Want Some Fantastic Chinese Dining Options in Cincinnati? Look No Further!

The locals of Cincinnati love Chinese food, just as many people all over the world do! Perhaps it’s because of the flavorful and fresh ingredients, or the creative ways of combining spices, proteins, starch, and vegetables together in an unforgettable way that makes Chinese food so well loved.

The locals of Cincinnati love Chinese food, just as many people all over the world do! Perhaps it’s because of the flavorful and fresh ingredients, or the creative ways of combining spices, proteins, starch, and vegetables together in an unforgettable way that makes Chinese food so well loved. Like many U.S. cities, Cincinnati is home to many Chinese restaurants, that use time-honored traditions of cooking to create some truly remarkable dishes. We’ve put together a list of Chinese restaurants in the Cincinnati area that if you haven’t tried already, you should go out and try today!

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Shanghai Mama’s

Experience the fun of 1920s Shanghai at this popular restaurant!

Step back in time to when Shanghai was a melting pot of all kinds of people, and flavors! Image courtesy of Yelp.


26 E. 6th St.


Whether you’re looking for a great meal for lunch, dinner, or late night, Shanghai Mama’s is your place to satisfy your Chinese food craving! Drawing on influences from the Shanghai of the 1920s, this restaurant is going to be your new go-to place for crab rangoon, grilled teriyaki beef, chicken pad thai, or veggie gyoza. But really anything on their menu is delicious, and you can be sure you’re going to get a large portion for the price too--so why not take a couple of friends and order for the table to share? 

There are a lot of menu items, but after one experience at this fun restaurant, you’re going to be back very soon for more!

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“Wonderful place to eat. They are open til 4am so you can get great good after a long nice out. The taste and heat level was great but be careful.” -Yelp Review

Fortune Noodle House

Enjoy fresh, handmade noodles at this delicious Chinese restaurant

There’s simply no substitution for handmade noodles and authentic, fresh ingredients! Image courtesy of Yelp.


349 Calhoun St.


Not all Chinese places in Cincinnati take the time to create and pull their noodles for their dishes by hand, but they certainly do at Fortune Noodle House. In fact, there are dedicated employees who ensure that each noodle they craft is up to the owner’s standards.

The fresh noodles really seem to make the tastes of their authentic Chinese cuisine just pop, and customers can’t seem to get enough of them. No matter whether you try the pan fried veggie noodles, dan dan noodles, or the cumin lamb with noodles, you’re going to leave this place satisfied!

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“A little secret hidden gem.  The ambiance is very family oriented with low to moderate noise. The food is amazing and super flavourful.” -Yelp Review

Oriental Wok

This family-owned Chinese restaurant is a staple in Cincinnati

This welcoming family-owned business is sure to be your new spot for a delicious Chinese meal. Image courtesy of Oriental Wok.


2444 Madison Rd.


This family-owned establishment first opened their doors in 1977, and have never looked back since! They have strived to bring the people of Cincinnati upscale Chinese food-- that includes old family recipes and handmade dishes made from authentic, delicious ingredients.

There is a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve just come into the home of a friend for dinner, and the owners are always around to make sure your experience is top notch. Locals keep coming back for the General Wong’s chicken, Chengdu spicy chicken, and the Ho Fun noodles, but don’t forget to wash it down with a house made Mai Tai!

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“Very good food very good service!  Everything was freshly prepared with fresh ingredients. Ambience was nice.  I would definitely recommend!” -Yelp Review

Sichuan Chili

This might be your new favorite Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati!

Whether you choose authentic or American Chinese cuisine, you’re definitely in store for a delicious meal. Image courtesy of Yelp


10400 Reading Rd.

Cincinnati locals agree, this is not your typical Chinese takeout place! You can choose between two menus at this place-- authentic Chinese or American Chinese. There are many items on their authentic Chinese menu that you just don’t see at other Chinese restaurants, including Sichuan sizzling chicken, Sichuan fish, and Sichuan bo bo shrimp--all made to order at your spice level!

