You Haven’t Experienced Miami Nightlife Until You’ve Tried These 7 Venues

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Have a night of dancing, drinking, and good music at Miami’s best bars and clubs!

Everyone needs to let off some steam and have fun, and what better way to do that than go out tonight and experience Miami’s thriving nightlife? Let your night be filled with dancing, music, drinks, and friends by spending your time at one of these night time venues. Whatever vibe you’re looking for tonight, Miami can give it to you! That means tonight’s your night to party, unwind, get crazy, relax, or some weird combination of it all! 

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Club Tipico Dominicano


1344 NW 36th St.

A club with delicious food and a dance floor waiting for you

Once you finish your drink, make your way onto the dance floor! A night club is no fun until you break out some moves. Image courtesy of Club Tipico Dominicano’s Facebook

Restaurant by day, dance club by night, Club Tipico Dominicano is the place to go to dance the night away. You know they have amazing food here thanks to their day job, so once you need to fuel up you can order a tasty and fulfilling snack or meal. Along with that, of course, you can order off their drink menu. This place has a bit of meringue, a bit of salsa, and maybe a bit of reggaeton too. With all that happening in one room, how can this not be the place to be?

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“Great for large gatherings and dancing. Delicious food, drinks, and very friendly staff. It was actually my first time eating Dominican food and it was an experience that I'll never forget. Seasoned perfectly, drinks were sweet and fruity, and a comfortable atmosphere…” - Yelp Review


Miami Beach

323 23rd St.

Get hyped up and dance to the music the DJ plays

Get ready to jump up and down and feel the music in your bones. Treehouse is loud and lively! Image courtesy of Treehouse’s Facebook.

If you think going out is all about the music and finding your rhythm with it, Treehouse is the nightlife venue for you. Merge with the crowd and pump your arms to the music as the DJ on stage sets the tone. The DJs at this night club tend to do trance, house, and techno, so you’re sure to find something to bop your head to. If you momentarily get overwhelmed or want to talk to a friend, take a break in the outdoor section of the club. 

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“Had a great time here!… Treehouse isn't like your typical nightclub, it has a different feel to it. The vibe, setting, and music sets this place apart from the rest… I really enjoyed the outdoor portion of the establishment with an outdoor bar to take a break from the crowd… ” - Yelp Review

Bar Nancy

Little Havana

2007 SW 8th St.

A nautical themed bar with delicious cocktails 

Bar Nancy has an entertaining and stylish decor that gives the whole bar one big personality. Image courtesy of Bar Nancy’s Facebook

Come aboard to this nautical themed bar for tasty drinks and live music. Happy hour is every day, when you can get cocktails with funny names, such as Mutiny Milk Punch and I Don’t Know What I Want. If you get a little hungry, order off their food menu with items such as buffalo chicken poutine smoked gouda mac and cheese. While you’re enjoying a meal, you’ll also get live entertainment that you want to nod your head to. If it’s a nice day out, enjoy the bar’s ambiance and drinks on their patio. 

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“A must go! Finally a bar done right. From head to toe this place amazed me. Drinks - are amazing!… Atmosphere - when you first walk in it is a chill bar scene with relaxing dim lights and high tops…” - Yelp Review

Tucandela Bar


901 S Miami Ave.

Party at this Latin Dance Club 

The ambiance of Tucandela Bar is already enough to make club goers excited to dance all night. Image courtesy of Tucandela Bar’s Facebook.

If “nightlife” to you means a good place to dance, this is the night club where you won’t be able to stop dancing. At Tucandela Bar, the music is always blasting with good music that gets you in the mood to get moving! This Latin club gets crowded with other club goers making their way to the dance floor. The dance party is elevated with good drinks and fun lights. Come during the week for their amazing bottle service! 

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“This place is excellent to have a fun latin night,very spacious place with really nice bars and beautiful staff, drinks are really good and strong like we all like them, also the dance floors are big and the music is really good…” - Yelp Review

LIV Nightclub

Miami Beach

4441 Collins Ave.

The nightclub that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience

The ambiance of LIV Nightclub is out of this world. You’ll never experience anything like it! Image courtesy of LIV Nightclub Facebook.

The first thing you’ll notice about LIV Nightclub is its impressive venue, with the iconic dome and lively lights. The environment is energetic and immersive as well as spacious and luxurious. Dress up for this club experience, it will make the experience all the more fun! You won’t get enough of the DJ’s skill of playing the exact songs you’ve wanted to hear all night. Once you’re at LIV Nightclub, you need to get a taste of their impressive drink menu before getting onto that dance floor! 

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“It’s a light show inside, literally, the confetti drops and everything that happens inside makes you feel like you are in a music video, the music coincides with the video on the screen the dj is amazing. I've been here 3x and had a ball each time…” - Yelp Review

Macumba Nightclub


7335 NW 36th St.

A trendy spot in the city to spend your night

Macumba Nightclub has the stage set for your favorite musicians to come on and get you ready to dance the night away! Image courtesy of Macumba Nightclub’s Instagram.   

This trendy nightclub has the style and ambiance you’ve been looking for! Macumba is a latin nightclub that will serve you with lively music and every opportunity to do some dancing. The DJs and musicians are on top of their game here with every night hitting with music you want to dance to! Order a drink or two at the bar and relax. Keep an eye out for events coming up soon! They do ladies night where women get in for free, and concerts with well-known musicians.

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“Best latin club of miami… where all the latin and non latin Community can go and enjoy an awesome night out with your friends and most of the time we bring the best musicians DJs and singers of the industry… ” - Yelp Review

D’Cata Wine Club


7800 NW 24th St.

Try a selection of wines as you relax

Sit down with your friends and decide what wines you’re in the mood to try tonight! Image courtesy of D’Cata Wine Club’s Facebook.

This wine bar knows what it’s about. The walls are lined with their finest selections of red and white wines. Take a seat with your friends and go over the wine menu with them. There are so many wines to choose from, and the staff is ready to help you make a choice. This wine bar is a warm atmosphere with live music playing and a good place to have long conversations with your group. To go with that wine, order their delicious tapas dishes and roast pork loin. Overall, D’Cata Wine Club is the perfect choice for those looking for a relaxing night out.

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“Warming atmosphere, very welcoming ambiance. The place offers an excellent selection of wines and tapas. They have life music, and it is spectacular on Saturday nights. Perfect place to remember old good times and relax…” - Yelp Review

The nightlife in Miami is thriving more than ever before. Get ready for one of your favorite nights out yet! Get dressed up and head to your favorite nightclub for a night of dancing, or bring your friends out to a bar for conversation and drinking. The best thing about Miami nightlife is that every choice is the right choice. Start making plans now!


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