What Are the 3 Biggest Disadvantages of Using A Gift Card As A Gift?

A gift card comes with multiple positives, but there are some downsides as well.

Gift cards can be a convenient option when you’re choosing a gift for someone. You can get them easily online and send them right to the person you plan to give them to. And it leaves a person with far broader options for a gift because they get to pick it out themselves. A gift card is also small and compact, so it's easy to carry it around and spend it on the go. It's not bulky enough to take up any space in your bag so you can carry it inside of the smallest bag you have. 

Another great reason to get a gift card as a gift is because they are easy to purchase. They are a quick, easy, and lightweight gift that you can easily carry multiples of if you need to. You can find gift cards in just about every department store and even online. It is a gift that makes the gift giving process simple on both sides. There are options to buy gift cards all over the place, and the options are vast. You can find gift cards for just about every restaurant, department store, and even spas. You can get these gift cards directly from the store or you can get them from third party sellers. 

Have you ever heard of a GiftYa electronic gift card? If you haven’t, then you need to get one as soon as you possibly can because it can help you discover a lot of new and incredible places. From restaurants, shops, recreational attractions, and even getting personal services done, you will love this e-gift card that you can easily add onto your debit card for easy access. Why not check out one of our gift cards today!

What Are the Disadvantages?

There are disadvantages to everything. 

This gift might not be perfect, but it does the trick. Image courtesy of Bay Citizen

Expiration Dates

One downside of gift cards is that they have expiration dates. So when you give someone a gift card, they have a limited amount of time to pick a gift before they can no longer use the gift card. And then your money will go to waste and they will have missed out on a gift because they didn’t notice the expiration date. Many of us have gone through this experience. We’ve gotten a gift card as a gift, and put it away until we’re ready to shop only to find out that you’ve already missed the expiration date. 

GiftYa solves this problem by allowing you to see for yourself when the gift card you gave someone has been used. That way you can keep track of the expiration date for them. When you notice that the gift card hasn’t been used by a certain time, GiftYa offers the option to send quick reminders just to make sure someone remembers to use their gift before the expiration date arrives. 

This option makes it way less likely for gift card gifts to go to waste due to forgetfulness. Since this is something that happens with gift cards all the time, GiftYa gives you great options to prevent it and make sure your loved one gets to pick out something great for themselves. 

Seemingly Impersonal

Many people perceive gift cards to be a more impersonal gift than when you order a specific gift on your own. Sometimes a gift card can seem like something you chose as a gift because you couldn’t figure out what to buy. If you pick up a generic gift card from the shelf of a department store, it can especially appear that way. You don’t want to give someone a gift that makes it seem like they were an afterthought. People like to feel special when they receive a gift. 

You might think that achieving that isn’t possible with a gift card, but that actually isn’t the case. Many people don’t know about all the personalized gift card options that happen to be available and only ever notice the generic store gift cards that sit by the checkout aisle as if put out as a second thought option. Those kinds of displays give off the impression that gift cards are always impersonal, but places like GiftYa offer gift cards that you can personalize yourself. 

With GiftYa you can make sure that a gift card recipient knows that your gift was still very personal. You can personalize the card with images that remind you of the person, their favorite things, or even pictures of themselves. They will know that you put some level of thought or work into their gift card as soon as they see it. You can even put their name on it to have it addressed to them. It will look as if they have a personalized credit card. It is a long way from the generic gift cards sold at the grocery store. 

Can Be Lost

A gift card is a convenient gift to have, but because of its size can be hard to keep track of. When you have a gift card, you have to store it very carefully so that you don’t end up losing it, something that is easy to do with something so small. It could get lost around your house or even just inside of your purse or backpack. Something like a gift card can slip out of compartments and end up lost amongst a pile of bigger items in your bag. And then you’ll have trouble finding it when it comes time to use it. 

A gift card can’t easily be replaced once it's been lost. And you will have a limited amount of time to find it given the expiration date. So when someone gets a gift card, they will have to be very careful about storing it in a good place where it’s not easily lost. It has to be kept somewhere that is easily reachable so that you can grab it when you need it without much hassle. 

A gift card can also be stolen, which makes for another way to lose it. A gift card is something that can end up being easily taken without you noticing because it is so small and compact. And because it has already been prepaid, the person who takes it will be able to use it to purchase items from the store your gift card is for. This will be an awful way to lose out on a potential gift. 

