Vegan Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Charleston is a hub of well recognized restaurants in great locations.

Charleston, South Carolina is a gorgeous city known for its beaches and old-styled architecture. It is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. and you can certainly see that in the city’s style. It is characterized by many cobblestone streets and antebellum houses. You will even find horse drawn carriages on the streets. The residents of Charleston have taken great care to preserve their city’s history. This is even more true for neighborhoods like the French Quarter and the Battery District. 

You can find all kinds of restaurants there, including vegan ones. Some are dedicated solely to vegan foods and some offer vegan options alongside non vegan ones. Either way, vegan foods are not difficult to find when you’re in Charleston!

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Gnome Cafe

Good lunch with a side of great coffee. 

This meal would be exciting to dig into. Image courtesy of Gnome Cafe

109 President St | Charleston |

Gnome Cafe is showing people in the Charleston area showing just how satisfying plant based cuisine can be. It is open for breakfast and lunch, and you’ll find things like desserts, filling sandwiches, and healthy salads. Bold flavors and quality ingredients come together to make meals that satisfy any type of eater. 

Along with food, coffee also happens to be a passion of theirs. Their goal is to provide customers with the perfect cup of coffee to sip with a friend or on their way to work. They get their beans from Stumptown, a nearby business that provides high quality and socially responsible beverages. 

“I'm SO glad I strayed from my usual lunch to try Gnome Cafe for the first time today. I had their bulgogi bowl and it was surprisingly satisfying, especially considering how healthy it was too! The bowl had different textures going on, was well seasoned, and filling. I would 100% recommend!”–Yelp Review

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Restaurant with healthy foods and lots of smoothies. 

401 Huger St | Charleston |

Huriyali is a casual vegan restaurant that is easy to grab food and go from and fun to sit down for a meal. They serve many great coffee and tea options. Some of those include a golden milk latte, London sea latte, and chai tea. If you are a tea or coffee lover, the options at Huriyali will not be disappointing. They also have amazing smoothies like dragonberry, immunity smoothie, and a “sea breeze” smoothie with mango, lime, mint, and honey. 

They have a selection of signature bowls, sandwiches, salads, and sweets as well as chocolate acai smoothie bowls, OG acai bowls, avocado toast, and breakfast burritos. They also serve a vegan BBQ sandwich made with oyster mushrooms, bahn mi made with tofu and oyster mushrooms, and the healthiest nachos in town! 

“I was really pleased with the Healthiest Nachos in Town. They are tasty, healthier than other options, but you still get the cheese, chips and flavor! I It's a really cute building itself, both inside and out. If you are looking for a quiet little place outside to get some work done and have a healthier lunch I highly recommend it here. I will definitely be back for their smoothie bowls, they looked great!”–Yelp Review

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Basic Kitchen

Fresh food restaurant in a historic building. 

Every option here looks great. Image courtesy of Postmates

82 Wentworth St | Charleston |

Basic Kitchen uses the best local seasonal produce to make food that is nourishing and delicious. In their restaurant, you’ll find fresh foods in colors that represent the whole rainbow! They believe that the choices people make about food have an effect on their health, their community, and their environment. They provide great food and let people enjoy it in a casual and relaxed environment. 

This restaurant is housed in a historic building with floor to ceiling windows. They also have a courtyard that is filled with plants and herbs that the kitchen uses to make the food they serve. Some of those foods include curry bowls with veggies, tofu, and rice, veggie burgers, and cauliflower schnitzel. They also have a few delicious desserts on the menu. And when you’re done with your meal, you can have a choice of their cocktails or their mocktails. 

“Basic is one of my favorite places to eat from, especially when I am not eating meat. The ingredients are fresh and flavorful and the recipes are often very inventive and delicious. I usually get the basic bowl because it's a variety of a lot of food items. But during the weekend brunch menu, I love getting their veggie hash bowl or trying any of their brunch specials. Their cocktail menu is pretty interesting too.”–Yelp Review

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Leyla Fine Lebanese Cuisine

The best Lebanese cuisine in Charleston. 

298 King St | Charleston |

Leyla Fine Lebanese Cuisine is Charleston’s premier Lebanese restaurant. They serve authentic Lebanese cuisine in an elegant and sophisticated setting. Their extensive menu is made to satisfy all types of people with different palates. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, seafood lover, or gluten free, there will be something for you on the menu!

When you’re at Leyla, you get to enjoy renowned mezzas, fresh salads, and so much more. On the menu, you will find Baba Ghannouj falafel, and moussaka. For dessert, you can have baklava, rice pudding, and knefe. The experience is only enhanced by the friendliness of the staff and the hospitality of the owner. Their wine list consists of some of the best Lebanese wines. Some of them have won gold medals in international wine festivals!

