The Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards in the USA [Updated]

Give a Gift You Know They’ll Love When You Choose One of These Best-Sellers for Your Next Gift Card Purchase

In theory, giving a gift card takes some of the pressure off – after all, it allows the lucky gift recipient to choose whatever they’d like most. But how do you know you’re giving them options they even want to choose between? How do you pick a gift card they’ll be excited to spend, not one that gets lost at the back of their purse or wallet and is never seen again?

Our vote? Start your search for the perfect gift with the top 10 most popular gift cards in the USA this year. With thousands of local and national brands in our digital gift card catalog (and counting), our team here at GiftYa knows a thing or two about finding the perfect present. Not to metnion, recipients can use your gift however they want -- attached to a physical card, as an e-voucher, exchanged for another merchant, or even cash out using Zelle.

Our list of top gift cards has got something for everyone, including:

  • Best-selling food delivery gift cards
  • Gift cards to some of the biggest stores and brands in the nation
  • Gift cards that can be used like cash

So let's get right into it!

1. Visa

Give Them a Gift Card They Can Use Like Cash

Text a Visa gift card

Up 1 Spots from #2 in 2023

Want to give the gift of cash without messing around with coins and bills? Sending a Visa gift card is the next best thing, which is why it’s on our list of the top 10 gift cards in the USA. When you give a Visa gift card, you’re really giving a non-reloadable, prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted. Whether the person you’re gift-hunting for is a shoe-lover or a foodie, a traveler or a weekend warrior, they can pick out whatever it is they want most and use the balance of their Visa gift card toward their purchase.

Text a Visa gift card

2. Amazon

From Tech to Trinkets: Anything They Want to Get, They Can Get on Amazon

Text an Amazon gift card

Up 1 Spot From #3 in 2023

Quick: when you need to buy something, where’s the first place you look? If you’re like 74% of Americans, you start your product searches on Amazon. It’s no wonder – CEO and  entrepreneur (born in 1964) Jeffrey Bezos may be the reason that 2-Day shipping is such a widespread phenomenon these days. Since its humble beginnings as an online bookseller, Amazon has expanded into virtually every product market out there. 

What does that mean in terms of gift giving? An Amazon gift card is practically as good as cash since anything your gift recipient might want to buy, they can probably buy on Amazon. Plus, with features like Amazon Smile you can feel good about a portion of each purchase supporting a charity of your choice. 

Text an Amazon gift card

3. Target

Don’t Just Give Them a Gift Card, Give Them a Shopping Experience

Text a Target gift card

Up 1 Spots From #4 in 2023

Running to Target sounds simple – you just drive over, grab what you need, and get out – but does it ever really go that way? No, of course not. With homegoods, health and beauty products, and snacks scattered on end caps throughout the store, you never know when you’ll turn a corner in Target and find your new favorite thing.

Target is our top pick when it comes to gift cards for all of the home and apartment owners out there. After all, where else can you refresh your throw pillows, pick up the laundry essentials you need, and discover your new favorite flavor of trail mix all in one place? A Target gift card isn’t just money towards the home essentials your gift recipient needs, it’s a whole shopping experience.

So give them the gift of stopping to smell the roses this weekend when they run out to do errands – or at least, all of the new scented candles they have in stock for the season!

Text a Target gift card

4. Sephora

Treat Them to Some New Self Care Products

Text a Sephora gift card

Sephora giftya USA digital gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Sephora is one of the biggest beauty brands in the country, and for good reason. They have made a name for themselves with luxury makeup, fragrance, and haircare -- and the demographic picking up these products for the first time skews younger and younger every year.

Treat the beauty guru or busy parent in your life to some much needed self care when you get them a gift card to Sephora. Plus, with the free VIB Insider rewards program, this little bit of luxuery goes a long way. Help them catch the latest makeupdrops and stock up on beauty essentials, all in one place. 

Text a Sephora gift card

5. eBay

Buy Now or Bet Now... The Choice Is Up to Them

Text an eBay gift card

ebay digital gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

eBay used to be all about the bets... and the pulse-pounding anticipation of watching the time on the auction tick down to zero as the bids approach your max bet.

Today, you can still get in on the bidding action, but there is a signigicant population of sellers just looking to get rid of stuff. From vintage records to collectible stamps, the latest Nike shoes or original artwork, they can bet on finding it on eBay.

