Wine Not Treat Yourself to These Fancy Restaurants in Denver?

Getting dressed up and putting on your favorite pair of shoes to match might be just what you need this week.

Are you going out to a fancy restaurant for a celebration? Just because? Just to say you did it? Whatever your reason for going out to one of Denver’s upscale restaurants might be, we know that it can be hard to find them when you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best fancy restaurants in Denver for you to browse at your leisure. 

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For some people, going out is a weekly routine. For others, going out is something they do on special occasions. Regardless of where you stand on this spectrum, there’s no denying that eating out can take a pretty big chunk out of your bank account - and especially when you choose to eat out at fancier restaurants. Whether you’re out to celebrate something special or just as a treat to yourself, GiftYa firmly believes that you should never have to sacrifice the treat of a phenomenal meal for a few extra bucks. That’s why they’ve partnered with many fancy restaurants near you to help take a bit of the amount off that final bill. Order one for someone who has something to celebrate soon!

801 Chophouse

Presentation, flavor, and lighting are the three things that make 801 most memorable. Image courtesy of 801 Chophouse Instagram

3000 E 1st Ave | Cherry Creek |

Everybody has something a little different in mind when it comes to determining just how “fancy” a restaurant is. If you’re someone who looks for a beautiful steak, an excellent wine pairing, an understated ambiance, you’ll definitely want to make a reservation at 801 Chophouse. 

As a Chophouse, they’re very similar to what you might find in a steakhouse in terms of how upscale they are - but you’ll also find some prime cuts of fresh fish and crustaceans while you’re here if meat isn’t really your thing. 

Unfortunately, they don’t actually have any vegetarian options here at 801 Chophouse when it comes to their entrees, so you may want to opt for one of the other fancy restaurants on this list if you fit that criterion. You’re more than welcome, however, to combine any number of their vegetarian appetizers and sides to help fill you up if this is an experience you’re keen to have!

“First reactions are a bunch of explicit phrases of joy that don't do justice for the elegance, sophistication, and comfortable decadence of this place. Stupendously wonderful.  Upscale and cozy.” - Yelp Review

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Beatrice & Woodsley

You know those adjectives that shouldn’t make sense in some contexts but somehow still do? Well the word we’d use to describe Beatrice & Woodsley is “rustic” and we will not be taking any constructive criticism at this time. Image courtesy of Beatrice & Woodsley Instagram

38 S Broadway | Speer |

Looking for a restaurant that feels more whimsical and dreamy than strictly upscale and refined? Beatrice & Woodsley is brought to you by some folks who love a good story - a fairytale, to be precise, and a true one at that.

Named after two lovebirds who moved to California around the same time and instantly fell in love when they met - Beatrice and Woodsley. Here, the ambiance is a bit more rustic than you might usually expect when you go to a fancy restaurant, but it’s no less charming, and the service is impeccable.

Enjoy decor inspired by the wildlife Beatrice and Woodsley surrounded themselves with after they finally married and Woodsley built a cabin in the woods for them to live in. Their menu is just as down to earth as the rest of the restaurant, but don’t take that to mean they’ve left anything to chance when it comes to the presentation and flavors!

“I have been dying to go to this restaurant ever since I moved to Denver three years ago and just finally made it happen for a Sunday early afternoon brunch and it lived up to the outstanding reviews locals have given about this place.” - Yelp Review

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Don’t let the tiny, intricate details on Mizuna’s dish presentation fool you - they also bring quite a bit of flavor to the table. Image courtesy of Mizuna Instagram

225 E 7th Ave | Capitol Hill |

If there’s one name you might see floating around the restaurant scene in Denver, it’s probably Frank Bonanno. With a restaurant dedicated to his family on the side and his role as executive chef here at Mizun, Frank is a busy man - but he loves food, and getting to share that love with the people of Denver is one of his greatest pleasures!

Mizuna’s menu is heavily inspired by French cuisine and uses Bonanno’s signature farm fresh ingredients to take the dishes to that next level of quality. According to the folks at Mizuna, the quality of the food and all of its presentation should speak for itself - and we reckon it does!

