5 Most Popular Slow-Cooker Dishes Around the US

Cooking seems laborious. Make it simpler with your slow-cooker By discovering some of the most popular slow-cooker dishes around the US. Try them today!

Have you got a lot to cook but are short on time? Working on a tight schedule throughout the day, you don’t seem to have enough time to prep your meal, especially if the family members are epicurean.

Puzzling, right? You probably didn't scout out your kitchen thoroughly. A magical appliance in your kitchen cabinet lying around while covered with dust all over can give you multiple home-cooked meals in no time. Yes, it’s the slow-cooker.

With this amazing crockpot, you’re good at cooking various dishes in large quantities with minimal effort. You’ll be amazed by its set and forget style cooking, saving your time.

But are you aware of the most popular slow-cooker dishes around the US? No worries, our favorite collection of flavorful dishes with recipes will definitely touch your heart - be it your lunch, dinner, or morning meal. That’s a promise.

Let’s get the slow-cooker and cook! 

5 American Slow-Cooker Recipes

Want to know how to make the five best American dishes using a slow-cooker? The recipes below will tell you exactly how!

1. Pork and Apple Stew

A must-eat US dish that never fails to impress is the combo of pork and apples. It’s a classic one-pot freshly-flavored recipe with the tanginess of mustard.

You’ll find a sweetness owing to the white wine. It can be a perfect stew for daily cooking that’s not too heavy yet refreshing. A proctor silex crockpot is a suitable option for cooking stew.


• Firstly, pour mustard, pepper, and salt to season the pork.

• Parching the pork lightly in an oiled pan.

• Toss onions, carrots, and celery stalks and roast a little.

• Pour one cup of the white wine into the same pan and turn it to a thick gravy-like consistency.

• Now transfer these to a slow cooker with potatoes, tarragon leaves, and pork stock.

• Let it cook on low flame.

• You can add some cold butter to enhance its flavors.

For serving a total of 6 persons, cooking this main course, an American cuisine dish, will take 4 hours.

2. Lemon Herb Whole Chicken

The thought of roasting a whole chicken for your big family seems intimidating. It’s because you need to invest a lot of your time and effort. But a slow-cooker can change the scene.

You’ll be surprised how you get a better texture of your cooked chicken in no time with a much simpler process. Plus, you’re free to leave your chicken cooking with zero worries. This chicken can beat the taste of amazing bbq chicken at restaurants.


• At first, add all the herbs like dried basil, dried thyme, oregano, etc., and mix.

• Washing your chicken, place it in the slow-cooker.

• Don’t forget to spill salt and pepper.

• Now, layer the chicken’s skin with mixed herbs and lemon zest.

• Pour half a cup of strong blond ale (or any other beer) on the chicken’s side.

• With medium heating, let it cook.

With 4 minutes of prepping and 10 minutes of cooking, you’re ready to serve this amazing main course to almost 4 people.

3. Slow-cooker Short Ribs

Every home cook feels like recreating the magical flavors of restaurant-like short ribs. But who has got the time? Well, let the slow-cooker handle the timing issue.

You’ll see how juicy and tender the texture makes your dish even more delicious. Our recipe will surely melt your heart and make you ask for more!


• Use a generous amount of salt and pepper to season your short ribs.

• Take a skillet, heat the oil, and add the short ribs.

• Keep browning all its sides for 1-2 minutes in batches.

• At the same time, bring your slow-cooker and toss onions and carrots and season them.

• When browned properly, transfer it on top of the onion-carrot mixture.

• Pour Worcestershire followed by adequate water.

• Cover the pot and cook on low flame till your meat turns tender.

You can serve it garnishing with chopped parsley and adding some juice.

4. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Spice up this family weeknight by making them their favorite mouthwatering dish. Wouldn’t it add tangy and spicy flavors to your mouth? Yes, this Mexican-American combo is worth trying!


• Melt butter over medium heat and add seasonings of garlic, pepper, and onion with 1 tsp salt.

• Sauté unless they turn tender and then transfer to the slow-cooker.

• Add vegetables of your choice at the bottom, and chicken breast at the top.

• Pour chicken broth, cumin, oregano, enchilada sauce, chili powder, taco seasoning and salt for taste.

• Cook on high flame till the chicken turns tender, then shred or chop the cooked chicken.

• Use it in soup and add beans or corn, whichever you like.

• To make the soup creamier, add heavy cream around 1-2 cups and whisk with 2-3 tbs of cornstarch.

• Stir well and let it cook for one more hour.

And your delicious slow-cooker dish is ready. Use cilantro, tortilla strips, and sour cream to garnish and serve!

5. Slow-Cooker Lasagna

Lasagna is a classical Italian dish that won the hearts of tons of Americans with an amazing flavor. So, when you’re heading to cook lasagna using a crockpot, you get the meal with fewer cooking steps and efforts.

Let’s know how to slow-cook lasagna in detail.


• First, prepare the meat sauce. For that, brown the beef with garlic and onions.

• Drain excess fat and water when meat is cooked.

• Stir it with water, marinara, tomato paste, and needed seasonings.

• Next, go for cheese prep, mixing it with mozzarella, cottage cheese, parmesan, and parsley.

• Now layer your slow-cooker with meat sauce at the bottom, next noodles and cheese at the top, and repeat up to 3 layers.

• Spread remaining meat sauce and add a sprinkle of mozzarella topping.

• Let it settle in the crock pot and cook on low.

That’s all. Let me tell you a unique style to serve it. Place it with cream cheese garlic bread for extraordinary flavor.

Final Words

Cooking needs extra effort. Throw that misconception out of the mind because you’ve got a slow-cooker near you. Slow-cooker seems appealing because you can insert any ingredient in it and walk away.

Just get back to it when you feel like doing so. Plus, the entire cooking step cuts down to the simplest process. Thus, you can present these extraordinary dishes to your family and win their hearts.

So, what’s holding you back? Take out your crock pot, dust it off and prepare the most popular slow-cooker dishes around the US!

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