Venture to the Top Seven Restaurants in Downtown Denver When Hunger Strikes

December 24, 2020
jason wolfe
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Have you ever visited downtown Denver? It’s full of amazing views along with many fun things that you can partake in. From checking out the strip lined with gift shops, food vendors, bars, and restaurants, and checking out the many different plays, musicals, concerts, and more at the numerous theaters and venues around, you’re bound to find someplace to go to make many unforgettable memories. We know that exploring this large city can make someone hungry, but where can you go? There are lots of restaurants in Denver, so check out these top seven today!

Main image courtesy of Built in Colorado. 

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Experience innovative Mexican dishes with a rooftop view of the city today!

There’s nothing better than eating some delicious innovative Mexican dishes, so make sure to come to Tamayo today! Image courtesy of Tamayo. 

1400 Larimer Street | Downtown |

Are you craving some delicious Mexican food? If so, then why not try out the creative and innovative Mexican dishes at Tamayo today! Tamayo is known for having fun and tasty taco Tuesdays, bottomless brunch on Saturday and Sunday, and even happy hour specials. This restaurant is known for using fresh ingredients in all of their dishes to really show how delicious and creative their dishes can be.

Tamayo has lots of tasty dishes to offer you today whenever you decide to stop by. If you are craving Mexican food, then you need to try their mahi mahi, carne asada, chicken enchiladas, bacon guacamole, tortilla soup, pork carnitas, and so much more. Try out what Tamayo has to offer today for some delicious food you’ll never forget!

“Our entrees were also tasty! I was stuffed after the appetizers so I only had a few bites of my mahi mahi tacos.... but they were delicious! Nicely seasoned and cooked to perfection!” - Yelp Review

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Osteria Marco

Sit in a cozy basement setting munching on some handcrafted pizzas and other Italian dishes!

If you’re in the mood for some delicious pizza, look no further than Osteria Marco for their very own handcrafted pizzas and other Italian favorites! Image courtesy of Osteria Marco. 

1453 Larimer Street | Downtown |

We know what you’re looking for and that’s some tasty pizza! Why not stop on by Osteria Marco today for some delicious Italian favorites today. Known for their cheese plates, handcrafted pizza, delicious Italian favorites, and an extensive wine list to perfectly complement the food, this place is one that you must try out if you’re in the downtown Denver area.

Osteria Marco is known for their amazing Italian dishes that you must try. From dishes ranging from prosciutto pizza, meatball sliders, carne pizza, beet salads, fig pizza, carbonara pizza, and so much more, you’re bound to find something here that you absolutely love. Make sure to stop by Osteria Marco today!

“I like this restaurant a lot. I have always had a good experience when visiting. Great dirty vodka martini. Awesome happy hour. I loved their pizza!” - Yelp Review 

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Elway’s Downtown

Enjoy a nice juicy steak in a refined and breathtaking mountain setting!

If you’re dying to go to a steakhouse, then you need to go to Elway’s Downtown in downtown Denver today! Image courtesy of Best Steak Restaurant.

1881 Curtis Street | Downtown |

Sometimes all you need in life is a delicious, juicy steak for dinner for something different when you’re out in downtown Denver. If this is how you’re feeling, then you need to go to Elway’s Downtown today! Elway’s is the perfect steakhouse to go to for its mountain views that provides a cozy setting to be in as you enjoy some great food.

Elway’s Downtown offers lots of delicious steak options that we know you’ll enjoy, along with lots of other tasty dishes. They offer a large selection of dishes such as prime rib, lamb chops, au gratin, New York strip, crab fried rice, crab cakes, short rib, and so much more. Make sure to check out Elway’s Downtown today for some of the best steaks in all of Denver today!

“I had the special salmon and my husband had the 8oz filet and we were both incredibly happy with our meals and the sides and appetizers we ordered as well.” - Yelp Review 

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Corporate Deli and Grill

In the mood for a delicious sandwich, make sure to check out this sandwich shop in downtown Denver!

If you just want to enjoy a tasty sandwich, then look no further than Corporate Deli and Grill in Denver today! Image courtesy of Yelp. 