“Amazing food and service, out of all the restaurants in town there isn't one more deserving of five stars than Leyla. Our food was fabulous, incredibly flavorful and cooked beautifully. Not to mention we had the best hummus of our lives. Leyla is a definite must visit in Charleston!”–Yelp Review

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Greek and Mediterranean food served in a comfortable atmosphere. 

Baklava is one of the most delicious Mediterranean desserts you can have. Image courtesy of Stella’s

114 Phillip St. | Charleston |

Stella’s is a restaurant that makes modern Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with the freshest ingredients. It was founded by someone from Greece who knows the culture’s food firsthand. They have an expansive menu that has many options so you can easily find something that suits anyone’s tastes! 

Some of the menu items are spanakopita, yia yia’s skillet, feta phyllo, and mushroom saganaki. They have a few great soups and salads on the menu. You can get lentil soup, and avalgomeno soup with lemon, rice, and chicken. They have artichoke moussaka, eggplant moussaka, and no. 5 pasta 22. They also serve various sides and dips like hummus, tabouli, and gigantes which includes gigantes which comes with greek lima beans, tomato, and anise. 

“Okay the ambiance here is the perfect cozy date spot in Charleston! I cannot wait to return to sit at the intimate, open bar. The portions here are huge and service is excellent. There are so many authentic Greek dishes you wouldn't find at a lot of other Greek restaurants.”–Yelp Review

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Butcher & Bee

Scratch made dinners and desserts. 

1085 Morrison St | Charleston |

Butcher & Bee provides good food and good vibes for everyone who visits. It opened in 2011 with the intention of serving great sandwiches to the public, and has since grown well beyond sandwiches. It’s a casual restaurant that creates food combinations with high quality foods that are normally reserved for fine dining restaurants. 

This restaurant makes food every day from scratch. They write their menu by selecting from the freshest and finest seasonal foods. The ingredients are locally sourced and prepared each day. Once you bite into it, you will experience bursts of rich and fresh flavor. Those options include spicy avocado salad, tahini hazelnut caesar salad, and mujadara. 

For dessert, you’ll find unique and decadent options. They have almond ricotta cake, Carolina gold rice pudding, and vegan oatmeal cream pie. And along with their food, they offer bread, pastries, and sweets. Join them for brunch, lunch, and dinner when you get the chance! 

“We went in on a Friday evening without reservations and were seated within 10 minutes at the bar. The service was incredible. They were extremely attentive and offered great suggestions of what to order. We ordered appetizers, kebabs, and drinks. EVERY single item was incredible! Nothing was too spicy but definitely flavorful. I would recommend checking this place out to anyone.”–Yelp Review

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Three Little Birds

Breakfast and lunch are served all day. 

This is a great meal to start your morning with. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

65 Windermere Blvd | Charleston |

Three Little Birds is a restaurant that serves breakfast and brunch all day. They have been open since 2007, and have been serving guests amazing foods ever since. They serve a large breakfast of french toast, pancakes, omelets, and benedicts. During lunch they serve wraps, sandwiches, and salads. They also have plenty of sweet options like apple cinnamon pancakes and banana pecan pancakes. 

Three Little Birds has many fun events on their premises while they serve up great meals. Some events coming up in the next two months are National Tell a Joke Day, National Cuban Sandwich Day, and National Cheeseburger Day. If you’re in the area, it could be really fun to celebrate these events at this restaurant! They also provide breakfast and lunch catering services. 

“Such a cute cafe! Indoor and outdoor seating. Didn't have to wait when I went in on a Monday morning around 10am. Very clean! Staff was amazing. Along with the amazing service, we ate a delicious breakfast that I'm still thinking about. Also one of the best cups of coffee I've had in a while!”–Yelp Review

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Taco Bell

Mexican fast food restaurant. 

381 King St | Charleston |

If nothing on this list has caught your attention so far, you could always try the Mexican American classic, Taco Bell. Taco Bell is one of the most popular Mexican fast food restaurants in the country, so you are probably already a fan! They have a menu full of options that include burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and much more. Many of the items are Taco Bell’s own unique creations, like their Mexican pizza. 

Taco Bell also offers lots of vegetarian options and vegan options. There are veggie options available for many popular menu items. They even have a value menu in case you really want to save some money! 

“The people who worked the drive thru when I attended this location were very friendly and patient while my indecisive friend made and changed his order.”–Yelp Review

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Charleston is a seaside city with many kinds of restaurants, several which offer great vegan options. Don’t miss out on the great food that this city has to offer!

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