January 11, 2019

2019’s Top Shops in Pittsburgh for Vintage Fashion

January 11, 2019
jason wolfe

2019’s Top Shops in Pittsburgh for Vintage Fashion

Every moment of fashion trends are inspired by the top styles of days gone by.

“Everything old is new again!”

From Fifties frocks to Nineties grunge, the nostalgia of vintage fashion never gets old. With today’s prevalence of throwaway fashion, many still seek the meticulous quality found in well preserved vintage apparel.

For Pittsburgh vintage junkies there are several shops around town to help you find your favorite fashions of yesteryear. We’ve compiled our picks for the top shops in vintage fashion in Pittsburgh for your enjoyment. Each shop has their own curated aesthetic and specialties, with a range of authentic vintage to quality consignment shops, so there’s a spot for every throwback taste.

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Image courtesy of Sarita M.

Eons-Fashion-Antique Facebook

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5850 Ellsworth Avenue

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Sun-Fri: 12pm-5pm
Sat: 11am-5pm

Eons is a cultural icon in Pittsburgh, as is the owner Richard.

...The amount of clothes they have is incredible! They certainly pack it all in their small store...

Located on the corner of Ellsworth and College Street in Shadyside, the boutique focuses on well-preserved fashions for men and women from the 1880s through the 1980s, meticulously curated and organized for your shopping pleasure.

If you’re seeking a specific era or period piece Richard will guide you with his incredibly in depth of knowledge on the subject. The golden standard for vintage shops in Pittsburgh, Eons is the first stop on anyone’s list seeking genuine vintage apparel in Pittsburgh.

“Beautiful store!...What I enjoyed the most was the quality of their clothing. They take great care of their items and it shows! If you're looking for vintage items, this place has pretty good prices and beautiful clothes!”- Yelp Review
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Hey Betty!


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5890 Ellsworth Avenue

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Tue-Fri: 12:30pm-5:30pm
Sat: 12pm-6pm
Sun: 1pm-5pm

Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside the home of not one but two of the city’s finest and oldest vintage shops.

...Prices are higher than your average thrift store; but this isn't your average thrift store. Due to the age and overall quality of their items, I think that their prices are fair....

Hey Betty lives right up the road from the iconic Eons, and similarly features high quality, carefully curated vintage clothing and accessories especially those from the 50s-70s.

The owners have been buying and selling vintage clothes since 1980, and they continue to carefully curate amazing collections that contain only the best and most unique vintage articles.

So don't judge it by its size, what it lacks in size it makes up for it with its perfectly organized merchandise and plethora of hard to find gems at reasonable rates.

“...I was most impressed by the huge selection of women's dresses, but they have a variety of other vintage items as well...If you're looking for a costume, a unique outfit for a special occasion, or just want to work some retro style into your wardrobe, this is a great place to visit!” - Yelp Review
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Clothes Minded

Image courtesy of the Pittsburgh Look


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4740 Liberty Avenue

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Mon-Sat: 12pm-8pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm

Though more of a well-curated resale shop, Clothes Minded in Bloomfield offers gently used high-end designer pieces ranging from newer to vintage styles, in addition to one of a kind no label pieces.

...sells great vintage and name brands for bargains compared to other places in the city….

Though more of a well-curated resale shop than purely a vintage shop, Clothes Minded in Bloomfield offers gently used high-end designer pieces ranging from current to vintage styles, in addition to one of a kind no label pieces.

Don’t be surprised to find Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel pieces alongside vintage concert tees and retro jackets throughout the shop.

"...hands down my favorite consignment shop in Pittsburgh...I've bought multiple ModCloth dresses here for a fraction of the retail price. The jewelry counter always has something that catches my eye, and the clothing racks aren't jammed in the store. You're not fighting for a spot to browse on the rack..." - Yelp Review
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Three Rivers Vintage


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South Side
1716 E Carson Street

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Tue-Thu: 12pm-7pm
Fri: 12pm-8pm
Sat: 11am-8pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

One of several nice vintage shops in South Side, Three Rivers Vintage specializes in hard to fin clothing, jewelry, and accessories from the 1920s through the disco 70s, though they’ll sometimes feature older Victorian pieces as well.

...so great to see all of the clothes protected and in great care...

Once again, this owner knows their stuff and will walk you through finding the perfect period piece and even share insight on its history.

“I really love this store! I got my homecoming dress here for 38 dollars. They also have a wide collection of jewelry from eras from the 30's to the 70's. The staff are friendly and helpful...Great experience...”- Yelp Review
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Highway Robbery

Image courtesy of Lifespace Pittsburgh


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South Side
2012 E Carson Street

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Mon-Sat: 12pm-8pm
Sun: 12pm-5pm

Another South Side gem located on E Carson Street, Highway Robbery specializes in pieces from the 1950s to early 1990s (which is very much on trend currently).