510 17th Street | Downtown |

There’s no better combo than soup and a hefty, delicious sandwich. If this is all that you’re looking for, then you need to stop at Corporate Deli and Grill today! Corporate Deli and Grill is a local restaurant that is known for their tasty and fresh sandwiches at this ready-to-order hot spot. They also serve a tasty breakfast that many locals love rave about!

If you are wondering what kind of dishes that Corporate Deli and Grill serves, and it’s a lot of tasty stuff for sure! With sandwiches such as tuna melts, rubens, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, and they even sell breakfast, like an egg sandwich, breakfast burritos, and so much more. Check out Corporate Deli and Grill today for some great and easy food!

“Workers dashing off to lunch told me this is a family owned deli. Sure tastes like the unique preparations of people who care, rather than a chain deli. I'll be back!” - Yelp Review

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EDGE Restaurant & Bar

Check out the social scene at this fun restaurant serving many delicious wood-grilled meats!

Enjoy some tasty wood-grilled meats today at EDGE Restaurant & Bar in downtown Denver today! Image courtesy of Four Seasons. 

1111 14th Street | Downtown |

Are you looking for a fancy restaurant that offers lots of delicious food options for wood-grilled meats? If so, then you need to try out EDGE Restaurant & Bar today for some of their one-of-a-kind food options today! EDGE is known as a “progressive American steakhouse” because of their global influences on their dishes which add innovation to their dishes.

EDGE has lots of great dishes to choose from that you need to try today! From lobster mac, crab cakes, filet mignon, dry age pork rub, wagyu beef, ahi tuna, mac n’ cheese truffles, kobe beef, and even bone in ribeye steaks, we know that everything here is amazing and you just have to try it for yourself. Make sure to check out EDGE Restaurant & Bar when you’re in downtown Denver today!

“The EDGE restaurant is such a unique twist on your traditional steak house. It is definitely a step up from other steakhouses in the area.” - Yelp Review 

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Come by for some delicious food at this American restaurant located in the Le Méridien hotel!

Check out Corrine, an American restaurant known for all of their delicious dishes in the Le Méridien hotel! Image courtesy of Corrine

1455 California Street | Downtown |

Do you want to try out a modern and upscale restaurant? If so, check out Corrine, an American restaurant located in downtown Denver today! Serving delicious American comfort food, Corrine is the perfect place to go to because of the quality of their food. Make with fresh local ingredients, you know that you are getting a treat whenever you stop here.

Corrine is the perfect place to go to if all you are craving is comfort food. American comfort food definitely sounds delicious, so try out some BLT deviled eggs, prime rib, lobster mac, buffalo cauliflower, french onion soup, a smoked salmon plate, and so much more good stuff. Make sure to check out Corrine when you’re in town in downtown Denver today!

“Brunch on the weekends is yummy. Service is spot on. Loved the atmosphere on the patio.  Plus most important bottomless mimosas and bloody Marys!” - Yelp Review 

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Ocean Prime

Indulge in some classic steak and seafood dishes at this upscale chain in Denver!

Enjoy some tasty steak and seafood dishes at Ocean Prime, a chain restaurant located in multiple cities throughout the United States! Image courtesy of Eater Chicago.

1465 Larimer Street | Downtown |

Seafood is a very popular dish to enjoy. From indulging in seafood that can be from all around the world, we recommend that you try out Ocean Prime, a chain restaurant located in many different locations. Ocean Prime is known for their delicious surf and turf meals, in a fine-dining setting that is perfect for any occasion. 

Ocean Prime is the perfect place to go to if you’re craving some tasty seafood and steak dishes. They offer dishes such as crab cakes, chilean sea bass, filet mignon, lobster tails, lobster mac, ahi tuna tartare, and so much more that;’ll make your mouth water as soon as you try it. Make sure to check out Ocean Prime today for some great food today!

“Spent the evening here to celebrate an anniversary. Fantastic drinks, attentive service, and of course delicious food.” - Yelp Review 

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Downtown Denver is full of adventures. From the many different things that you can see and do, there’s never a dull minute whenever you’re venturing around the Mile High City. If you ever start to feel hungry, we hope that we were able to help you pick the perfect restaurant with the top seven best ones in downtown Denver today!

Is there a restaurant in downtown Denver that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


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