Text an eBay gift card

6. Apple

All of Your Entertainment Needs, All in One Gift Card

Text an Apple gift card

Apple GiftYa egift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Apple is a brand that needs no introduction... so the only thing surprising about its presence on this list is that it wasn't ranked among our top sellers last year.

The Apple gift card is an all in one present that can be used for back to school devices, new smart home gadgets, games and apps in the Apple Store, and even the latest hits on Apple TV+. Whether they're a student headed back to school or a new homeowner, a techie or a mom, there's something for everyone with an Apple gift card.

Text an Apple gift card

7. Home Depot

For the Weekend Warrior, the Do-It-Yourselfer, and the Constantly Crafting

Text a Home Depot gift card

Home Depot GftYa gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Home Depot has anything and everything you might need for home projects, big or small. From buckets of paint and new light fixtures to kitchen appliances and new flooring, no project is too big for the folks at Home Depot.

Not to metnion, in addition to wood beams and garden supplies, Home Depot offers workshops to help get your feet under you for your next big project.

Text a Home Depot gift card

8. Fandango

Catch a Flick Alone or with the Whole Fam

Text a Fandango gift card

fandango gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Movies are back, baby, and Inside Out 2 might just be the one to beat. Wanna see what else is out there? There's plenty -- installments inpopular franchises like Despicable Me, A Quiet Place, and Garfield are also expected to hit theaters in 2024.

And when you choose to head to the theaters, you can buy your tickets ahead of time and skip the line with Fandango.

Text a Fandango gift card

9. REI

Escape into the Great Outdoors

Text an REI Beauty gift card

REI Co Op digital gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

REI might just be the most slept on gift card on this list, and we're happy to have it here. If you're no familiar, REI is an outdoor supplies retailer. They can do everything from rebind your skis to fit you with beginning rock climbing gear to guide you on an outdoor excursion. But beyond the potential outdoor fun to be had with REI purchases, it's a great deal as well.

Anyone can buy into the co-op for a small fee to get lifetime access. Once you're in? Special sales and discounts, early access to events and registrations, and you can rest assured that your dollar is going to something that matters. With no shareholders, the business itself controlls where their money goes -- usually, to programs that protect National Parks and other outdoor spaces around the nation. What's not to love?

Text an REI Beauty gift card

10. Dunkin'

America Runs on Dunkin’, and USA Gift-Givers Run on Dunkin’ Gift Cards

Text a Dunkin' gift card

Dunkin gift card

Down 5 Spots from #5 in 2023

Although Dunkin’ started out in Massachusetts in 1950, it has quickly expanded to include more than 11,000 locations all over the world. So whenever the person on your list is need of a pick-me-up, chances are a Dunkin’ location isn’t far away!

Whether it’s an old fashioned black cup of joe to give them a much-needed morning energy jolt or a sweet, sweet jelly-filled treat to help them power through that  afternoon energy slump, a Dunkin’ gift card can be used whichever of the brand’s food and beverage options they prefer.

That includes 50+ flavors of donut, premium coffee and cold brew, tea beverages, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and other baked goods.

Text a Dunkin' gift card

Get to Know GiftYa

If this is your first time on the GiftYa blog (welcome!) or you need a quick refresher, allow us to introduce ourselves. GiftYa digital gift cards are an improved take on the traditional plastic gift card – use it like an eGift code from your phone, or activate it to a Visa, Mastercard, or Amex that you carry with you every day anyway. That way, you never have to worry about forgetting your gift card at home or keeping track of your balance in marker on the back.

Plus, sending a GiftYa is a snap. Choose from thousands of local and national brands on our website or app, customize your gift with a message and photo if you’d like, and send it off in a matter of seconds. You can even schedule a GiftYa in advance, so you won’t be caught in the awkward position of having forgotten to drop that birthday card in the mail on time 😬

We also love that GiftYa cuts down on the number of single-use plastic gift cards that end up in landfills every year. So next time you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, consider sending them a GiftYa.

Check out the full GiftYa e-gift card catalog or search for participating businesses near you>>

There you have it – the top 10 most popular gift cards in the USA.

Finding the perfect gift can be tough, whether it is a physical gift or a digital gift card. Hopefully this list of our top 10 best-selling popular gift cards in the USA has given you some inspiration.

And don’t forget that you can send a digital gift card to any of the brands on this list with a convenient GiftYa. Whatever it is you want to say, say it with a GiftYa. Click here to shop GiftYa's e-gift card catalog today!

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