7 Best Places to Find Pizza in Charlotte, NC

Pizza is healthy, right? It has all of the necessary food groups: grains, dairy, fruit (yes, we’re calling tomatoes fruit), protein, and veggies if you want them. It’s time to take the guilt out of eating pizza. After all, the stomach wants what the stomach wants, and if you’re craving pizza today, we don’t see any reason why you should deny yourself one of the simplest pleasures of life. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in something that is technically perfectly healthy every once in a while. 

Whether you’re a long-time Charlotte native, someone who’s just moved to the area, or just visiting for a short time, you probably haven’t seen everything the Queen City has to offer for pizza. Like with any city, you’re sure to find some hits and misses as you explore all of the pizza joints in the area. We’ve made it our job to help you out in that regard by compiling a list of the best of the best in Charlotte.

Below, you’ll find the 7 best places to find pizza in Charlotte, NC:

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With nearly a quarter of the nation unemployed in the face of COVID-19, GiftYa understands that many people might be a little tight on money right now. If you have the means, think about sending one of their e-gift card for local Charlotte pizza restaurants to one of your pizza-loving friends. Hard financial times don’t mean people shouldn’t be able to indulge every once and a while. 


The Pizza Peel & Tap Room

1600 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205 | Plaza Midwood | tapandpeel.com

Once you taste their homemade pizza crust, you’ll forget all about any other crust you’ve ever tasted. 

Say hello to pizza that meets your dietary needs.  Image courtesy of The Pizza Peel Instagram

Pizza hot out of the oven and beer on tap? Yes please! The Pizza Peel & Tap Room, brought to you by the Stomp Chomp & Roll restaurant group, is home to some of the best pizza in all of Charlotte.

They’ve taken the traditional ingredients of a pizza crust and thrown them right out the window, replacing them with molasses, olive oil, and a combination of white and wheat flour to create a crust that has a perfectly crunchy outside and a soft inside. Stop by for a refreshing new take on your favorite pizza classics and some great local beers to wash it down with.

“The Pizza Peel uses top quality ingredients and that's just the start! Honestly, pizza should be its own food group! The staff here is friendly and attentive to everyone.” - Yelp Review

Pure Pizza (@PurePizzaCLT) | Twitter

Pure Pizza

1911 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205 | Plaza Midwood | purepizzaclt.com

Above all else, Pure Pizza values the power of fresh ingredients. 

Pure ingredients are the hallmark of this “healthy” pizza eatery.  Image courtesy of Pure Pizza Instagram

Okay, so maybe we were stretching the truth a little when we said that pizza is technically healthy, but at Pure pizza, the pizza you put in your belly really is healthy - or at least as healthy as pizza can be.  They are, arguably, one of the healthiest pizza restaurants in Charlotte, and that title is all in their name. 

By sourcing all of their ingredients from local farms in North Carolina, Pure Pizza strives to provide you with the freshest, purest pizza every single day. You will truly feel no guilt after trying one of their pies.

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“This is my new weekly affair if you will! Hello pure pizza, it's me again! Go there and eat it, love it and eat some more.” - Yelp Review


Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint

101 S Tryon St, Ste 8, Charlotte, NC 28202 | Uptown | unclemaddios.com

Who knew a chain restaurant could be so consistent? You’ll love their crust!

Who knew a chain restaurant could be so consistent? You’ll love their crust! Image courtesy of Uncle Maddio’s Instagram

 If you’re the kind of person who would love to go out and share some pizza with your friends but know that you will all probably never be able to agree on the toppings you’ll get, Uncle Maddio’s is the place for you!

As a place that prides itself on letting you customize your pizza in whatever way you like it, Uncle Maddio’s will allow each one of you and your friends to get a personal pizza with absolutely no compromises.

Even better: they put everything together right in front of you! Just tell them what you’d like and you can watch as they put all of your preferred toppings on the pizza and throw it in the oven while you wait.

With pizza that’s crafted with fresh ingredients, served hot out of the oven, and made especially for you, what isn’t there to love about Uncle Maddio’s?

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“Every pizza at Maddio's is made with love and I believe it. There are several options and they are fresh vegetables. If you ask for heavy toppings, they generally won't nickel and dime you.” - Yelp Review

Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

1730 Abbey Pl, Charlotte, NC 28209 | Madison Park | luisasbrickovenpizza.com

Brick oven pizza is exactly how they make pizza in Italy!

