Try These Top 5 Date Night Ideas in Miami For a Night to Remember!

Are you bored of the same old date night plans over and over again? Movies and dinner just isn’t cutting it anymore. Maybe you’re stuck and you don’t know what to do to spice up your relationship with your significant other, or even when taking someone out on a first date. We know that you want to change things up, and Miami is a big city full of fun things to do. Whether it's enjoying the Florida weather, or enjoying some other indoor activities within the city of Miami, we have the top five date night ideas in Miami to help you out!

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Knaus Berry Farm

15980 SW 248th Street


What’s better than a romantic date going to a farm and picking your own strawberries?

Ever thought that picking strawberries would be the perfect date? Get ready to have some fun at Knaus Berry Farm with their sweet strawberries and their famous cinnamon rolls! Image courtesy of Coastlines to Skylines. 

Have you ever wanted to go to a farm and pick your own strawberries? Well, now you can take your date with you to Knaus Berry Farm for a fun experience picking strawberries and trying their famous cinnamon rolls, shakes, vegetables, and other goodies they offer. Since 1956, Knaus Berry Farm has been known for how tasty and sweet their strawberries are and ever since then, they have been the best place to go to for some fun out on a farm picking your produce.

Not only can you pick strawberries at Knaus Berry Farm, but you can also pick your own tomatoes too. Knaus Berry Farm is also known for their sweet cinnamon rolls (that are full of sticky goodness), their own ice cream, and even their other baked goods and vegetables. They also have many different pies to get, such as apple, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, pecan, key lime, and even guava pie. We know this sounds like a fun time, so make sure to take your date to Knaus Berry Farm to pick out your own strawberries today!

“Been coming here for over 30 years (from when the line was minimal on a Saturday). Since social media, this place has exploded with all kinds of new customers near and far (through shipped mail). The only thing that remains constant is the taste and quality of products.” - Yelp Review

Soundscape Park

400 17th Street

Miami Beach

Enjoy a picnic and free movie, or symphony, with this outdoor movie theater in Miami!

Enjoy the Miami weather with a fun outdoor picnic and watch classic, or new movies, or even listen to a symphony with your date! Image courtesy of Time Out. 

Do you still take part in a movie for date night, but you don’t want to go to a movie theater? Why not go to Soundscape Park where they feature free outdoor movies and even symphonies! On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the City of Miami Beach hosts free family friendly movies in October through May and the New World Symphony also presents concerts, and even live concerts by the Wallcast symphony if you’re looking for something a little different!

Not only is this a completely free date for date night, but it also a great place to go and walk around to enjoy the landscape. Soundscape Park is known for its unique atmosphere where art and nature collide together to make it one of the most romantic spots to go to have a nice picnic lunch while listening to a symphony or watching a film. There are lots of open spaces, shady palm trees, and vines everywhere to make this the perfect spot for you to go to for date night, so come down to Soundscape Park today!

“I love coming here for the wallcasts on Saturdays! Great for a date, going out with friends, or just to have some 'me' time.” - Yelp Review


298 NE 61st Street

Little Haiti

Enjoy lots of delicious food from many different food trucks, shops, while listening to live music, or a DJ!

There’s nothing better than food trucks, live music, and many shops in BaseCamp with you and your significant other. Image courtesy of Time Out. 

Ever been to BaseCamp, a cultural center located in Little Haiti? Well, we think it would be the perfect place for a first date with someone you just met, or a date with your significant other! There are so many fun things to do at BaseCamp, like enjoying nature, shops, food trucks, and even getting to know and learn about Caribbean culture with the design and layout. 

The main part of BaseCamp is getting to understand and experience the culture of Haitian immigrants when they first sought refuge in Miami. You and your date can have fun at galleries, museums, and public art projects that surround the area. There are also lots of family-owned restaurants, shops, and even bookstores here for you and your date to have fun here all day! Known as one of Miami’s most vibrant art scenes, Little Haiti welcomes you and your date to BaseCamp for a fun day out enjoying the beautiful Miami weather and learning more about Haitian culture!

“Cool venue with many food trucks around. Bohemian vibe with cushions to sit in or another area with swings hanging from the trees. There's also a large dj booth in the center with a lot of space for dancing.” - Yelp Review

Jungle Island

1111 Parrot Jungle Trl


Come see some extraordinary animals at this eco-adventure park in Miami!

Come to Jungle Island to see some unique animals with your significant other on this fun date idea in Miami! Image courtesy of Wikipedia. 

Florida is home to many exotic animals, but have you seen them all? If not we recommend taking your date to Jungle Island today to be able to see and even interact with many different exotic animals! Jungle Island features a tropical landscape with a jungle full of animals from all around the globe to observe. For over 80 years, Jungle Island has been the top spot to see many different animals, get to interact with some of them, and they also feature rare orangutans, 300 different species of birds, and even a trained Cassowary, which are known to be very dangerous birds.

For a low price of $40, you and your significant other are able to experience lots of fun things in Jungle Island! With one general admission ticket, you can see wildlife shows featuring the numerous birds and other animals that this place houses, there’s a kangaroo walkabout where you can interact with the kangaroos, and you can even interact with spider monkeys and macaws! Sound like the perfect date to you? Stop by Jungle Island to interact with many animals and for a date that you’ll never forget!

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“What makes this place nice are the shows that they offered. We got the chance to touch multiple birds, snakes and kangaroos. You can also pet the sloth and owl. Wonderful experience.” - Yelp Review

Cauley Square

22400 Old Dixie Highway


Come check out a historic landmark since 1903, where there’s a tea room, a bonsai garden, and even a gator farm!

Come check out the history that Cauley Square has to offer, along with the many different activities that you can do here too! Image courtesy of Greater Miami and the Beaches. 

Want to enjoy history from the 1800s to the early 1900s with many different shops and restaurants? There’s no where better to go than Cauley Square! Cauley Square was an old village in the 1800s that was known for being very rowdy with stories of alcohol and brawls and was originally built by Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway. After the village was destroyed by a tornado in 1919 and then further damaged by the great 1926 Miami Hurricane, this agricultural town eventually took its toll with the Great Depression when agriculture wasn’t making any money.

Even though there is a lot of history behind Cauley Square, there are many things to do and enjoy here! You can enjoy its history with the Historic Redland Tropical Trail, have some tea and other goodies at the Tea Room Restaurant, and even see a bonsai garden and gator farm! Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Stop and enjoy some history at Cauley Square today for a fun date!

“Great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city without going for a 3 hour tour. The restaurants are great, the shops are very helpful and just the scenery is fantastic. I would recommend it every time, all the time.” - Yelp Review

Dates are important to keep your relationship feeling fresh, or they are a great way to meet new people and get to know someone you wish to date. We know that the traditional movie and dinner date is boring and with being in Miami, there is so much fun stuff to do. With these top five date night ideas in Miami, we know that your next date won’t be boring and it will be full of good memories. Is there a date idea in Miami that you have, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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