...I honestly think some of my fave vintage pieces have come from here...

They select unique affordable items you can easily wear with any of your modern pieces. You can also purchase items from their website store or their Etsy shop if you can’t make it to the store.

“...This has always been a fave of mine because it's not only well curated, but I can usually always come out of there with at least one fantastic find. While the shop leans towards the 70's-90's, I'm more of a 50's-60's gal and am always so excited to pick out that one perfect dress that I'm in love with...This is a must for any vintage lover!” - Yelp Review
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Regent Square
6739 Reynolds Street

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Tue-Sat: 11am-7pm
Sun: 11am-3pm

Part mystical apothecary, part bohemian vintage apparel boutique, this is one of the most unique and magical spots to shop vintage in Pittsburgh.

This place is fabulous! Fabulous clothing, jewelry, bath products and owner! I just can't say enough good things about this place...

Alongside carefully-curated deremonial vintage clothing, you'll find an array of candles, crystals, bath products, cleansing herb bundles, oracle cards, and more (even locally-made items).

For those seeking a boho-chic vibe Juju is your one stop shop!

“...I love vintage clothing, and you can head somewhere to find a mess of clothes just piled high, or a well curated shop like this.

You can absolutely tell the owner takes time to gather items that fit her aesthetic, but also are lovely items. The prices range from higher end to affordable. Plus, even if you're not into vintage, she carries some really cool accessories too...You'll also find some small gift items and home goods...” - Yelp Review
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Mustard and Relics


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Brighton Heights
3596 Brighton Road

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Wed-Sat: 10am-6pm

One of the newer kids on the block selling vintage wares in Pittsburgh, Mustard and Relic calls Brighton Heights its home.

...You won't regret going there, they even have household stuff...

This eclectic shops features vintage, handmade, and locally sourced goods of everything from kitchenware to kitchy coats. They even carry vintage toys and children’s apparel.

“...my first visit was very pleasant, the owners are so nice, they have a great selection of stuff...so come on over to brighton heights, I promise you won’t regret it”- Yelp Review
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Mello & Sons

Image courtesy of Arthurious


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4405 Butler Street

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Tue-Sun: Various Hours

If you’re seeking quality vintage denim, look no further than Mello & Sons in Lawrenceville.

Excellent, new, fully stocked vintage clothing store...

The owners received high accolades for their Brooklyn shop, Grant St Bakery, and get similar praise for their newer Pittsburgh location. The shop is most known for its large selection of quality vintage denim.

In addition to the finest retro denim, you’ll find vinyl records, jewelry, vintage tees, leather biker jackets, accessories, and more. You’ll leave the shop a bonafide hipster!

“...They also had adorable kids clothes and an awesome assortment of rag rugs and candles. Highly recommend.” - Nina Google Review
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Avalon Exchange

Image courtesy of Tartan


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Squirrel Hill
5858 Forbes Ave

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Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

Opening in 1988 Avalon Exchange was once a pillar of vintage fashion in Pittsburgh with its original Oakland location.

I contemplate updating my entire collection of winter coats every time I browse here. Stay awesome Avalon!

While the consignment shop still offers various vintage pieces, you’ll also find hip, designer pieces from today. Now with one location in Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill, they’ve expanded to host several other locations across the country. If you’re seeking ironic recent throwbacks to the Nineties and early 2000s, you’ve found your haven!

"Avalon Exchange is a haven for the vintage/thrifted clothes lover in me! It's not as cheap as a regular thrift store, but honestly I'm willing to pay more for a carefully curated selection of items. Style-wise it's like a larger and slightly more conventional version of Clothes Minded..." - Yelp Review
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Buffalo Exchange


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South Side
1214 E Carson Street

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Mon-Sat: 11am-7pm
Sun: 12pm-6pm

...Allow yourself lots of time to dig through the racks - gems are everywhere!...

This national chain finally made its way to Pittsburgh and offers a wide selection of new, vintage, and vintage-inspired fashion. The first Buffalo exchange opened in Tuscon in 1974, and now there are 49 stores across 20 states.

The company still strives to uphold the alternative, down-to-earth values of the original founders. You can buy, sell, and trade quirky apparel with ease. Sellers praise their fair payouts for pieces over some other consignment options around town.

I am obsessed with Buffalo Exchange! I've visited BE in Washington, D.C. and NYC and this one was equally great...They are a bagless company, so either bring your own or you can purchase one for $2. Love love love! - Yelp Review