So if you’re feeling a little adventurous, try something you haven’t had before-- because according to the many satisfied customers-- you won’t be disappointed!

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“Absolutely incredible meal. OW! Will definitely recommend to friends and family. We will be back!” -Yelp Review

Yat Ka Mein Noodle House

You might never try noodles anywhere else again!

Nothing can warm you up better than a bowl of noddles, veggies, and broth!  Image courtesy of Yelp.


2974 Madison Rd.


Sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy when you go out to eat, but if you decide to grab lunch or dinner at the Yat Ka Mein Noodle House, you won’t have to choose between delicious or healthy! Their famous Yat Ka Mein bowl is a popular choice since it’s full of healthy noodles, chicken, pork, seafood, and a variety of veggies.

You also can’t go wrong with the dan dan noodle bowl or the udon noodle bowl, both of which come with chicken or seafood and are full of health veggies in a delicious broth. If you like spicy, make sure to ask, because they will be happy to create your dish to your requested spice level!

“I love family owned establishments. The folks here are super nice. The service was so fast! Great for lunch.” -Yelp Review

Great Tang Chinese Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Cincinnati for authentic dim sum!

The yummy options available for dim sum are only one reason to visit this restaurant. Image courtesy of Yelp.


7340 Kingsgate Way

West Chester

Great Tang Chinese Restaurant is known as a fantastic place to enjoy a wonderful dim sum experience. This ancient southern Chinese tradition centers around tea, small dishes, and conversation. The owners like to keep up the tradition and offer a full dim sum menu with every item you could hope for, including shrimp balls, red bean pudding, egg tarts, short ribs and so much more!

If you’d rather stop in for lunch or dinner, that’s not a problem at all since they also offer an authentic Chinese menu as well as an American Chinese menu for hungry patrons. 

“Best Chinese food in Cincinnati! Good service, quality and selection. You won't be disappointed!” -Yelp Review

Kung Food Chu’s AmeriAsian

An amazing mix of Chinese and American cuisine

This Asian infusion place makes some incredibly delicious dishes that locals can’t seem to get enough of. Image courtesy of KungFood Chu.


521 Madison Ave.

Covington, KY

If you’re looking for a little something different when it comes to Chinese cuisine, why not try the popular Chinese/Tawainese Asian fusion restaurant right across the river in Covington? KungFood Chu AmeriAsian has seamlessly created dishes that are the right amount of flavor and spice. Their restaurant is also incredibly fun to be in! The welcoming vibe you get as soon as you walk in never disappears, setting the tone for a great meal.

Choose from options such as Dragon Breath wontons, beef fly flounder, imperial beef stew, or Kung Pow chicken and you’ll definitely be coming back for more!

“Favorite place to grab some filling, flavorful, solid Asian food! The hot and sour soup is always a hit, and I'm a fan of the classic egg drop soup.” -Yelp Review

House of Sun

All your Sichuan favorites available for lunch or dinner!

You can’t seem to go wrong with any of the fantastic items on this menu. Image courtesy of Yelp.


11955 Lebanon Rd.


When you’re ready to try some authentic Sichuan food in the Cincinnati area, you need to stop at House of Sun! They’re ready and waiting with options such as spicy fish pot, dry pot chiba tofu, and the tea smoked duck that will keep you coming back for more. There are also many Chinese menu staples as well, so if you’d rather try a lo mein, fried rice, or chef special, there are plenty of those to satisfy you as well!

The owners have created a friendly atmosphere and the servers are always ready to give their recommendations off the menu if you just can’t seem to choose an item.

“The menu was extensive and more authentic than most of the Chinese establishments I frequent.  Service was very attentive and friendly.” -Yelp Review

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While there are many more Chinese restaurants throughout the Cincinnati area, we thought the restaurants on this list deserve particular attention. Their amazing menu items--as well as welcoming service-- keep people locals wanting more. Did we mention your favorite Chinese restaurant? If not, let us know what it is in the comments!

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