When you first walk into the restaurant, your initial thought might be that it’s small - and it is! The little restaurant uses that to its advantage, however, bringing the small space to life with soft, romantic lighting that will really drive home just how fancy it all is.

“We chose the tasting menu as a way to celebrate. I've done several tasting menus and hands down this was the best one. The variety of foods was superb, delicious and the quantity of food was well worth the price.” - Yelp Review

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Shanahan’s Steakhouse

Steakhouses already have a pretty good reputation for bringing a fancy, upscale touch to what you might normally consider “barbecue,” but Shanahan’s Steakhouse really takes it to another level. Image courtesy of Shanahan’s Steakhouse Instagram

5085 S Syracuse | Southeast |

Steakhouses are one of the pillars of the fancy dining scene, and while we’re not really sure why that is, we’re not going to dispute it. When it comes to steakhouses in the Denver area, none stand out quite as much as Shanahan’s Steakhouse in Southeast does.

Most steakhouses you’ve been to probably feature dim lighting and clinking wine glasses to go alongside your perfectly cooked steaks and baked potatoes. There’s a reason why many couples love to choose steakhouses as their date night destination of choice.

Here at Shanahan’s, however, they like to do things a little differently by offering up a wide, open floor plan with plenty of natural lighting to give their space a much more modern feel. Their menu is pretty standard as far as steakhouses go, but every bite will be cooked to absolute perfection, which is sure to earn you some brownie points with whoever you’re trying to impress!

“This restaurant was absolutely phenomenal!! We were visiting Denver for the first time for hiking and decided to pick a steakhouse during our trip and I am so glad we picked this one!” - Yelp Review

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Sometimes all you need is some bruschetta and a big glass of sangria. Image courtesy of Tavernetta Instagram

1889 16th St | Lodo |

When you think of the typical cuisines that typically bring their A-game when it comes to providing top-notch service and food to their guests, the first one that comes to mind is probably French, right? Well, we’re not ones to forget about those important cultures that have influenced so much of our modern lives, so we thought we’d highlight an Italian restaurant as well.

Located in Lodo, the home to all things brunch and fine dining, you’ll find Tavernetta, a top-tier Italian restaurant that specializes in providing hospitality unlike any other you might encounter throughout Denver.

They pride themselves on hospitality here - and that’s only the beginning of reasons why you should give them a chance. Handmade pastas and pizzas, Italian wine, and an ambiance that can only be compared to something you might actually find in Italy all come together here at Tavernetta to bring about what they call “la dolce vita” - the sweet life.

“I was extremely upset when I found out about Tavernetta. I thought they just recently opened but they've been gracing the Union Denver area with their presence for two years. Where was I? sleeping under a rock on the moon?” - Yelp Review

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Guard & Grace

You might be wondering if all the white space on this plate will really be worth it at the end of your meal, but just wait until you get a taste of this steak. Image courtesy of Guard & Grace Instagram

1801 California St | CBD |

Are steakhouses overdone in the world of online listicles that will tell you all about where and how to find the fanciest restaurants near you? We’ll leave that up to you to decide, but we happen to think that this particular steakhouse is one worth noting.

With a keen eye for design in everything ranging from the presentation of the dishes they serve to you to the layout of the restaurant we’re pretty sure that you aren’t going to find another steakhouse like this anywhere on the west side of the United States - let alone in Denver!

A sprawling open floor plan complete with tall windows spanning the entire length of the dining room to let you look out over the city is only one of the designs that sets this steakhouse apart from the rest. A long oyster bar and the grills they cook up all of their steaks on are also visible to you!

The best bit: they actually also have several vegetarian options, which means that anyone who wants to can definitely eat here and have just as much of their fill as their meat-eating friends and family would be able to.

“Great food and amazing service. This is a post that should've gone up sooner. I can't imagine they have dropped standards. From front desk to water filler and crumb sweeper by far one of the best restaurants I've ever experienced.” - Yelp Review

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You deserve to treat yourself every once in a while, and we can honestly say that these are some of the best places to treat yourself at in Dallas. Let us know which restaurant provided the most exceptional experience in the comments below!

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