Thanks to GiftYa, this particular problem won’t be one for you. GiftYa’s cards are all digital so you can send them right to someone’s phone. They will have access to it as long as they log into their phone so there will be no need for them to worry about finding the right place to put their phone. With the click of just a few buttons, they will be able to pull up their gift card and use it everywhere that takes it. 

How GiftYa Works

GiftYa just takes a few simple steps to use. 

This gift card makes things easier for everyone. Image courtesy of GiftYa

When you’re getting someone a gift card from GiftYa, you will have a ton of options to choose from. They have gift cards for over 230,000 locations nationwide. They offer gift cards for restaurants, department stores, massage parlors, gyms, and much more. Some of these places are local and some can be found all over the country. There is Ulta, GameStop, Target, and Amazon among the many options. 

The next step is to create an unwrapping experience for your recipient. You will choose an amount to put on the gift card and then you personalize it. You will get to pick from one of many gorgeous designs from GiftYa to put on the card, or you can use your own personal photo. You can even include a personalized video message! When you are done with all of this, the next step is to simply send the gift card over in a text message. 

You can easily send a gift card to one person or you can send gift cards to multiple people all at once. GiftYa makes sending multiple gift cards quick and easy. You can choose to deliver the gift card through text message, email, or even a personal URL. And if you’re getting a gift for someone who is really picky, there is not much need to worry. With GiftYa, a person has the option to swap out the merchant you chose for a preferred alternative. 

A GiftYa gift card is unlike any other. With GiftYa, you can learn when your gift is used as soon as it is used. Many gift cards go to waste when people don’t use them in time. GiftYa aims to prevent that problem by letting you keep track of the use of their gift cards. If you need to, you can send out a reminder so that your friend remembers to buy themselves a gift before time runs out. GiftYa is a modern way to send and use gift cards that make things more convenient for everyone. 

Great Gift Card Options


Buy a Target Gift Card

Make sure to include the Buy a Target Gift Card language here with the link to the GiftYa page! You could also include the images for these options from the brand page like the other articles. 

When you want to get someone a gift card that gives them a broad list of options to choose from, Target makes a great choice. Target is a department store that is filled with things that anyone would take interest in. Target t has a wide selection of things that people of all ages can use on a day to day basis. They sell clothes, furniture, and groceries, among many other things, so someone who goes to Target can leave with a wide array of things. 

Buy a Target Gift Card


Buy a Grubhub Gift Card

Anybody can appreciate having great food delivered right to their doorstep. With GrubHub, a person can enjoy a meal from one of their favorite restaurants without even having to get dressed or leave their home. A trip out to dinner can be a nice thing, but you’re not always in the mood to go out on a trip for food. Sometimes you want to stay home and still enjoy some great food made by someone at a restaurant you love. 

Buy a Grubhub Gift Card


Buy an Amazon Gift Card

If you want to get someone a gift card to a place where they can get just about anything they want, go with one from Amazon. Amazon has just about everything that anyone might need, so a gift card to shop there can make a great gift for anyone. They have all kinds of items and brands on the site. Not only will they find just about everything they need, but they can have it delivered right to their door within days. Amazon has a clothing department, an electronic department, books, a pet supply department, and so much more. The list of things that you can find there is almost endless. 

Buy an Amazon Gift Card


Buy a Hulu Gift Card

If you get someone a free streaming service for a month or so, they will probably really enjoy it. One of the best things to do while resting is watching something fun, so help someone fill out their leisure time. A Hulu gift card will give someone some much needed extra entertainment. Each Hulu subscription lasts for at least a month, so a gift card should offer a month of streaming at least. With Hulu, a person can watch fun and popular shows that will keep them entertained for hours each day. 

Buy a Hulu Gift Card

Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

Another great custom gift card option. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card from Gift Card Granny is anything but impersonal. These gift cards are carefully chosen to fit anyone’s tastes, and can be customized to fit someone’s sensibilities. A gift card from Gift Card Granny will allow you to do just that. You will get to customize a gift card for your friend to give them something special that you created yourself. 

A gift card from Gift Card Granny can be preloaded with a certain amount that your friend can use anywhere they want. Building this gift card is a simple process. All you have to do is add a personal photograph and message to a Visa or Mastercard, add the amount you want, and you’re good to go. You can even add a video message to it for your loved one to watch!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

While there are some disadvantages to giving someone a gift card as a gift, GiftYa does a lot to improve on those issues to give people a more positive gift card experience. With a gift card you get to customize and keep track of, some of the biggest issues with giving gift cards are pretty much eliminated!

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