7 Exciting Things to do in Cincinnati with Your Kids

Spend a fun day in Cincinnati with your children and visit these popular family-friendly spots.

Looking for something fun to do with your children? Cincinnati has tons of fun and interesting attractions to explore. From a wildlife zoo to a pirate-themed restaurant, there is something for every child. Check out our list of top 7 things you can do with your kids in Cincinnati now!

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1. Start Your Day at Ault Park

Enjoy some fresh air at this gorgeous park

This popular park offers something for everyone. Image courtesy of Yelp

3600 Observatory Ave | Mt. Lookout | aultparkac.org

Now that winter is gone and spring is finally here, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sites of nature. That’s why you should start your morning off with a casual stroll around Ault Park. 

This popular attraction has plenty of gorgeous foliage to admire and acres of space for games and activities. If your kids enjoy hiking, you can also walk along its stunning trails. There’s even a small playground with little tunnels and bridges for your younger kids to explore. 

“Ault Park is one of the most beautiful parks in Cincinnati, and there are so many things to do there! Ault Park has many different parts; for example, they have a play ground area for children, a pavilion area for social gatherings, pictures, and public or private events, plenty of grass space for sports, large and beautiful gardens, and also trails throughout the Ault Park woods.” - Yelp Review

2. Visit the Zoo!

Your kids will love watching the animals and learning more about their fascinating lives

Your kids will get to learn about different animals like the Andean Bear. Image courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo

3400 Vine St | Avondale | cincinnatizoo.org

The famous Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is finally open! The hours have changed and reservations are required, so make sure you prepare for your visit ahead of time. 

Once you arrive, you’ll find plenty of interesting animal exhibits to explore. You can visit the new owl chick hatches who were born in late March. Or head to the lion enclosure and visit the residing pride. Or maybe the American Crocodile will fascinate your kids! 

Just don’t forget to stop by the vast botanical garden, filled with gorgeous plants, flowers, and special exhibits!

“I love the openness of the zoo and animal exhibits. The animals have so much personality and they love watching you as you do them. They have a new exhibit where baby kangaroos hop around you. They also incorporate flowers and habitats from botanical gardens.” - Yelp Review

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3. Take a Break for Some Lunch at the Root Beer Stand

Take some time to refuel before continuing your day!

The Root Beer Stand is a favorite among families. Image courtesy of Yelp.

11566 Reading Rd | Cincinnati | therootbeerstand.com

At some point, your kids will probably get pretty hungry. The Root Beer Stand is a popular destination among Cincinnati locals. This laid back restaurant has received numerous awards over the years, such as a Top 45 Burger in Cincinnati from Cincinnati Magazine and Best Root Beer in the Queen City. 

On the menu, you can find plenty of delicious comfort food. Their famous hot dogs can be topped with chilli, cheese, onion, slaw, and other savory ingredients. They also offer hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and a signature pizza steak burger! Aside from their well-known root beer, they also serve ice cream floats and various soft drinks.

“The cheese coney was awesome! Coney sauce was delicious, and proportioned properly to the dog. Burger was freshly cooked, greasy enough, and seasoned just right. Overall a great lunch for under $10! This place is definitely worth a stop if you are in the area!” - Yelp Review

4. Walk Around the Contemporary Arts Center

Enrich your children with art education

The Contemporary Arts Center houses a fine array of gorgeous art pieces. Image courtesy of Yelp.

44 E 6th St | Downtown | contemporaryartscenter.org

Enriching your children with a strong arts education is crucial for their development. What better way to teach them about the arts than by visiting the Contemporary Arts Center together?

Located on the sixth floor of this popular museum is the UnMuseum®. Built just for children, the UnMuseum is an interactive gallery that encourages children to interact and play with the art pieces. Whenever a new installation arrives, the art gallery will even host a special welcoming party for families to attend!

Maybe the art pieces will even inspire your children to make some art themselves. Luckily, UnMuseum offers a special art-making space filled with plenty of materials and supplies to let your little one cultivate their inner artist. 

“A visit to the CAC is guaranteed to leave you inspired in some way, by at least something, inside it's walls. Featuring installations of every medium and method, with a range of tones and emotional effects. The staff, facilities, and exhibits are all excellent, because they're well maintained by people who care, and you can tell.” - Yelp Review

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5. Try a Ride at Kings Island

Let out some pent up energy at Kings Island

Grab some cotton candy from Snoopy’s Snack Shack. Image courtesy of Yelp.

6300 Kings Island Dr | Kings Mills | visitkingsisland.com

After almost a year of being pent up inside, it’s time to let your energy out! Luckily, Kings Island is set to re-open in mid May. This popular park offers thrilling rides and a full kids area, making it the perfect spot for the whole family to enjoy.

If you’re a big thrill-seeker, you’ll love the large roller coasters like the Banshee and Congo Falls. But if you aren’t into big rides, don’t worry. Kings Island also has family-friendly attractions like the Aruba Tuba and Character Carousel. 

“Kings Island beats all the other amusement parks in the Midwest, in my opinion, because they sell alcohol and they have a top-notch family area. Those two things are so important to a parent, you don't even know. It's nice to be able to get a beer and relax (as much as possible) when you're toting young children to a stressful place.” - Yelp Review

6. Explore the Highfield Discovery Center

Encourage your little one’s sense of wonder

Highfield is a great place for your little ones to explore. Image courtesy of 365 Cincinnati.

10397 Springfield Pike | Cincinnati | greatparks.org

The Highfield Discovery Garden features 12-acres of natural beauty and fascinating playgrounds. Guests of any age will love this extensive garden filled with a variety of smaller gardens to visit and explore. 

The main garden features a massive, 25-foot discovery tree, perfect for playing in. Other gardens include the Frog & Toads Garden, Wizard’s Garden, Trolley Garden, Morph Garden, and more.  

“Highfield Discovery Garden is in Glenwood Gardens, and it is designed to encourage everyone to explore the natural world in a fun, engaging environment. You don't even have to bring children along if you don't have any.  Young and old alike will never forget this wondrous place.” - Yelp Review

7. Treat Yourself to Dinner at Pirate's Cove Tropical Bar and Restaurant

Enjoy some delicious food after an exciting day

Pictured above is the restaurant’s famous Fried Jack Salmon Sandwich. Image courtesy of Yelp

4609 Kellogg Ave | California | piratescovecincy.com

After such a long day, it’s only fair that you treat the family to a delicious dinner. Pirate’s Cove Tropical Bar and Restaurant is a fun family spot known for its friendly pirates and savory dishes. The restaurant’s massive patio deck overlooks the Ohio River as live music lights up the restaurant. On the menu, you can find classic seafood dishes, fried food, salads, mac-n-cheese, and more! Cocktails are also available for the adults who want to unwind a little as they eat. 

“I'll start off by saying this, eating here made me think I was in a different city! The atmosphere is fun, and makes you feel like you are on a beach or vacation destination. The restaurant is located on the water in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have done a good job of creating a fun relaxing environment with water/boat views. Their bar area also has a tiki bar with real authentic sand, which often has live music playing.” - Yelp Review

Cincinnati has tons of kid-friendly sites to explore. You’ll quickly find that this vibrant city has something for everyone. Which ones do you plan to visit next? Let us know!

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