, and each some tasty food too.

If you don’t have any golfing ability whatsoever, don’t worry. Topgolf’s point-scoring game isn’t based on how far the ball goes after you swing, but where you land in the holes throughout the course. Consider checking out Topgolf for a fun time that we know you’re going to enjoy in Tampa, Florida!

“I was very impressed with this location and I had a really fun time. I would definitely like to come back!” - Yelp Review 

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Busch Gardens

Love roller coasters? Check out this staple of Tampa, Florida for a day full of fun!

Busch Gardens is the ultimate place to go to for a fun day riding roller coasters and so much more! Image courtesy of Busch Gardens. 

10165 N McKinley Drive | Busch Gardens |

Going on roller coasters are lots of fun with lots of twists, turns, flips, and spins. Why not go to Busch Gardens in Tampa, which is right across from Adventure Island for a fun day riding roller coasters, eating some good amusement park food, and more! Busch Gardens is a 335-acre African-themed animal park with animals that you can see along with riding roller coasters. 

Busch Gardens features many rides, such as the Challenge, a 335-foot tower that drops all the way from the top, Falcon’s Fury, Cheetah Hunt where you can see if you can outbeat a cheetah when it's running, and so much more. Consider getting tickets to Busch Gardens for you and your loved ones for a fun day in Tampa!

“The animals are beautiful. The park is beautiful. I had a REALLY fun time and I'll for sure be back.” - Yelp Review 

There are lots of fun and exciting things to do in Tampa. Being able to explore one of the most popular cities in Florida is something truly fun and makes for an adventure you’ll never forget. Make sure to check out these top seven most fun things to do in Tampa!

Is there something fun in Tampa that you enjoy doing that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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