Brick oven pizza is exactly how they make pizza in Italy!  Image courtesy of Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria Instagram

Of all of the pizza joints in Charlotte, very few cook their pizzas in a brick oven - and none cook their quite like Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria does.

The brick oven offers safe insulation from an open flame as it encloses burning wood. Luisa’s pizzas are cooked over that open flame, giving them a unique crust that you would be hard-pressed to find in many places around the United States - let alone Charlotte.

With the fire acting as the main source of heat that will cook your pizza, you might find that it comes out with a few charred spots - but don’t let that discourage you from enjoying it. The brick oven is actually how they make pizzas in Italy

Buy a GiftYa to Luisa’s Brick Oven Pizzeria >

“One of Charlotte's best pizza spots - hands down. Pie came out very quickly (7 minutes) and was cooked perfectly. Their secret sauce is amazing and the service is top notch.” - Yelp Review

Carmella's Pizza Grill

1513 Montford Dr, Charlotte, NC 28209 | South Park | carmellaspizzagrill.com

Looking for a pizza place fit for a night owl? Carmella’s Pizza is the best choice.

Whether you order your Carmella’s pizza to go or for dine-in, you’ll definitely want to enjoy it with a beere.  Image courtesy of Carmella’s Pizza Grill Instagram

Looking for a pizza place fit for a night owl? Carmella’s Pizza Grill is open until 2am almost every night, and their pizza is perfect for people who want to satisfy some late-night cravings without breaking their banks. 

At Carmella’s, you don’t have to order an entire pie if you don’t think you’ll be able to finish one, although they will make you one if you ask for it. 

Their most popular purchase is actually pizza by the slice! With thin, flaky crust reminiscent of New York-style pizza and just the right amount of grease, you can’t really go wrong at Carmella’s.

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“As for the pizza itself, I was pleasantly surprised. The pizza was thin and flaky and overall very good. I'd definitely recommend this place and will be back again to try different menu options.” - Yelp Review


Bisonte Pizza

710 W Trade St, Charlotte, NC 28202 | Third Ward, Uptown | bisontepizzaco.com

With an original family recipe making up their dough

Bisonte means “buffalo” in Italian...and that’s where the two brothers who opened up this restaurant are from originally!  Image courtesy of Bisonte Pizza Instagram

As a Charlotte favorite, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to try out Bisonte Pizza if you’re in the Uptown area. As a family-owned business, the two brothers who opened up Bisonte understand the importance of family.

Not only will they treat everyone who walks through their doors like family, but you can find traces of the family they came from in every pizza they make.

With an original family recipe making up their dough and a pizza sauce recipe their dad used to make for them when they were children, the owners of Bisonte Pizza really are trying to keep their pizza in the family.

Buy a GiftYa to Bisonte Pizza >

“Bisonte has slowly become our go-to pizza place! I really don't know how to explain the pizza, but it's amazing! I'm usually a veggie toppers kinda girl, but here you have to go with the OG - buffalo style pizza with cheese and pepperonis.” - Yelp Review


New York Pizza & Pasta

624 Indian Trail Rd S, Indian Trail, NC 28079 | Indian Trail | nyppnc.com

Who would have thought you could find authentic New York pizza in Charlotte?  Image courtesy of Pexels

Looking for truly authentic New York Pizza? Whether you’ve recently relocated from the Big Apple and are looking for a taste of home or you just visited one time and haven’t quite kicked the craving for their pizza since, New York Pizza & Pasta is the place for you.

With crusts this thin and flaky, you’ll be wondering if maybe you haven’t actually teleported to New York City for this pizza. Located just south of Charlotte in Indian Trail, NC, New York Pizza & Pasta provides you with an experience that’s similar to the one you might see in New York

You can even buy pizza by the slice here! Get yourself a whole pie for the family or just one or two slices to tide you over after a late night out on the town. 

Buy a GiftYa to New York Pizza & Pasta >

“My go to Friday night pizza place. plus has a great buffet. The garlic knots are my favorite. Very friendly staff.” - Yelp Review

While there are plenty of pizza joints in Charlotte, there’s no need to waste your time trying out the ones who aren’t going to offer you exactly what you’re looking for. The next time you find yourself wondering what pizza is the best pizza in Charlotte, check out this list.

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